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  • a2i Communications, Internet service provider, Palo Alto.
  • Achieve, Educational/therapeutic services, Palo Alto.
  • Adolescent Counseling Services, Psychotherapy agency, Palo Alto.
  • Alhouse-King Realty, Real estate broker, Palo Alto.
  • BayNet World, Internet publisher, Palo Alto.
  • Bennett Smith, Computer and intellectual property consulting, Palo Alto.
  • BioFractals, Images, Palo Alto.
  • BookMaker, Printer utility, Palo Alto.
  • Books That Work, Home-oriented software and information, Palo Alto.
  • Boomerang Information Services, Fax & e-mail broadcasting service bureau , Palo Alto.
  • Boy Scouts of America, Palo Alto.
    California City information:
  • City of Palo Alto, Palo Alto.
  • California Law Revision Commission, Palo Alto.
  • Cambria Corporation, Custom software development and web design, Palo Alto.
  • CareerMosaic, Employment opportunities, Palo Alto.
  • CarSmart, Auto pricing information, Palo Alto.
  • Cofinity, Internet payment system, Palo Alto.
  • Collaborative Economics, Creating collaborative economic communities, Palo Alto.
  • Collage Communications, Internet service provider, Palo Alto.
  • CommerceNet, Secure commerce over Internet, Palo Alto.
  • Communication Arts, Multimedia information, Palo Alto.
  • Communications Standards Review, Wireline, wireless and fiber optic standards, Palo Alto.
  • Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, Computer ethics organization, Palo Alto.
  • Coolware, Palo Alto.
  • Corsair Communications, Wireless technology, Palo Alto.
  • Country Fare Restaurant, Palo Alto.
  • Creative Networks, Information technology publishing and consulting, Palo Alto.
  • Dasar, Strategic consulting, Palo Alto.
  • Digital Corporate Research, Palo Alto.
  • Dimebank Garage, Triumph sport car repair, Palo Alto.
  • Distributed Systems Technology, Web index, Palo Alto.
  • Dolphin MultiMedia, Graphics, Web site design, etc., Palo Alto.
  • E*TRADE Securities, Securities trader, Palo Alto.
  • E.piphany, Enterprise relationship management software, Palo Alto.
  • Echelon, Utility automation, Palo Alto.
  • Emersion, E-commerce resources, Palo Alto.
  • Export Alliance, Palo Alto.
  • Fair Oaks Financial Services, Mortgage agency, Palo Alto.
  • Fenwick & West, Legal services for high technology companies, Palo Alto.
  • Focalink, Tools and services for placement and analysis of Web advertising, Palo Alto.
  • Four11 Online User Directory, E-mail directory, Palo Alto.
  • GeoNet, Web presence and ISDN provider, Palo Alto.
  • GLG Consulting, Internet consulting, Palo Alto.
  • Glyphica Solutions, Adobe Acrobat/PDF services, Palo Alto.
  • Healtheon, Internet technology, Palo Alto.
  • Hertel, Ski wax, Palo Alto.
  • Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto.
  • Highland Digital, Computer products, Palo Alto.
  • Hotel California, Bed and breakfast inn, Palo Alto.
  • IGeneX, Medical teaching aid, Palo Alto.
  • Impact Online, Palo Alto.
  • InfoAsia, Information on accessing Japanese and Asian markets, Palo Alto.
  • Information Express, Document-ordering system, Palo Alto.
  • Institute for Women and Technology, Professional organization, Palo Alto.
  • Intermedia, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  • Internet Antique Shop, Palo Alto.
  • Internet CLIQ Services, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  • Internet Design Group, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  • Internet Distribution Services, Catalogs and product information, Palo Alto.
  • Internet Homefinder, Real estate mapping system, Palo Alto.
  • Internet Media Services, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  • Internet Media Services (IMS), Internet consulting, software, and services, Palo Alto.
  • Internet Travel Network, Palo Alto.
  • Interserve Communications, Internet service provider, Palo Alto.
  • Interval Research, Technology think tank, research on people/technology interactions, Palo Alto.
  • IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals, Intrabiotics for treatment of infectious disease, Palo Alto.
  • InXight Software, User interface software, Palo Alto.
  • Ipsilon Networks, Networking products, Palo Alto.
  • IPT, UNIX/VMS/Windows development tools, Palo Alto.
  • J. Frank Consulting, Client/server consulting, Palo Alto.
  • Job 1 Systems, Palo Alto.
  • Keddem Congregation, Palo Alto.
  • Kestrel Institute, Computer science research institute, Palo Alto.
  • Language Studies Institute, Language school, Palo Alto.
  • Law Offices of Robin Diane Goldstein, Palo Alto.
