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  1. S-Matrix, Computer aided research and development software, Eureka.
  2. S-MOS Systems, Standard, custom, and sem-icustom ICs, San Jose.
  3. S.I.A., Computer network integrator, Van Nuys.
  4. Sabtech Industries, Military application hardware, Anaheim.
  5. Sacramento Electronic Supply Co, Wire, relays, data product, Sacramento.
  6. Safe Computing, ergonomic accessories for the information worker, San Jose.
  7. SAFE@HOME, Video surveillance systems, Granada Hills.
  8. Sagent Technology, "Data Mart" software, Palo Alto.
  9. SAIC Wateridge, Computer security technologies, San Diego.
  10. SALESOFT Industries, Sales force managament and automation software, San Diego.
  11. Salient Consulting, Solaris, Linux, IRIX administration, San Jose.
  12. San Carlos Computers, San Carlos.
  13. San Francisco Computer Consultants, Year 2000 solutions provider, San Francisco.
  14. San Francisco Network Technologies, Networking hardware and software, San Francisco.
  15. SanDisk, Flash memory data storage, Sunnyvale.
  16. S&S Computer Consulting, Santa Cruz.
  17. Sanger Associates, Network installation equipment, Van Nuys.
  18. SanSoft, Cobol utilities, Torrance.
  19. Santa Cruz Operation, UNIX operating systems, Santa Cruz.
  20. Santa Cruz Software, Business relocation software, Sunnyvale.
  21. Santa Cruz Technology Alliance, Santa Cruz.
  22. Saqqara Systems, Catalog authoring and publishing systems, Sunnyvale.
  23. Saratoga Data Systems, Oracle consulting, Torrance.
  24. Saratoga Group, The, Online training and consulting, Saratoga.
  25. Saratoga Networking And Professional Services, Computer & network installation & support services, Saratoga.
  26. SAT-SAGEM (usa), ISDN solutions for the Mac and PC, Cupertino.
  27. SBE, Remote access and router technology, San Ramon.
  28. SBT Accounting Systems, PC-based accounting software, San Rafael.
  29. Scan 2 Disc, Volume document scanning and PDF conversions, San Diego.
  30. Scan Centers, Document imaging and scanning, Costa Mesa.
  31. Scantron, Peripherals, software, and training, Tustin.
  32. Sceptre, Personal computer systems, City of Industry.
  33. Schema Research, Database CASE tool, Redwood City.
  34. Science and Technologies International, Educational software, Laguna Niguel.
  35. Science Applications International (SAIC), Technology consulting, hardware, and software products, San Diego.
  36. Science Horizons, Seismic data acquisition and analysis products, Encinitas.
  37. Scolor Designs, Graphic services, Ojai.
  38. Scott's Software Solutions, FileMaker Pro database development, Studio City.
  39. SCSI Peripherals / Wholesale, Hermosa Beach.
  40. SCV Systems Software, Software utilities, Escondido.
  41. Sea Studios, Multimedia production services, Monterey.
  42. Seagate Technology, Disk hard drives and related software, Scotts Valley.
  43. SEASCAPE Technologies, Application leasing and programming services, Sacramento.
  44. Second Foundation, Software services, Cupertino.
  45. Secorix, Enterprise risk management solutions, San Mateo.
  46. Securfone America, Wireless telephone and paging services, San Diego.
  47. Securityware, Computer anti-theft devices, San Diego.
  48. Seeker Software, Enterprise support software, Oakland.
  49. Seewhy Computer Systems, Personal computers and peripherals, West Covina.
  50. Sega of America, Interactive entertainment, Redwood City.
  51. Seiko Instruments USA, Computer accessories and other products, South Lake Tahoe.
  52. Select One, Computer Consulting, Los Angeles.
  53. Semans Communications, Network cabling systems, San Carlos.
  54. Semaphore, Postal information and software, Aptos.
  55. Sentient Networks, Communication network switches, Milpitas.
  56. SEQUI, IPSec VPN gateways; Dial-up encryptors plus rackmount, Irvine.
  57. Serena International, Application development and software change management products, Burlingame.
  58. Serpac Electronic Enclosures, Electronic enclosures, Covina.
  59. ServerCare, Database and system administration services, San Diego.
  60., Printer cartridges, cartridge/circuit board recycling, Laguna Niguel.
