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Core Systems, Industrial Computing, Poway.
Core Systems' industry leading solutions include rugged industrial computers, rackmount LCD’s, small form factor (SFF) embedded computer systems and complete custom designed systems and displays.

  1. C-wraps Computer Wear, Artistic utility wrap, Glendale.
  2. C. Hoelzle Associates, Printer and image scanner service, Irvine.
  3. C.E.S. Group, PC systems and peripherals, City of Industry.
  4. C/S Solutions, Cost, schedule, and risk-management software, Santa Barbara.
  5. CAD/CAM Consulting Services, Engineering services for mechanical and manufacturing companies, Newbury Park.
  6. Cadence Design Systems, Design automation software and services, San Jose.
  7. CADmazing Solutions, ASIC EDA IC CAD strategies and methodologies, Santa Clara.
  8. Cadmazing Solutions, IC CAD systems and IC design, Santa Clara.
  9. Caines and Associates, Multimedia production services, Richmond.
  10. Cal Quality Electronics, ISO 9002 contract manufacturing service, Santa Ana.
  11. California Computer Books, Montrose.
  12. California Computer Specialists, Website design, computer maintenance, IT training, La Mesa.
  13. California Graphics & Peripherals, PC motherboards and graphic accelerators, Fremont.
  14. California IC, Computer systems, Irvine.
  15. California Software Laboratories, Programming, ecommerce, consulting, Foster City.
  16. Caligari, Graphics modeling software, Mountain View.
  17. Call Concepts, Communications equipment, San Jose.
  18. Campbell Technical, Parts for DLT2000-8000 drives, Union City.
  19. Canary Communications, Ethernet converter, hub, tranceiver, WDM, etc., San Jose.
  20. Candle, Software, Santa Monica.
  21. Canyon Information Systems, Computer and network support, Valencia.
  22. Capitol Finance, Loan servicing software for financial institutions, Tarzana.
  23. Cardiology Software Systems, Echocardiography software, Lomita.
  24. Carina Software, Astronomy software, San Ramon.
  25. Carlson Technologies, Wireless telecommunication engineering and support, Costa Mesa.
  26. Carmel Worldwide, Computer memory, Claremont.
  27. Carronade Group, Multimedia directory, Los Angeles.
  28. Casady & Greene, computer games and utilities, Salinas.
  29. CastaLink, Planning/scheduling software, San Jose.
  30. Castlewood Systems, Removable disk drives, Pleasanton.
  31. CAT Computer Systems, Computer systems, accessories, on-line catalog, Alpine.
  32. Catalyst Systems, Loan and lease accounting applications, Santa Barbara.
  33. Catalyst Systems & Peripherals, Disk, tape, memory, graphics, etc., Castro Valley.
  34. Catapult Entertainment, networked interactive entertainment (e.g. XBAND), Cupertino.
  35. CD Projects, CD storage products, Santa Monica.
  36. CD Warehouse, CD ROM software, Culver City.
  37. Cell Computing, Embedded computers, San Jose.
  38. CellNet Data Systems, Utility data services, San Carlos.
  39. Center for Software Development, The, Software startup assistance, software testing lab, San Jose.
  40. CenterView, Visual Basic, database integration software, San Francisco.
  41. Centigram Communications, Communications servers, San Jose.
  42. CenTOR Software, Publication software, Garden Grove.
  43. Centurion Solutions Group, Windows based software for law enforcement, Palm Springs.
  44. Century Analysis (CAI), software tools, Pacheco.
  45. Century Microelectronics, Memory products, Santa Clara.
  46. CEO Computers, Computer consulting, web design and hosting, Encino.
  47. Cerplex Group, The, High-technology repair services, Tustin.
  48. CH Products, Computers joysticks and controllers, Vista.
  49. Chancellor & Chancellor, Brokerage service for computer professionals, Mill Valley.
  50. ChannelResources, IT recruiters, Burlingame.
  51. Charlie Chan Printing, Offset printing, graphic design, Web site design, Los Angeles.
  52. Chase Computer Products, Computer hardware, software, San Rafael.
  53. Chassis Plans, Custom industrial rack mount computer design, San Diego.
  54. ChatCom, Communications and application servers, Chatsworth.
  55. CheckMaster, Check printing software (MICR), Oceanside.
  56. Cheshire Engineering, Electronic & software consultants: video, graphics, Pasadena.
  57. Chilton Pacific, Electronic equipment, Van Nuys.
  58. Chips and Technologies, Video and graphic semiconductor chips, San Jose.
