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  1. Nagarro, Software development, San Jose.
  2. Nanao, Display systems, Torrance.
  3. nanoWorld, Unitary field theory information, Los Angeles.
  4. National Information Systems, UNIX information, San Jose.
  5. National Pixel Products, 2D and 3D graphics, Mill Valley.
  6. National Semiconductor, Integrated circuits, Santa Clara.
  7. Nationwide Computer Dynamics, Sales software, San Diego.
  8. Nbase Communications, DirectIP switching for Ethernet, ISDN, FDDI, Token Ring, etc., Chatsworth.
  9. NCA Computer Products, San Jose.
  10. nCUBE, Multimedia servers, Foster City.
  11. NDS Distributing, Palmtop computers and software, Dublin.
  12. Neasi-Weber International, Publishing industry software, Northridge.
  13. NEC Systems Laboratory, NEC marketing & technical support, San Jose.
  14. Nelson-Keystone, Digital imaging, graphic arts supplies and equipment, San Diego.
  15. NeoMagic, Semiconductor manufacturing, Santa Clara.
  16. NEP1, Winamp music and video, San Jose.
  17. Net Monster Enterprise, Computer components, Westwood Village.
  18. NetConnX Technologies, Network systems security, Temecula.
  19. Netcor Telecom Design Services, Communications infrastructure design, Milpitas.
  20. NetFRAME, enterprise multiprocessor network servers, Milpitas.
  21. NetiQ, Application management software, Santa Clara.
  22. NetManage, TCP/IP applications, Cupertino.
  23. NeTpower, Workstations, servers, and NT software, Sunnyvale.
  24. NetSoft, Enterprise connectivity software, Irvine.
  25. Netssociates, Network, systems integration, Rocklin.
  26., Internet, Unix, and Security Services, Palo Alto.
  27. NetTempo, Network, systems, database consulting, San Francisco.
  28. Network Appliance, NFS file server hardware/software, Mountain View.
  29. Network Computing Devices (NCD), X terminals and software, Mountain View.
  30. Network Equipment Technologies (NET), Enterprise networking systems and products, Redwood City.
  31. Network General, Network management software, Menlo Park.
  32. Network Information Services, System integration, Newport Beach.
  33. Network Mechanics, Operating systems, databases, and networks, Los Angeles.
  34. Network Peripherals, FDDI-Ethernet switch and adapter cards, Milpitas.
  35. Network Planet, Network integration, systems integration/support, consulting, Los Angeles.
  36. Network Products, asynchronous comm. servers and XCS2 X.25 comm. gateway, Pasadena.
  37. Network Professionals Resource Center, Telecom information, Oakhurst.
  38. Network Solutions International, Network and computer consulting, Santa Monica.
  39. Network Technical, Disk drives, data storage, networking equipment, Scotts Valley.
  40. Network TeleSystems, Networking software, Sunnyvale.
  41. Networks 2000, Network consulting, San Diego.
  42. New Age Information Technologies, IT staffing services, San Diego.
  43. New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Computer software training, Westlake Village.
  44. New Technology, Software, hardware consulting, Foster City.
  45. New World Graphics and Publishing, Spanish language software, Pasadena.
  46. NewGen Systems, Laser/dye-sub printers, and image proofers, Costa Mesa.
  47. NewSoft, OCR and photo/video editing software, Fremont.
  48. Nexcellence, Computer, network support, Saratoga.
  49. NexGen, PC processors, Milpitas.
  50. NexGen SI, Transaction processing decision support software, Irvine.
  51. NeXT Computer, object-oriented systems, Redwood City.
  52., Computer systems, Monterey.
  53. Nextwave, Software tools for ASIC design and development, San Jose.
  54. Niehaus Ryan Haller, Public relations for communications technology, South San Francisco.
  55. NightFire Software, Telecommunications order management software, Berkeley.
  56. Nighthawk Design, PCB design service, Fremont.
  57. NightHawk Productions, Multimedia services, Lakeside.
  58. Nims & Associates, Computer consulting, San Rafael.
  59. Nitech, Business computing, networked multimedia solutions, Irvine.
  60. Nolan Multimedia, Multimedia training, Novato.
  61. North Star Enterprise, Computer parts, travel consulting, etc., Alhambra.
  62. NotebookMall, Notebook computers, Mountain View.
  63. Nousoft, Document imaging and copyright products, Monterey.
  64. Nova Development, Clip art and software, Calabasas.
  65. Nova Press, Test prep books and software for college entrance exams, Los Angeles.
  66. NovaLogic, Computer games (generally war games), Calabasas.
  67. NovaNet Industries, Hard disk drives, telecommunications, telephones, Campbell.
  68. NovaStor, Backup, disaster recovery and anti-virus software, Simi Valley.
  69. Novatel Wireless, Wireless data transmission technology, San Diego.
  70. Now What Software, Geographic display software, digital mapping, San Francisco.
  71. NPC Consulting, Computer repair, consulting, training, network integration, etc., Cerritos.
  72. NTegrity Computer Solutions, Network install, cabling, hardware repair, computer, Corona Del Mar.
  73. Nullstone, Compiler performance analysis tool, Fremont.
  74. Nupon Computing, SLIP and PPP modems, Tustin.
  75. Nutec, Unix window manager software, Mountain View.
  76. NuvoMedia, Electronic books, Palo Alto.

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