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  1. I.Consulting, Internet/Intranet application development, Mountain View.
  2. i2i Interactive, Graphics and web site design, Campbell.
  3. iBEAM Broadcasting, Satellite multicast, multimedia, Sunnyvale.
  4. Ibis Communications, Broadcasts over the Internet, Monte Sereno.
  5. ICAST, IP Multicast products, Los Gatos.
  6. Icestorm Productions and Networking Services, Internet presence provider, San Francisco.
  7. Iconceptual, Web site design, Santa Clara.
  8. idealab!, Internet business incubator, Pasadena.
  9. iDEALER Network, Web development for auto dealers, Costa Mesa.
  10. Idiom Consulting, Internet service provider, Oakland.
  11. Idyll Mountain, Web presence provider (WPP), design and other services, Fullerton.
  12. Idyllwild OnLine, Internet service provider, Idyllwild.
  13. Ignify Consulting, Software development, Web site design, consulting, Cerritos.
  14. Ignition, Web site design, San Francisco.
  15. Image Net, Web design and graphic layout services, Santa Barbara.
  16. Image Online Design, Web presense provider, San Luis Obispo.
  17. Imageway Digital Media, Web development, hosting, and graphic design, Riverside.
  18. Imageworks Computing, Internet service provider, Sacramento.
  19. Imagination Unlimited, Web services with design, graphics, & programming, Benicia.
  20. Imagination Web Design, Web presence provider, Victorville.
  21. Imagine-NET Internet Services, Web presence provider, Santa Ana.
  22. ImaginOn, Web search application software, San Carlos.
  23. IMAP Partners, High-performance email service for technical users, Sunnyvale.
  24. Impact Consulting, Web site design, software, database, Sausalito.
  25. IMV Internet, Web development and hosting, Dev-Com, San Jose.
  26. iNetsis, Web presence provider, ecommerce, San Francisco.
  27. Infinite Resource, Web site and applications development, San Rafael.
  28. InfoDial, Web presence provider , Malibu.
  29. InfoLane, Web presence provider, Fremont.
  30. Infomanage International, Web presence provider, Monterey.
  31. Infonet, Web publishing, Pismo Beach.
  32. Infonet Services, Internet service provider, El Segundo.
  33. infoPage Group, Web presence provider, Cupertino.
  34. InfoPages, Web resources, Irvine.
  35. InfoPoint, Web presense provider, Santa Cruz.
  36. InfoPost, Web advertising, San Diego.
  37. InfoResearch Group, Internet marketing, San Diego.
  38. Information Access Technologies, Internet services and Mac software, Berkeley.
  39. Information Design Web Publishing Services, Web presence provider, La Jolla.
  40. Information Dynamics, Web eXpress(TM) Web storefront order processing system, Saratoga.
  41. Information Indexing, CD-ROM and web information products, Garden Grove.
  42. Inforum Communications, Internet service provider, Placerville.
  43. InfoSeek, Electronic information searching technology, Santa Clara.
  44. InfoStreet, Internet service provider (ISP) and consulting, Sherman Oaks.
  45. Infotech International, Web presence provider, Los Angeles.
  46. InfoTreasure, Web presence provider, San Jose.
  47. Inkblot Studio, Graphic design, web development, multimedia, Sacramento.
  48. Inland Internet, Internet service provider, Sun City.
  49. Inner Visions Web Design, Web presence provider, Valley Center.
  50. InnerCite, Web presence provider, El Dorado Hills.
  51. InnerLogic, Web presence provider, Carlsbad.
  52. Innetix, Internet service provider, San Jose.
  53. Innovation Group, Santa Rosa.
  54. Innovative Concepts, Web site design, Northridge.
  55. Innovative Dimensions, Internet service provider.
  56. INOW, Internet access, web hosting, e-commerce, Redwood City.
  57. InReach Internet Communications, Internet service provider, Stockton.
  58. InstaChecks Payment System, Internet payment systems, Oceanside.
  59. InstaNet, Internet service provider, Chatsworth.
  60. Institute for Global Communications, Internet service provider, San Francisco.
  61. Integral Results, Database and Internet consulting, San Francisco.
  62. Intelenet Communications, Internet service provider, consulting, Irvine.
  63. Intelligent Information Innovations, Web advertising, Pasadena.
  64. InterActive Agency (IAA), Public relations, online marketing, CD-ROM/Web developer representation, Los Angeles.
  65. Interactive Hyper Net USA, Internet service provider (ISP) with advertising based services, San Jose.
  66. Interad Network, Web presence provider, San Jose.
  67. Interfacers, Web presence provider, San Marcos.
  68. Intermedia, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  69. InternationalNET, Web presence provider, San Diego.
  70. Internet Advertising Center, Monarch Beach.
  71. Internet Alfredo, Internet access lounge, San Francisco.
  72. Internet and Beyond, Web presence provider, Santa Ana.
  73. Internet & Web Services, Web presence provider, San Diego.
  74. Internet Broadcasting Corporation Network, Web presence provider, Los Angeles.
  75. Internet Business Network (IBN), tools and resources for Web marketing, Mill Valley.
  76. Internet Business Systems, Internet advertising, Mountain View.
  77. Internet Cafe, Internet advertising, Santa Barbara.
  78. Internet CLIQ Services, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  79. Internet Communications, Web presence provider, Los Angeles.