  59. Chipset Online, Semiconductor manufacturer index, San Jose.
  60. Chisholm, LCD Panels, projectors, electronic annotation systems, Campbell.
  61. ChoiceTechnologies, Business software, Oceanside.
  62. Chris Dauterman, Technology consulting, Clovis.
  63. Chromatic, Microprocessor research and development (e.g. multimedia, DSP, MPACT), Sunnyvale.
  64. Chromatic Research, Multi-media processor, Mountain View.
  65. Chrontel, Mixed-signal integrated circuits, San Jose.
  66. CineGraphics, 3D and game applications, San Diego.
  67. Circuit Assembly, Connectors and cable assemblies, Irvine.
  68. Cirrus Logic, PC and communication semiconductors, Fremont.
  69. Cisco Systems, Networking products, San Jose.
  70. Citycom, Computer systems, accessories, Union City.
  71. CityJava, Java user group, San Francisco.
  72. CKS|Group, integrated marketing communications, Cupertino.
  73. ClariNet Communications, network services and publications, San Jose.
  74. Claris, Software, Santa Clara.
  75. Clarity Design, Electronic engineering, Poway.
  76. ClassPass, Computer system training, El Dorado.
  77. CLC Research, Computer memory, Irvine.
  78. ClearVox Communications, Telephone & computer headsets, San Jose.
  79. Clem Systems, Computer systems, accessories, support, etc., Fresno.
  80. Click4value, Computer systems, Santa Ana.
  81. Clickables Software, Plug-&-Play CGI scripts, San Rafael.
  82. Client Marketing, Client management software, Grover Beach.
  83. Clientsoft, Consulting, Burlingame.
  84. CMASS, Computer management/support services, Sierra Madre.
  85. CMC Communications, Telecommunication job listings, Newport Beach.
  86. CMI Digital, Computers (Everex, Microage), Marina del Rey.
  87. CNetUSA, Network interface cards, switches, stackable hubs, and bridges, Milpitas.
  88. Cobalt Media Design, Multimedia design, Santa Barbara.
  89. Cobalt Networks, Network servers, storage, and caching systems, Mountain View.
  90. CODE Micro Systems, Computer systems, Vista.
  91. Codi Systems, Screen savers and interactive marketing brochures, Los Angeles.
  92. Cofinity, Internet payment system, Palo Alto.
  93. Cognitronix, Windows, Windows 95 & NT software, Poway.
  94. Cohesive Systems, Networking, San Mateo.
  95. Colfax International, Custom computer systems, Sunnyvale.
  96. CollabNet, Collaborative development software, consulting, Brisbane.
  97. Collins Computing, Reseller for Great Plains and Siebel software, Mission Viejo.
  98. Color Arts, Design studio, Pasadena.
  99. Color Solutions, Color management systems, Cardiff-by-The-Sea.
  100. Com-Guard, Security for PCs, anti-tampering/theft hardware, access control, etc., Carlsbad.
  101. COM2001 Technologies, Computer telephony systems, Carlsbad.
  102. Com21, Home communications over existing cable, fiber, copper, Mountain View.
  103. Combinet, networking over ISDN, Sunnyvale.
  104. ComCore, Broadband data communication, Calabasas.
  105. Comit Systems, Engineering and software development, Sunnyvale.
  106. Comix Computers, Industrial computer storage enclosures, Chino.
  107. Commerce One, Procurement and supplier management software, Walnut Creek.
  108. Common Sense Computers, CD-ROMs, San Marcos.
  109. CommTech Systems, Hardware and software diagnostic tools, San Diego.
  110. CommTouch Software, Email software, Sunnyvale.
  111. Communication Arts, Multimedia information, Palo Alto.
  112. Communication Consulting Group, Gold River.
  113. Communication Intelligence, Pen input products, Redwood Shores.
  114. Communication Software, Software, programming, consulting, etc. for telecom., Bishop.
  115. Communications Advice and Design, Telecommunications management software tools, Calabasas.
  116. Communications Service Center, The, Frame relay, ISDN, AT&T data circuits, Agoura Hills.
  117. Communications Specialists, Voice/data cable installation, network integration, San Jose.
  118. Communications Standards Review, Wireline, wireless and fiber optic standards, Palo Alto.
  119. Commvision, Remote control and remote access servers, Mountain View.
  120. Compassionate PC, Web presence provider, Petaluma.
  121. Compex, Ethernet products, Anaheim.
  122. Composition Group, Digital studio, Montrose.
  123. Compression Labs (CLI), Video communication technology, San Jose.
  124. Compton's NewMedia, interactive multimedia software, Carlsbad.
  125. Compu-Solv, Technology strategy, market research, San Francisco.
  126. CompuAmerica, Computers and accesories, Los Angeles.