  61. Servistron, Computer memory, San Jose.
  62. Setka Computer Consulting, San Ramon.
  63. SGO Limited, Windows consulting, Boulder Creek.
  64. Shaman, Software update subscription service, San Francisco.
  65. Shannon Communication Systems, Audio/video compression, Woodside.
  66. Shark Multimedia, Modems, sound cards, video conferencing and related software, Santa Clara.
  67. ShivNet, CD/DVD duplicator sales, Upland.
  68. Shomiti Systems, Ethernet analysers, San Jose.
  69. Shopping Planet, Computer hardware and software, Culver City.
  70. Showket Design, Industrial and graphic design, Novato.
  71. SICAN Microelectronics, Technology licensing, design (e.g. IC development), South San Francisco.
  72. Sicomi, Pc component reseller, Diamond Bar.
  73. Siemens Business Communication Systems, global communication solutions, Santa Clara.
  74. Siemens Components, 32-bit microcontroller, San Jose.
  75. Sierra Engineering, Computer hardware and software sales, Fresno.
  76. Sierra-Net, Internet service provider (ISP), Lake Tahoe.
  77. Signature PC, Computer systems, San Diego.
  78. Signature PC, Computer systems, Spring Valley.
  79. Silicon Engineering, IC design engineering, Scotts Valley.
  80. Silicon Graphics, Mountain View.
  81. Silicon Image, Serial data transmission systems, San Jose.
  82. Silicon Solutions, Retained search firm and management consulting, Novato.
  83. Silicon Technology Labs, Systems engineering, project management, San Diego.
  84. Silicon Valley Bus, Mac software, San Juan Bautista.
  85. Siliconrax, Rackmount systems, Sunnyvale.
  86. Silton Information Systems, Computer systems for apparel companies, Los Angeles.
  87. Silverlake Communications, Wireless PCS paging software, Calabasas.
  88. Simpact, Legacy protocols, data communications, IP translation, gateways, San Diego.
  89. Simple Solutions 2000, Networking services and computer sales, Grand Terrace.
  90. Simplified Technology Company, Networking and custom programming, Fremont.
  91. Simucad, Logic simulation software, Union City.
  92. Simulations Plus, Simulation software, Palmdale.
  93. Siquest, C MOS gate arrays, San Jose.
  94., Networking information, San Jose.
