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  1. E-iMALL, Computer hardware and software, online catalog, Fremont.
  2. e-Infochips, IT consulting, ASIC design, programming, Milpitas.
  3. e-SYSTEMS Design, Computer systems, accessories, IT services, Brea.
  4. E-TECH Research, Data communication and telecommunication products, San Jose.
  5. e-Zest Solutions, Software development, San Francisco.
  6. E.piphany, Enterprise relationship management software, Palo Alto.
  7. Eagle Research, Windows software, San Francisco.
  8. EAGLE Search Associates, High-technology and computer related recruiting and placement, Greenbrae.
  9. Earth Amigos, Environmental software, Huntington Beach.
  10. Eclectic Communications, Translation of documents, websites and software, San Diego.
  11. Edbentor, Servers and business computers, Temecula.
  12. Edimax Computer, Ethernet hubs, switches, repeaters, etc., Santa Clara.
  13. Edna Design, ASIC design services, Santa Cruz.
  14. EdNet Career Institute, Microsoft CTEC; VUE & Prometric testing center, Woodland Hills.
  15. EDO Systems, Computer memory, Roseville.
  16. EDP Computers, Computer hardware and systems integration, San Diego.
  17. Eiffel, Object technology, Santa Barbara.
  18. Eilrich Programming Services, Macintosh FTP client software, Watsonville.
  19. El Camino Resources, Mainframe leasing, Los Angeles.
  20. Elan Computer Group, Software management tools, Mountain View.
  21. Electric Communities, Global Communications Protocols (GCP) for computer resource sharing, Cupertino.
  22. Electronics Information Online, Surplus electronic equipment, Gardena.
  23. Elektroson, CD recording software, Campbell.
  24. Elite Professional Networks, PC repair, networking, Moreno Valley.
  25. Elixir, Software for electronic document production, Ventura.
  26. Elms Systems, CD libraries, Irvine.
  27. emachines, Computer systems, Irvine.
  28. Embedtec, Embedded systems and single board computers, Cupertino.
  29. Emergent, Parallel computer consulting, San Mateo.
  30. Emulex, high-performance networking interfaces (e.g. Fibre Channel), Costa Mesa.
  31. Energetic Systems, Network, systems integration, software, and Unix consulting, Los Gatos.
  32. Engineering Solutions Int'l., IT recruiting, Hermosa Beach.
  33. Enhance Cable Technology, Computer cables and adapters, San Jose.
  34. Ensemble Designs, Networkable video gateway, digital/analog convertors, Grass Valley.
  35. ensureIT, Network design, support, security, Brea.
  36. Enterprise Integration Technologies, Electronic commerce and collaboration software, Menlo Park.
  37. Enterprise Technical Services, Computer services, CAD/CAM, project management, Chico.
  38. EnterpriseSoft, Java programming, Sunnyvale.
  39. Environmental Systems Research Institute, Geographical information system software, Redlands.
  40. eOnlineDesign, Computer repair, sales, training, web design, San Mateo.
  41. ePCservices, Upgrade, repair, network, and web design services, Redwood City.
  42. Epigraf, Multimedia MIDI products, Gardena.
  43. Epigraphx, Automated fax services, San Carlos.
  44. Epiphany Design Studio, Computer fonts, Santa Monica.
  45. Epoch Sales, Kingston memory dealer, Fountain Valley.
  46., Computer repair, install, and upgrade, Placentia.
  47. Epson America, Computer peripherals, Torrance.
  48. Equifax National Decision Systems, marketing info., tools, and desktop support, San Diego.
  49. ER Corporation, sales and service of computer equipment, Pleasanton.
  50. ESC Technologies, Cylindrical connector accessories, Hawthorne.
  51. ESC Technologies, Support for components, e.g. motherboards, CPUs, RAM, chassis, drives, etc., Modesto.
  52. Eslamboly & Barlavi Productions, TV commercials, computer animation and graphics, Los Angeles.
  53. Esprit Systems, Thin client network computers/conversions, San Jose.
  54. ESQ Business Services, Tandem software, San Jose.
  55. Essential Data, CD recorders, duplicators, burners, SCSI-bus, etc. , Dobbins.
  56. Etak, Digital mapping, Menlo Park.
  57. Etec Systems, Pattern generation equipment, Hayward.
  58. EtherCom, Ethernet switches, Fremont.
  59. EtherWAN Systems, Network equipment, Irvine.
  60. ETi Solutions, AS/400 utility software, Oceanside.
  61. Eton Solutions, Computer training and programming services, Los Angeles.
  62. ETT Consulting, Electronic funds transfer software and ACH service, Carmichael.
  63. Eureka Cartography, Custom maps, clip art, etc., Berkeley.
  64. EuroGrafix, Desktop publishing, Irvine.
  65. European MikroGraf, PC server software, Scotts Valley.
  66. Evan Gilden Consulting, PC installation/repair, networking, training, upgrades, etc., Sherman Oaks.
  67. Evans Computer Consulting, Fountain Valley.
  68. Evertek Computer, Computer hardware, peripherals, accessories, Oceanside.
  69. Evolution Data Systems, I.T. consulting, Newport Beach.
  70. Excel Translations, Software localization and translation services, San Francisco.
  71. Excelsior Manufacturing, Electronic contract manufacturing, San Jose.
  72. Executive Assistance, Process automation technical services, training, and support, San Diego.
  73. Executive Software, NT and OpenVMS software, Glendale.
  74. Exigent Technologies, Onsite Support, emergency response, data recovery, San Jose.
  75. Expersoft, Distributed object management software, San Diego.
  76. Expert Fortran Consulting Company, Software conversion and development, Van Nuys.
  77., Online, real-time, person-to-person help through screen sharing, Santa Barbara.
  78. ExperTelligence, Object oriented software and tools, Santa Barbara.
  79. Experts Exchange, Information exchange for computer Q & A, San Luis Obispo.
  80. Exponential Technology, Microprocessors, San Jose.
  81. Express Computer Systems, Refurbished Sun, IBM RS/6000 and Cisco resale, Irvine.
  82. Extreme Networks, Ethernet products, Cupertino.
  83. Extron Electronics, Video interfaces, scan converters, Anaheim.
  84. EZ Access, Accounting software, San Jose.
  85. EZ Systems, Network storage and repairs, Santa Ana.
  86. EZ-REF Courseware, PC and Mac education materials, Laguna Beach.
  87. ezzTouch Computer, Notebook computer manufacturer, Irwindale.

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