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  1. V data recovery, Hard drive data recovery, Woodland Hills.
  2. V-Soft, Off-shore software development, Fremont.
  3. VA Linux Systems, Open source collaborative software tools, Fremont.
  4. VA Research, Linux based PCs, Mountain View.
  5. Valley Communications, Network integration, cabling, installation, Fremont.
  6. Valley Network Solutions, NT, Unix, routing & networking consulting, Fresno.
  7. Valor Electronics, Networking components, San Diego.
  8. Valtronix, Printronix printer specialists, Newport Beach.
  9., Computer parts, Santa Ana.
  10. Vanguard Publishing, Computer business directories, etc., Sacramento.
  11. Vantage Technology Consulting Group, Network, telephone and audiovisual consulting, Manhattan Beach.
  12. Varian, Semiconductor equipment and components, Palo Alto.
  13. VC Online, WebWorks Publisher templates, Ventura.
  14. Vedams, Software development and IT-enabled services, Santa Clara.
  15. Velocity, Games software, San Francisco.
  16. Velos Medical Informatics, Medical clinical disease management software, Fremont.
  17. Venice Design, Embedded systems, multimedia design, San Ramon.
  18. Vennerable Consulants, Software development, consulting, Berkeley.
  19. Venture Fourth, Printer sales, service, supplies, Milpitas.
  20. VeriFone, Transaction automation products, Redwood City.
  21. VeriSign, Digital IDs for privacy and authentication, Redwood City.
  22. Veritas, Storage management software, Mountain View.
  23. Verity Systems, Degaussers, CD and DVD duplicators, printers, Placerville.
  24. Versant Object Technology, Object oriented databases, Menlo Park.
  25. Veterans Assistance Network, Computer training, North Highlands.
  26. VHDL International Users' Forum, VHDL and other EDA standards, Menlo Park.
  27. ViaSat, Satellite communications and networking equipment, Carlsbad.
  28. VIC Hi-Tech, Video conferencing, El Segundo.
  29. Video Online eXpress, Laser discs, VHS tapes, games, San Jose.
  30. VideoBrush, Panorama and mosaicing software publisher, Carpinteria.
  31. Videomaker, Video and smart TV magazine publisher, Chico.
  32. Videomedia, Video device control systems, San Jose.
  33. Videonics, Video editing and post-production information, Campbell.
  34. VideoZip, Audio/video compression/encoding services, Venice.
  35. Viewsonic, Monitors and uninterruptible power systems, Walnut.
  36. VIFX Visual Effects, Motion control, video effects, Los Angeles.
  37. Vigra, Computer video, audio, and graphics products, San Diego.
  38. Viman Software, Software licensing issues and products, Santa Cruz.
  39. Vine Technology, Hardware and software engineering consulting, Cupertino.
  40. Vintage Computer Festival, Annual event celebrating computer heritage, Pleasanton.
  41. Virage, Image software, San Mateo.
  42. Virtual Entertainment, Virtual Reality game for the PC, San Diego.
  43. Virtual Integration Technologies, Information systems, Cupertino.
  44. Virtual Virtuoso, Music software, La Honda.
  45. Virtuoso Media Group, Computer graphics investment opportunity, Lakeside.
  46. VisiCom Laboratories, Video, graphics, audio, NTDS, and system integration, San Diego.
  47. Visigenic Software, ODBC software support, San Mateo.
  48. Vision Software, Client/server application automation tools, Oakland.
  49. Vision Solutions, AS/400 software, Irvine.
  50. Visionshape, Image scanners, Orange.
  51. VisionTech Networks, Computer sales, web design, Laguna Beach.
  52. Visual Consulting, Software development consulting, Burlingame.
  53. Visual Systems, CygNet software, San Luis Obispo.
  54. VisualFX, Web sites, print media & multimedia design, San Diego.
  55. Vitesse Semiconductor, Integrated circuits, Camarillo.
  56. Vividata, Unix imaging software, Berkeley.
  57. Vividus, Animation and presentation software, Palo Alto.
  58. VL Laboratories, Telecommunication test equipment, Lotus.
  59. VLSI Technology, Integrated circuits, San Jose.
  60. VMware, Virtual machine software, Palo Alto.
  61. Voiceboard, Telecommunications systems, Oxnard.
  62. Volksmedia, Interface design, graphic design, animation, etc., San Francisco.
  63. VolumeBuy, Computer systems, Tarzana.
  64. Vortex Technology, Software services, Los Angeles.
  65. Voysys, Voice and computer telephony systems, Fremont.
  66. VPN Labs, Index research, reviews, discussion of Virtual Private Networks, San Francisco.
  67. VR Standard, Virtual reality software and hardware, La Palma.
  68. VROOM, IT consulting and staffing services, Agoura Hills.

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