  95. Sky Computer Services, IT Support, Santa Monica.
  96. Skybase, Software tools for designers, engineers, and media developers, San Francisco.
  97. Slantwise Communications, Venue for digital artists, Pinole.
  98. Slevin Industries, Computer system, storage, networking solutions, Northridge.
  99. Smart Soft, Java training and courseware, Huntington Beach.
  100. Smart Technology Enablers, USB software/firmware, application toolkits, etc., Oxnard.
  101. Smart TV Magazine, Web TV, digital television, satellite, DVD, PC/TV, etc..
  102. SmartDraw Software, Drawing software for flowcharts, etc., San Diego.
  103. Smartek, Educational software, San Diego.
  104. SmartWorks, Computer products for distributors, Hayward.
  105. SMC Networks, PC networking and I/O products, Irvine.
  106. Smith Micro Software, Fax, data, voice communication software, Aliso Viejo.
  107. SMS Group, Computer memory, Santa Clara.
  108. Society for Computer Simulation International, The, San Diego.
  109. Softbank Exposition and Conference, Networking trade show, Foster City.
  110. Softbit, CD-ROM publisher, Irvine.
  111. SoftBook Press, Electronic books, Menlo Park.
  112. SoftDepot, Computer software, accessories, catalog sales, Malibu.
  113. Softool, Software change and configuration management products, Goleta.
  114. Software & More, Macintosh and PC software, Citrus Heights.
  115. Software Development Technologies, Software test and evaluation consulting, Cupertino.
  116. Software Research, Software testing tools, San Francisco.
  117. Software Services, Software design, Manteca.
  118. Software Shelf, San Carlos.
  119. Software Systems Quality Consulting, Software process improvement, testing, training, etc., San Jose.
  120. Software Video, Software training, Newport Beach.
  121., E-mail server applications, Santa Barbara.
  122., Software products, Menlo Park.
