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  1. D-Link Systems, Ethernet products, Irvine.
  2. D-Zone Technologies, Printer cartridges/refill kits, City of Industry.
  3. D.I.S., Computer systems, Long Beach.
  4. D.R. McNatty & Associates, Project management systems, Laguna Niguel.
  5. DAFS Collaborative, Industry group, promotes direct file access over VI architecture, Woodside.
  6. Daley Consulting & Search, DP/MIS recruiting, Concord.
  7. Dana Point Communications, Database and software solutions, Dana Point.
  8. Dana Shultz & Associates, Office technology management consultants, Oakland.
  9. Danpex, Ethernet hubs, San Jose.
  10. Dantz Development, Backup software, Orinda.
  11. Darwin Micro Systems, PC systems, City of Industry.
  12. Dasar, Strategic consulting, Palo Alto.
  13. DASCOM, Enterprise networking security software, Santa Cruz.
  14. Data Analysis Group, Computer industry forecasts, Cloverdale.
  15. Data Corps, Order processing systems, Santa Barbara.
  16. Data Depot, Computer consulting, Los Angeles.
  17. Data Devices International, Degaussers, San Marino.
  18. Data Exchange, Computer/electronic repair, Camarillo.
  19. Data Fellows, Anti-virus software and groupware, San Jose.
  20. Data Point Solutions, Software development, San Diego.
  21. Data Systems Search Consultants (DSSC), Information technology job placements, Walnut Creek.
  22. Data Technology, Disk controllers, Milpitas.
  23. Data-Air Technologies, Wireless data communications, Los Angeles.
  24. Data-Tek, Guide to pricing for semiconductors, Irvine.
  25. Database Excelleration Systems (DES), Database accelerators, Santa Clara.
  26., Database design and engineering services, Dana Point.
  27. DataByte Sales, Computer hardware, Manhattan Beach.
  28. DataDirect Networks, Desktop/network storage, SCSI, Fibre Channel, RAID, etc. info , Chatsworth.
  29. Datafab USA, Parallel port adapters, South Pasadena.
  30. Dataflight Software, Database manager for on-line publishing, Los Angeles.
  31. Dataform, Financial investment software, Manhattan Beach.
  32. Datagram, Computer storage products, Whittier.
  33. DataMAX Software Group, Wireless barcode software (RFGen), El Dorado Hills.
  34. Dataquest, information technology market research, San Jose.
  35. Datasite, Design/build network facilities, Irvine.
  36. Datatape, Data storage systems, Monrovia.
  37. DataTrust, Real estate software, San Diego.
  38. DataWay, electronic media services, San Francisco.
  39. Datel Systems, computer store, San Diego.
  40. David Spelts Software, Computer/programming books, shareware, etc., Oceanside.
  41. Davidson & Associates, Multimedia educational and entertainment software, Los Angeles.
  42. daVinci Time & Space, interactive multimedia home entertainment, San Mateo.
  43. DB7 Technologies, Year 2000 problem consulting, San Carlos.
  44. DBA Software, Accounting software, Atascadero.
  45. DBL Enterprises, Search software, Turlock.
  46. DC Engineering, Embedded systems design, Huntington Beach.
  47. DCS International, Computer systems, Diamond Bar.
  48. Dean & Associates System Solutions, Enterprise resource planning and consulting, Scotts Valley.
  49. Debian, Linux OS for PCs, Point Richmond.
  50. Deborah James Secretarial Services, Oakland.
  51. Deccan Software, IT consulting and software services provider, San Diego.
  52. DeDanann Works, Computer furniture, San Francisco.
  53. DeltaPoint, Data & Process Visualization Software, Monterey.
  54. DemoNet Online, Software search system, Long Beach.
  55. Denkart, Legacy to open-systems software porting, Redwood City.
  56. Dense-Pac Microsystems, Computer memory, Garden Grove.
  57. Design Acceleration, Waveform analysis and debugging tools, San Jose.
  58. Design Science, Software for publishing mathematical notation, Long Beach.
  59. Design Solutions, 3D solid modeling software sales and support, Santa Clara.
  60. DESIGNet, Network cable systems, Sunnyvale.
  61. Desktop Advantage, Computer training and consulting, Sacramento.
  62. Desktop ATM25 Alliance, Promote interoperability of 25 Mbit/sec ATM technology, San Francisco.
  63. Development Technologies, NT software development, San Francisco.
  64. DevelopMentor, Programming training, Torrance.
  65. Devi Information Systems, Typesetting, data entry, San Jose.
  66., Recruiting and brokerage software solutions, Torrance.
  67. DHCP NETWORKS, Network service provider, Los Gatos.
  68. Diagnostix, Unix system administration, San Jose.
  69. Dial Sound Data Systems, Computers, printers, and networks, Fremont.
  70., Internet telephone service, Santa Clara.