  80. Internet Computer Index, Santa Cruz.
  81. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Marina del Rey.
  82. Internet Debuts, Website announcement & press release service, Benicia.
  83. Internet Design Group, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  84. Internet Discounters, Internet mall, San Jose.
  85. Internet Distribution Services, Catalogs and product information, Palo Alto.
  86. Internet Effective, Website design, San Diego.
  87. Internet Factory, The, Electronic commerce/online mall software, Pleasanton.
  88. Internet Fax Server, Berkeley.
  89. Internet Frontier, Internet service provider, Walnut Creek.
  90. Internet Futures, Web site design, Web presence, computer and network consulting, Tracy.
  91. Internet Information Systems, Web presence provider, Fremont.
  92. Internet International, Web presence provider, Los Angeles.
  93. Internet Literacy Consultants, Internet seminars and consulting, San Francisco.
  94. Internet Mail Consortium, Santa Cruz.
  95. Internet Marketing Association, Clayton.
  96. Internet Marketing Consultants, Irvine.
  97. Internet Marketing Services, Internet service provider, Vista.
  98. Internet Media Services, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  99. Internet Media Services (IMS), Internet consulting, software, and services, Palo Alto.
  100. Internet Outfitters, Web presence provider, Santa Monica.
  101. Internet Presence and Publishing Services, Internet presence provider, San Jose.
  102. Internet Presence Providers, Internet service provider, San Jose.
  103. Internet Products, Web server and other software and hardware, San Diego.
  104. Internet Public Access, San Jose.
  105. Internet Resource Center, Beverly Hills.
  106. Internet Roundtable Society, Weekly, live interview show, Menlo Park.
  107. Internet Services Group, Internet service provider, Irvine.
  108. Internet Shopping Galleria, El Cajon.
  109. Internet Shopping Network, Menlo Park.
  110. Internet Software Consortium, Redwood City.
  111. Internet Solutions, Designs & Networks, Internet service provider (ISP), Fresno.
  112. Internet Systems (ISI), Internet access for business, education and government, Sunnyvale.
  113. Internet Telepresence, Web presence provider, Glendale.
  114. Internet Tool Zone, Web authoring and related software tools, Los Altos.
  115. Internet Unlimited, Internet service provider, Sacramento.
  116. Internet Valley, Web presence provider, Sacramento.
  117. Internet Video Services, Sunnyvale.
  118. Internet Web Pros, Website hosts, web design, and dedicated servers, Simi Valley.
  119. Internet World Wide Web Group, venture capital firm specializing in small Internet businesses, Los Angeles.
  120. Sacramento, Web presence provider, Orangevale.
  121. InterNex, ISDN / T1 Internet service provider, Menlo Park.
  122. InterNex Information Services, Internet service provider, Santa Clara.
  123. InterNEX Technologies, Internet telephone device, Santa Clara.
  124. InterNIC, General Internet information, San Diego.
  125. Interon, Web site design, Web presence, Irvine.
  126. Interserve Communications, Internet service provider, Palo Alto.
  127. Interspeed Network, Web presence provider, San Marcos.
  128. Intersť, Web server page development, Sunnyvale.
  129. Intertect, Web presence provider, Pacific Grove.
  130., Web design and networking solutions, San Lorenzo.
  131. Intertune, Web development and hosting, San Diego.
  132., Venice Beach.
  133. INTERVISION DESIGN, Web presence provider, Westlake Village.
  134. InterWorld Communications, Web presence provider, El Segundo.
  135. Interwoven, Distributed web site development software, Los Altos.
  136. InterX Technologies, Web presence provider, Napa.
  137. Intesolv Business Systems, Networks, Web site design, LAN/WAN, database, etc., Visalia.
  138. InTouch, Web presence provider, Santa Rosa.
  139. Intraware, Web-based software delivery/management service, Orinda.
  140. Intrix Systems Group, Internet commerce software, Sacramento.
  141. Inventa, Internet consulting, Santa Clara.
  142. Inverse Network Technology, Internet dial-up performance software, Santa Clara.
  143. IP Strategy, Internet design, San Diego.
  144. iPass, Internet service provider, Mountain View.
  145. IPH Internet, Internet mall, Irvine.
  146. Ironside Technologies, E-commerce software, Pleasanton.
  147. Irvine Interactive China, Internet service provider, Temecula.
  148. Irvine Quik Internet, Internet and web access provider, Irvine.
  149. IS Technologies, Web site design and programming, Anaheim.
  150. Ishtar Design, Web design, web development, graphic design, logos, Santee.
  151. Island Desktop, Secretarial, web presence provider, Coronado.
  152. Islands in the Stream, Web presence provider, Campbell.
  153. ISP Networks, Internet service provider, Santa Clara.
  154. Ives Creative, Web site design, Web audio, graphics, multimedia, Beverly Hills.
  155. iZoo, Web presence provider, Santa Monica.

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