  • Legato Systems, Data storage management software, Palo Alto.
  • Lumina Decision Systems, Modeling and decision support software, Palo Alto.
  • Lytton Gardens, Senior housing and health care center, Palo Alto.
  • MagicMaker, Adventure story, Palo Alto.
  • Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Brokerage Company, Palo Alto.
  • Marimba, Network-managed application tools, Palo Alto.
  • MaXpeed, PC parallel port controllers, Palo Alto.
  • Mikado Network Services, Internet service provider, Palo Alto.
  • Mindflash: Create Online Courses Online Training, Palo Alto.
  • Music Connection, Compact disks, Palo Alto.
  • MuSIG, Special interest group for computer music, Palo Alto.
  • NanoSpace, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  • NetAdvantage, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  • NetBox, Email services, Palo Alto.
  • NetMind Media, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  •, Internet, Unix, and Security Services, Palo Alto.
  • New Marketing Imperatives, Discussions on marketing problems, Palo Alto.
  • NuvoMedia, Electronic books, Palo Alto.
  • Optivision, Image compression and photonics products, Palo Alto.
  • Outland, Internet game, Palo Alto.
  • Pacific Art League, Palo Alto.
  • Pacific Skyline Council, Boy Scout council, Palo Alto.
  • Palo Alto Jaycees, Palo Alto.
  • Palo Alto Research Center, Research and development, Palo Alto.
  • Palo Alto Weekly, Published twice weekly for San Francisco Peninsula communities, Palo Alto.
  • Performing Graphics, Meeting facilitation by recording, Palo Alto.
  • Performing Graphics Company, The, Meeting facilitation by recording, Palo Alto.
  • Persimmon IT, Hardware, software, WWW server sales, rental and page design, Palo Alto.
  • Petals, Girls clothing, Palo Alto.
  • Petroway, Books and software for the petroleum industry, Palo Alto.
  • Philips Immersive Products, Head mounted displays, Palo Alto.
  • Precept Software, Networking software, Palo Alto.
  • Premier Biosoft International, Molecular biology software, Palo Alto.
  • Preview Software, Software distribution technology, Palo Alto.
  • Prophet Information Services, Investment information, Palo Alto.
  • Quest Scholars Program, For talented lowincome highschool students, Palo Alto.
  • RAD Data Communications, Network access products, Palo Alto.
  • Rad Technologies, Cross-platform web presentation and communication software, Palo Alto.
  • Rearden Steel Technologies, Home entertainment, IT technologies, Palo Alto.
  • Renderhaus, Computer graphics, animation, special effects, Palo Alto.
  • Rich's Business Directories, Palo Alto.
  • Roble Systems, Unix, network, and security consulting, Palo Alto.
  • Sagent Technology, "Data Mart" software, Palo Alto.
  • Severe Tire Damage, Rock band, Palo Alto.
  • Smart Valley, Superhighway project information, Palo Alto.
  • Speedlane, Internet performance software, Palo Alto.
  • Stanford Area Real Estate Guide, Palo Alto.
  • Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto.
  • Sunnyside Computing, Web server software, Palo Alto.
  • Taos Mountain Software, UNIX contracting and training, Palo Alto.
  • Technology Network, Information technology political coalition, Palo Alto.
  • Teknowledge, Knowledge processing applications, Palo Alto.
  • Teleos Research, advanced vision technology, intelligent perception, Palo Alto.
  • TheatreWorks, Palo Alto.
  •, Coalition for the arts, Palo Alto.
  • Third Planet, Web-based databases and marketing, Palo Alto.
  • TIBCO, Information systems integration, Palo Alto.
  • U.S.-Japan Women's Center, Palo Alto.
  • United Paramount Network, Virtual Star Trek voyage, Palo Alto.
  • University Video Communications, Computer science video lectures, Palo Alto.
  • Userland, Web development tools, Palo Alto.
  • Varian, Semiconductor equipment and components, Palo Alto.
  • VDOnet, Internet video products, Palo Alto.
  • Vicinity, GeoEnabled (map) content and services for the Web, Palo Alto.
  • Virtual Gallery, Fine art and reproductions, Palo Alto.
  • Vividus, Animation and presentation software, Palo Alto.
  • VMware, Virtual machine software, Palo Alto.
  • Web24, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  • WebTV Networks, Web access through a television, Palo Alto.
  • Whitetree Network Technologies, Ethernet switches, Palo Alto.
  • Wollongong Group, The, software-based, networking solutions - protocols, Palo Alto.
  • Wombat Internet Guild, Internet service provider, Palo Alto.
  • ZF Linux Devices, Linux systems from semiconductors to appliances, Palo Alto.

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