  127. CompuCell Accessories, Cellular telephone and computer accessories, Glendora.
  128. Compufacts, Computer training, San Bruno.
  129. Computer Access Technology (CATC), device connectivity, Santa Clara.
  130. Computer & Electronic Training Center, Signal Hill.
  131. Computer Applications (CAC), DesignStation computer systems, servers, networks, service, San Pablo.
  132. Computer Assisted Research, Investigative research, Citrus Heights.
  133. Computer Classics, Preowned, refurbished & new Macintoshes, Rancho Cucamonga.
  134. Computer Concepts, Digital imaging, computer & printer repair, consulting, etc., Inglewood.
  135. Computer Concepts, Employee electronic time keeping, Merced.
  136. Computer Consulting & Network Integration, Citrus Heights.
  137. Computer Consulting Group, Custom programming, Camarillo.
  138. Computer Currents, Computing resources, Berkeley.
  139. Computer Dynamics, Computer hardware, software, peripherals, accessories, Lake Elsinore.
  140. Computer Economics, Information technology related publishing, magazines, Carlsbad.
  141. Computer Engineering & Solutions, Data protection, duplication, and storage management, Cupertino.
  142. Computer Excel, Computer systems, repairs, servers and networks, Hawthorne.
  143. Computer Game Developers' Association, Los Altos.
  144. Computer Helper, Computer repair, San Jose.
  145. Computer Helpers, Consulting, service and sales, Santee.
  146. Computer Intelligence InfoCorp, Computer industry trend information, La Jolla.
  147. Computer Learning Center, Software training, Chico.
  148. Computer Literacy, Computer information resources (e.g. books), Sunnyvale.
  149. Computer Mart, Hardware and software, Irvine.
  150. Computer Modules, Integrator in computer imaging, networking, and digital video, Santa Clara.
  151. Computer Modules, PC communication cards, Santa Clara.
  152. Computer Modules, Recordable media, Santa Clara.
  153. Computer Motion, Robotic medical devices, Goleta.
  154. Computer Outlet Worldwide, Reseller of new, used and refurbished laptops, Tustin.
  155. Computer Physicians, Network and computer system consulting, Glendale.
  156. Computer Plus, Technology provider for education, Sunnyvale.
  157. Computer Products Unlimited, Temecula.
  158. Computer Publishing Update, Computer books, publishers, book stores and authors, Berkeley.
  159. Computer Quick, Online mail order computer products, San Francisco.
  160. Computer Recycler, Macintosh specialists for new and used computer equipment, Costa Mesa.
  161. Computer Rental Center, Pasadena.
  162. Computer Resource Company, The, Computer and laser printer repair, consulting, San Francisco.
  163. Computer Resources Group, Contract programming, San Francisco.
  164. Computer Security Institute, San Francisco.
  165. Computer Solutions, PC systems, repairs, Orange.
  166. Computer Solutions Consulting, Verifone host software, Rancho Santa Margarita.
  167. Computer Source Systems, Computer systems, Sacramento.
  168. Computer Specialists, Network design, installation, and maintenance, Anaheim.
  169. Computer Supply, Computer systems, servers, hardware, Irvine.
  170. Computer Training Courseware and Resource Center, Laguna Beach.
  171. Computer Training Services, Montague.
  172. Computer Troubleshooters, Computer support for small businesses, San Diego.
  173. Computer Warehouse, Hardware and software, Sacramento.
  174. ComputerBath Direct Marketing, Cleaning and maintenance products for computers and other office equipment, Costa Mesa.
  175. Computerized Structural Analysis and Research, Finite element analysis software, Agoura Hills.
  176. Computers Etc Software Training Center, San Diego.
  177. Computers Etc., Computer hardware and software, Suisun City.
  178. Computers Made Easy, Word processing training, Hollister.
  179. Computown, Computer sales and repairs, San Francisco.
  180. CompuTrain, Software training, San Francisco.
  181. CompuWizards Staffing International, Consulting, programming, etc., Walnut Creek.
  182. ComQuest, Music research software, San Diego.
  183. ComStar, Multilingual online hardware, software catalog, Cupertino.
  184. Concept Manufacturing, PC upgrade components, Redwood City.
  185. Condol International, PeopleSoft support, Ontario.
  186. Condor Engineering, Avionics data bus (ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553) communications, Santa Barbara.
