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Carlsbad Businesses:

  • A Franc Group, Electronic components, Carlsbad.
  • Advanced Brain Monitoring, EEG devices, Carlsbad.
  • American Brain Injury Foundation, Carlsbad.
  • ANT Machine Sales, Metalworking machinery, Carlsbad.
  • Army and Navy Academy, Military school, Carlsbad.
  • Asymtek, Dispensing systems, Carlsbad.
  • BioComp Consulting Group, Life science industry systems, Carlsbad.
  • Bluebird Systems, Document management technology, Carlsbad.
  • BreezeCOM, Wireless Local Area Network (LAN T1/E1) products, spread spectrum radio, Carlsbad.
  • City of Carlsbad, Carlsbad.
  • City of Carlsbad, Carlsbad.
  • City of Carlsbad, Carlsbad.
  • Capt'n Mike's, Fishing tackle and trips, Carlsbad.
  • Cloverleaf Golf Publishing, Electronic golf books, Carlsbad.
  • Com-Guard, Security for PCs, anti-tampering/theft hardware, access control, etc., Carlsbad.
  • COM2001 Technologies, Computer telephony systems, Carlsbad.
  • CommerceWAVE, Electronic commerce software, consulting, Carlsbad.
  • Compton's NewMedia, interactive multimedia software, Carlsbad.
  • Computer Economics, Information technology related publishing, magazines, Carlsbad.
  • Crime Victims Bureau, Advocating for crime victim rights, Carlsbad.
  • FANSonly, College sports news, Carlsbad.
  • Freedom Notary, Mobile notary, Carlsbad.
  • Gifts with the Power to Inspire, Carlsbad.
  • Glacier Water Services, Bottled water, Carlsbad.
  • Gold Crow Solutions, Web site design, graphics, promotion/marketing, presence, Carlsbad.
  • HawkNet, Network performance management software, Carlsbad.
  • InnerLogic, Web presence provider, Carlsbad.
  • Inns of America, Hotel listings, Carlsbad.
  • IntelliServe, Computer consulting, Carlsbad.
  • Law Office of Kenneth P. Krohn, Patents, trademarks, copyrights, business law, Carlsbad.
  • LEGOland, Carlsbad.
  • Medi-Net, Physician screening information, Carlsbad.
  • MediaShare, Interactive catalog company, Carlsbad.
  • New Vision, Home-based business, Carlsbad.
  • Odyssey Golf, Golf products, Carlsbad.
  • Paradigm Systems, Carlsbad.
  • PC Synergy, Shipping and POS system, Carlsbad.
  • Peregrine Systems, SNA and administrative management software, Carlsbad.
  • QPI Sales, VME sales, support and products, Carlsbad.
  • Quality Software Associates, Embedded application software, Carlsbad.
  • RDI Computer, portable SPARC-based workstations, Carlsbad.
  • Royal Rife Research Society, Alternative cancer cure, Carlsbad.
  • Runner's Source, Running races, Carlsbad.
  • Salient Networks, Telecommunications equipment, Carlsbad.
  • Search Engine Optimization, Search engine optimization, Carlsbad.
  • Solsource Computers, Network and network related software, Carlsbad.
  • Stable Systems, Consulting services, simulation for feedback control development, Carlsbad.
  • Sunny Harris and Associates, Financial yellow pages, Carlsbad.
  • Surf Motel, Hotel, Carlsbad.
  • Travel2000, Travel agency, Carlsbad.
  • TriTeal, UNIX graphical workstation software, Carlsbad.
  • Twin Imaging Technology, Document scanning/imaging, Carlsbad.
  • ViaSat, Satellite communications and networking equipment, Carlsbad.
  • Writers Help, Manuscript editing, Carlsbad.

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