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Tech Visitor, Orange County.
Mobile Computer Repair and Support Services specialized in Computer Crashes. Available 24/7 for emergency support. Flat rates and estimates available.

  1. T.F.C., PC systems, Baldwin Park.
  2. T.J.T. International, Disk hard drives distributor, SCSI, IDE, Santa Fe Springs.
  3. T.R. Electronics, Computer consulting for small businesses, Salinas.
  4. TA Engineering, Industrial automation software, Moraga.
  5. Tahoe Design Software, Hydraulic, piping, and pump analysis software, Truckee.
  6. TAL (Tetherless Access Ltd.), wireless 64 Kbps TCP/IP networking to 30 km, Sunnyvale.
  7. Taligent, Object oriented software, Cupertino.
  8. Talking Technology Internet, PC-based telephony hardware and software, Alameda.
  9. TalkMan Modem, Dual voice/data modems, San Diego.
  10. Tandem Computers, Cupertino.
  11. Taos Mountain Software, UNIX contracting and training, Palo Alto.
  12. Tape Specialty, Compact disc, audio cassette manufacturing, North Hollywood.
  13. Tatung Science & Technology, Manufacturer of Blade & PC computers, Fremont.
  14. TCSI, Telecom software and services, Alameda.
  15. Team ASA, File server connectivity, San Diego.
  16. Team Memory, Memory products, Irvine.
  17. TECH 101, Computer monitors and systems, Irvine.
  18. Tech Solutions, Educational software & hardware, Cardiff.
  19. TechMaker, Embedded & real-time system development services, San Jose.
  20. Techmaster Electronics, Test equipment repair, calibration, sales, San Diego.
  21. TechMedia, Directory of European computer publications, Santa Cruz.
  22. Techmedia Computer Systems, PC systems, monitors, MPEG and video capture cards, Garden Grove.
  23. TechNet Solutions!, IT consultanting, Fresno.
  24. Technical Staffing, Information technology/engineering consulting/recruiting, San Francisco.
  25. TechnoCom, Wireless systems & engineering, Encino.
  26. Technology Board of Trade, Reusable software exchange, Los Altos.
  27. Technology Innovations, Digital design, troubleshooting, Mission Viejo.
  28. Technology Locator, Contract staffing - software & hardware engineers, San Diego.
  29. Technology Management Group, Network integration, San Diego.
  30. Technology Network, Information technology political coalition, Palo Alto.
  31. Technology OnLine, Los Angeles.
  32. Technology People, Computer consulting, Oakland.
  33. Technology Service, Engineering services, Santa Monica.
  34. Technology's Edge, Software integration, Irvine.
  35. Tech Visitor, Mobile Computer Repair, Orange County.
  36. TechWeek, Technology newsmagazine, Sunnyvale.
  37. TechXchange, Online advertising, computers, etc., Santa Monica.
  38. Tegal, Plasma etch systems for integrated circuit manufacturing, Petaluma.
  39. Tekelec, Network diagnostic and switching systems, Calabasas.
  40. Teknowledge, Knowledge processing applications, Palo Alto.
  41. Telebit, ISDN and modems, Sunnyvale.
  42. TeleBooks, Databooks conversion and design for on-line access, San Jose.
  43. Telecom Solutions, Telecommunication systems engineering, Lake Forest.
  44. Telecomm1Stop, I.S. & I.T. communications provider, San Jose.
  45. Telecommunications Consulting Group, Voice mail, telephone, LAN/WAN, Web site design, PBX, etc., Westlake Village.
  46. Telecomputer, Computer memory, Fountain Valley.
  47. Teledesign Systems, Wireless modems, San Jose.
  48. Teledynamic Communications, Computer-telephony products, San Francisco.
  49. TeleMeister, RFP writing, consulting focusing on telephony issues , El Dorado Hills.
  50. Telenetics, Fiber optic and radio devices, Lake Forest.
  51. Teleos Research, advanced vision technology, intelligent perception, Palo Alto.
  52. Telephone Response Technologies, Computer telephony technology, Roseville.
  53. Telepresence Research, Virtual environment and remote presence technologies, Portola Valley.
  54. TeleProcessing Products, WAN CPE equipment, Simi Valley.
  55. Tellan Software, Electronic sales and credit card authorization software, San Jose.
  56. Telos, Computer based training (CBT) development, Mountain View.
  57. TelSoft Solutions, Call accounting software, Glendale.
  58. TelSoft Solutions, Call accounting software, billback, cost allocation, etc., Glendale.
  59. Telulex, Synthesized signal generator and analyzer, Mountain View.