  187. Config.Sys Consulting Group, La Jolla.
  188. Confluent, Diagramming and flowcharting tool, San Francisco.
  189. Connective Solutions, Business network support, La Mirada.
  190. Connectix Technologies, Digital video transmission and recording, San Diego.
  191. Consensus Development, Computer security tools, Berkeley.
  192. ConsenSys Software, Product development management systems, San Jose.
  193. Consult-Tek, Diagnostics, web hosting, programming, networking, Rialto.
  194. Contagious InterActive, Multimedia production, Newport Beach.
  195. Contec Microelectronics, Flat panel PCs, industrial computers, and data acquistion systems, San Jose.
  196. Contract-Jobs.Com, Software contracting, Mountain View.
  197. Control Master Products, wire, cable and heat shrinkable products, Concord.
  198. Control Memory, Computer memory, San Jose.
  199. Conyx Technologies, Computer sharing systems, Chatsworth.
  200. Cook Information Technologies, Human resource software and information, Lompoc.
  201. Cook Information Technologies, Business software, Lompoc.
  202. Cooler Master, Thermal solution for CPUs, Fremont.
  203. Coptech West, Software duplication and packaging, Sunnyvale.
  204. Core Systems, Industrial Computing, Poway.
  205. CoreTek, Mac consulting, Hacienda Heights.
  206. Corporate Systems Center, Hard drives and CD duplicators, Santa Clara.
  207. Corsair Memory, Computer memory and system upgrades, Fremont.
  208. Cort Data, Distribution & manufacturing system, Santa Ana.
  209. Coryphaeus, Real-time visual simulation tools for SGI, 3D modeling, Los Gatos.
  210. Cosine, Hardware & software design, Pacifica.
  211. CoSine Communications, Switching/management for virtual private networks, Redwood City.
  212. CPAccess, Accounting software, Santa Ana.
  213. Creative Labs, Multi-media sound and video products, Milpitas.
  214. Creative Networks, Information technology publishing and consulting, Palo Alto.
  215. Crider Consulting, System troubleshooting, setup/installation, Cardiff.
  216. CrossCheck, test and diagnostic solutions, San Jose.
  217. Crossnet Communication, San Diego.
  218. CrossWind Technologies, Scheduling and calandering software, Santa Cruz.
  219. Crosswise, Document conferencing software for PCs and Macs, Santa Cruz.
  220. Crowquill Studios, ID card software, Mountain View.
  221. Crystola Technology Advisors, IT Consulting, San Francisco.
  222. CSA, PC peripherals, La Mesa.
  223. CSS Laboratories, Servers, rack mounts, single board computers, etc., Irvine.
  224. CSys Labs, Design/Mfg. of uP based display/touch panel modules, San Jose.
  225. Cubed Dimensions, Computer consulting, Rohnert Park.
  226. Cubicon, Software development technologies, Saratoga.
  227. Customer Focus International, Customer relational-management software for banking, Diamond Bar.
  228. Customized Business Solutions, Custom database development, Aliso Viejo.
  229. Cutting Edge, Computer storage systems, La Mesa.
  230. Cybercore, Business automation, Bel Air.
  231. CyberDefender Early Detection Software, Computer Security Software, Los Angeles.
  232. CyberEdge Information Services, Virtual reality, Sausalito.
  233. CyberMedia, Windows software, Santa Monica.
  234. CyberMeridian, San Jose.
  235. Cybernetic Micro Systems, Special purpose integrated circuits, San Gregorio.
  236. CyberPOS, Point of sale workstations, Perris.
  237. CyberPuppy Software, Children's software, Mountain View.
  238. Cyberswap, Online auction for computers and electronics, Santa Ana.
  239. Cyberworks, Business directory, Anaheim.
  240. Cygnet Storage Solutions, Optical storage systems, San Jose.
  241. Cygnus Solutions, Open-source software tools, GNU, Linux, Sunnyvale.
  242. Cykic Software, PC-based WWW server software, San Diego.
  243. Cylink, Network security technologies, Sunnyvale.
  244. Cypress Semiconductor, Integrated circuits, San Jose.
  245. Cypress Technologies, PC software, Bakersfield.
  246. Cypress Technology, Computer systems, Oceanside.
  247. c|net, integrated online information source, San Francisco.

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