  71. Diamond Flower Electric Instrument, Computer systems, Sacramento.
  72. Diamond Multimedia Systems, Graphics, video, sound, and game cards, San Jose.
  73. Dick Williams & Associates, High technology recruiting, Pleasanton.
  74. Diffusion IntraExpress, Information delivery software, Mountain View.
  75. Digiconcepts, Computer products, Chino Hills.
  76. DigiEffects, Special effects software, Menlo Park.
  77. Digital Business & Design, Training services, web design, video, writing, El Monte.
  78. Digital ChoreoGraphics, Embedded scientific programming, graphic design, etc., Costa Mesa.
  79. Digital Corporate Research, Palo Alto.
  80. Digital Design LA, Computer training, web design, tech recruiting, Burbank.
  81. Digital Eyes Custom Photo & Digital Imaging, Pacheco.
  82. Digital Gallery, Digital photography, Marina del Rey.
  83. Digital Graphix, Image processing equipment, Torrance.
  84. Digital Hollywood Entertainment, Recordable CDRoms, CDR's, CDRom, Huntington Beach.
  85. Digital Industry News, High-tech news database, Sunnyvale.
  86. Digital LAVA, vPrism and VideoVisor digital video software, Los Angeles.
  87. Digital Link, Wide area networks, Sunnyvale.
  88. Digital Media Net, B2B communities for the digital media market, Santa Ana.
  89. Digital Media Source, Document management services, Downey.
  90. Digital Planet, Interactive media, Culver City.
  91. Digital Resources, Design and publishing solutions, Valencia.
  92. Digital Sound (DSC), network based voice processing systems (VoiceServer), Carpinteria.
  93. Digital Tools, project management software for Unix, Cupertino.
  94. Digital Video Magazine (DV), Source for digital video creators, San Francisco.
  95. Digital VooDoo, Digital media production, Pacific Palisades.
  96. Digital Web Link, Web hosting design, Sacramento.
  97. Digital West, Computer hardware, Chatsworth.
  98. DigitalXtreme, Audio, video pre-& post production, Pleasanton.
  99. Digitape Systems, High-end storage products, Northridge.
  100. DigitGate Technology, Computer systems and accessories, Walnut.
  101. Digitizer Pro, Digitizers and large-format scanners , Hacienda Heights.
  102. Digitizer Zone, Digitizers, large-format scanners, support, Hacienda Heights.
  103. Dimension X, Java programming tools, San Francisco.
  104. Diosa, Graphic-design directory, Alameda.
  105. Direct Silicon Design, Custom integrated circuits, Irvine.
  106. Disc Producers, CD replication, DVD, printing, etc., Monrovia.
  107. Discount Data Comm, Computer network hardware, Calabasas.
  108. DISK/TREND, Market research on the disk drive industry, Mountain View.
  109. Display Tech Multimedia, Computer to video products for the educational market, Concord.
  110. Disqworks, CD & DVD duplicators, San Jose.
  111. Distinct, TCP/IP software, Saratoga.
  112. Distributed Systems Professionals, AS/400e information, Huntington Beach.
  113. Distributors Network, Data distribution software, Antioch.
  114. DITR Marketing, Software distribution and marketing services for developers, San Diego.
  115. Diva Communications, Digital wireless subscriber loop equipment, Oakland.
  116. Diversified Software Systems, JCL management software, Morgan Hill.
  117. Diverstech, Government contract software, Pacific Palisades.
  118. DiviCom, Audio/video encoding and decoding systems, and integration consulting, Milpitas.
  119. Division, Interactive product simulation and virtual prototyping, San Mateo.
  120. DL Solutions, Software engineering, web and database design, Fresno.
  121. DocuMagix, PaperMaster personal paper/document management software, San Jose.
  122. Document Center, The, Standards documentation (e.g. MIL-stds, DOD, etc.), Belmont.
  123. Doheny PC, Computer systems, Capistrano Beach.
  124. Dollar Computer, New and refurbished computers, Santa Ana.
  125., Shareware, freeware provider, Sun City.
  126. DP Technology, Metal working oriented CAD/CAM software, Camarillo.
  127. DPC Technology, C++ flowcharting software, San Diego.
  128. DPFE, Textile information systems, Glendale.
  129. Dr. Dan Computers, Sales, Repair, web design, etc., Eureka.
  130. Drew Computing, Network integration, migration, Glendale.
  131. DriveSavers, Data recovery (disk drive) services, Novato.
  132. DSP Group, Signal processing hardware/software, Santa Clara.
  133. DSS Networks, Gigabit Ethernet controllers, OC-48 line cards, programming, etc., Irvine.
  134. DTC Computer Supplies, Tape cartridges, etc., Rancho Cucamonga.
  135. Durand Interstellar, Electronic design services, Los Gatos.
  136. DynaMega Systems, Network routers, Fremont.
  137. Dynamic Offerings, Online computer auctions, new and refurbished hardware, San Mateo.
  138. Dynasticsoft, eCommerce & accounting software, Irvine.
  139. Dynaware, Graphics, MIDI music and entertainment software, Foster City.

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