  60. Tenadar Software, Software for kids, by kids, San Carlos.
  61. TenLab, Multisystem video products, Los Angeles.
  62. Tenon Intersystems, Unix over Mach for Macs, Santa Barbara.
  63. Teqni-Rep Associates, Network products, Chatsworth.
  64. TeraStor, High density storage, San Jose.
  65. Terayon, Data/video communication, Santa Clara.
  66. Terrafirma Video Productions, Video production, graphics, Burbank.
  67. Terran Interactive, Video compression/optimization software, San Jose.
  68. Test-X Fixture Products, Circuit board test fixtures, Riverside.
  69. TGV, DEC networking software, Santa Cruz.
  70. The Chip, Computer systems, Valencia.
  71. The Computer Aid, On-site Computer Repair, Networking, Videos, etc.., Antioch.
  72. The Mac Doctor, Mac troubleshooting service, San Jose.
  73. The Mate Company, Cables, terminators, adapters, converters, Glendale.
  74. The Metals Group, Heatsink products, Aptos.
  75. The PC Medic, PC repair and support, Fremont.
  76. The Tech Source, Technology solutions provider, system integrator, Simi Valley.
  77. Themis Computers, Single board computers, Fremont.
  78. Theta Computer, Computer systems, Culver City.
  79. Thomas Bros. Maps, map products, digital map data, and mapping related software, Irvine.
  80. TIBCO, Information systems integration, Palo Alto.
  81. Tidalwave Technologies, High availability software, San Francisco.
  82. TierSolution, Distributed n-tier architecture, software development, Livermore.
  83. Tiger Eye Consulting, Technical placement services, Redondo Beach.
  84. Tiger Jet Network, ISDN modems, Cupertino.
  85. Tim Malm Solutions, Macintosh installation and network services, consulting, Sunnyvale.
  86. Times Int'l Computers, Personal computer systems, Baldwin Park.
  87. Tippecanoe Systems, Indexing and barcode software products, Pleasanton.
  88. TKO Personnel, Employment opportunities, San Jose.
  89. TKO Video Communications, Video conferencing equipment, software & training, San Jose.
  90. Tobar Computer Systems, Computer systems, Oakhurst.
  91. Toner Products, Supplies for printers, FAXes, and plotters, Los Gatos.
  92. Total Corporate Services, Computers, peripherials and software, Campbell.
  93. Total Peripheral Repair, Data recovery, San Diego.
  94. Total Resolution, Electron microscopy & crystallography software, Berkeley.
  95. Total Solutions Consulting, Network integration, design, security, database, etc., Santa Clara.
  96. Totally Wireless, wireless voice and data communications, San Jose.
  97. Townsend Raimundo Besler & Usher, Communications consulting, Sacramento.
  98. TPC, Transaction processing and database benchmarks, San Jose.
  99. Trace-Net, Network consulting, Santa Clara.
  100. Training On Video, Computer courses, Santa Cruz.
  101. TrainPerfect, Software training, Laguna Hills.
  102. TransMedia Computer Consulting, Venice.
  103. Transmeta, Mobile computing processors, Santa Clara.
  104. Transtream, Communications products, Simi Valley.
  105. Tree Star, Mac software, San Carlos.
  106. Tri-Pacific Consulting, Custom programming, real-time, training, placement, Alameda.
  107. Tri-Star Memory, Computer memory, components, CPUs, motherboards, hard drives, etc., La Jolla.
  108. Trident Data Systems, Information protection services, Los Angeles.
  109. Trident Services, OS/390 MVS/ESA software tools, systems consulting, Sausalito.
  110. Trillium, Software for computer and communications equipment manufacturers, Los Angeles.
  111. TriPlus Technologies, Virtual desktop software for Windows, Santa Barbara.
  112. TriTeal, UNIX graphical workstation software, Carlsbad.
  113. Tritech Solution, Printer and terminal repair, Garden Grove.
  114. Triumph Logistic Computers (TLC), PC Multimedia products, Covina.
  115. Troy Brimm, PC consulting and technical support, Modesto.
  116. TruCost Enterprises, Computer equipment, Fremont.
  117. TrueClone, Computer hardware, Concord.
  118. Trusted Information Systems, Mountain View.
  119. TSCO, Contract programming, consulting, Oxnard.
  120. Tudor Graphics, Mouse pads, t-shirts, tote bags, Santa Barbara.
  121. Turbolinux, Linux systems for enterprise computing, database, Brisbane.
  122. Tut Systems, Copper wire networking, Pleasant Hill.
  123. Tuxtops, Laptops, Sunnyvale.
  124. Twin Industries, Prototype boards, Santa Clara.

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