  123. Solar Varia, IT outsourcing for small businesses, Bellflower.
  124. Solecon Laboratories, SRA silicon depth profiling for semiconductor processing, Tustin.
  125. Solectek, Wireless networking technology, San Diego.
  126. Solectron, Manufacturing services for electronics OEMs, Milpitas.
  127. Solid Oak Software, Communications software, Santa Barbara.
  128. Solid Technology, Macintosh consulting, repair, sales, training, etc., Woodland Hills.
  129. Solsource Computers, Network and network related software, Carlsbad.
  130. Solution Technology, I/O engineering education, Boulder Creek.
  131. Solutions Consulting, PICK databases from Windows, Unix, and networking, Encino.
  132. Solutions Consulting Group, Custom database applications, San Diego.
  133. Sonic Computers, Computers and peripherals, Santa Clara.
  134. Sonic Desktop Software, Audio products, Chatsworth.
  135. Sonic Systems, Ethernet cards (NICs), Internet servers, IPX, AppleTalk, etc., Sunnyvale.
  136. Sonoma Systems, ATM to LAN broadband access products, Marina del Rey.
  137. Sound Source Interactive, Game, entertainment, and multimedia software, Calabasas.
  138. Southern California Quality Assurance Association, Software quality assurance, Los Angeles.
  139. Southland Micro Systems, Computer memory, Irvine.
  140. Southland Paralegal, Paralegal services, Encino.
  141. SPARC International, Information about the SPARC architecture, etc., Menlo Park.
  142. SparklingPC, PC & electronic cleaning and sanitizing, La Jolla.
  143. Sparkology, Computer support for film/teleproduction, San Rafael.
  144. Spectra, Used Midrange/Mainframe computers and Disk Arrays, Anahein.
  145. Spectron, digital signal processing (DSP) software and services, Santa Barbara.
  146. Spectrum Imaging Products, Toner cartridges and inkjets, Arcadia.
  147. Spectrum Trading, Peripherals, Pacific Grove.
  148. SpotMagic, PC multi-media products, San Francisco.
  149. Sprague Magnetics, QIC tape technology, Los Angeles.
  150. Spread Spectrum Scene, Wireless, PCS, and digital communications online magazine, El Granada.
  151. Sqribe Technologies, Publishing, decision support software, Menlo Park.
  152. St. Bernard Software, Open file backup/restore, hotfix/service pack management, etc., San Diego.
  153. St. Martin Productions, Digital video, stock photography, multimedia presentations, Chula Vista.
  154. Stable Systems, Consulting services, simulation for feedback control development, Carlsbad.
  155. Stanford Management Group, Database software, Mountain View.
  156. Stanford Software, Fax software, Santa Clara.
  157. Star-Computers, Used and new computers, Westminster.
  158. Stardust Technologies, Communications standards promotion (e.g. IP Multicast, Windsock), Campbell.
  159. Starfish Software, Products to help people get organized, Santa Cruz.
  160. Starlight Networks, Video networking software, Mountain View.
  161. StarMine, Stock market software tools, San Francisco.
  162. StarNet Communications, X-windows server for DOS or Windows, Sunnyvale.
  163. StarNine, Internet server software and e-mail gateways for Macintosh, Berkeley.
  164. StarTouch International, Communication integration software, Burlingame.
  165. State Of The Art, Midrange accounting systems, Irvine.
  166. SteelEye, Cluster, data replication/recovery software, Mountain View.
  167. Sterling Design Engineering Systems, Software tools, Los Angeles.
  168. Sterling Informatics, IT outsourcing solutions, Canoga Park.
  169. Steven Poe Photography, Stock photography and fine art prints, San Francisco.
  170. Stock Doctor, Stock market software, San Diego.
  171. Stockham Computer Forensics and Investigations, Privaye investigators, Modesto.
  172. Stokes Fishburne Associates, Stock and commodity technical analyses software, San Diego.
  173. Storage Concepts, RAID storage systems, Irvine.
  174. Storage Dimensions, RAID devices, Milpitas.
  175. Storage Networking Industry Association, Santa Barbara.
  176. Stored Knowledge, Computer systems management and support, Arcadia.
  177. Storm Primax, Software to use photos with a PC, Mountain View.
  178. Storm Software, PC software for photos, Mountain View.
  179. Storm Technology, Scanners, Mountain View.
  180. StrataCom, Wide area networking, San Jose.
  181. Strategic Research, Storage / Networking consulting, Santa Barbara.
  182. Strategy Manufacturing, Manufacturing software, Hayward.
  183. Stratus, fault tolerant computer systems, Anaheim.
  184. Straus Technical Solutions, Network design, security, and management services, Sacramento.
  185. StreamLogic, Storage subsystems, Chatsworth.
  186. Structure Computers, Hardware, software, services, San Diego.
  187. Stuart Staffing, Job listings for computer professionals, San Francisco.
  188. Sumar, Software products, Riverside.
  189. Sumeria, Multimedia CDs, San Francisco.
  190. SUN Microsystems, Mountain View.
  191. Sunrise Technologies, Management/technology consulting, Folsom.
  192. Sunshine Star, Computer systems, La Verne.
  193. Super Micro, Mac systems, Torrance.
  194. Super Shopping Mall, Online sale of hardware and software, Moutain View.
  195. Superchargers Toner Cartridges, Garden Grove.
  196. Supercom, Wholesale computer systems, hardware, Milpitas.
  197. Superior Computer Systems, PCs, components, and software, South El Monte.
  198. Superior Software, Financial analysis software, Encino.
  199. SuperKids Educational Software Review, Mountain View.
  200. SuperSite, Semiconductor processing information, Cupertino.
  201. Supply Center, Toner cartridges, copier, fax toner and printing supplies, Santa Clarita.
  202. Supply Technology, Telecommunications equipment, Costa Mesa.
  203. Surado Solutions, Software development and consulting, Riverside.
  204. Surprise Valley Distributing, Computer systems, Lake City.
  205. SVEC Computer, Ethernet LAN products, Irvine.
  206. Switch Power, Voltage regulators, Campbell.
  207. Sybase, Client/server-based software products and services, Emeryville.
  208. Sybex, Computer books, Alameda.
  209. Symantec, Software, Cupertino.
  210. Synaptics, TouchPads, San Jose.
  211. Synergy Global, Rackmount chassis, LCD, disk arrays, etc., Fremont.
  212. Synergy Semiconductor, Mixed-signal integrated circuits, Santa Clara.
  213. Synopsys, Mountain View.
  214. Syslabs, Integrated computer hardware and software testing, Cameron Park.
  215. Syslink Computer, Personal computers, Fullerton.
  216. Sysnet Solutions, IT & IS solutions and support, Los Angeles.
  217. System Outsource Services, Offsite IT management, recovery/security, Brea.
  218. System V, communication products and services, Campbell.
  219. Systems & Networks, Performance analysis of networks, Foster City.
  220. Systems Management Specialists, Mainframe outsourcing, helpdesk operations & LAN/WAN management, Santa Ana.
  221. Systems Partners, Technology consulting, Orinda.
  222. Systran Software, Natural language translation software and services, La Jolla.

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