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Cupertino Businesses:

  • Access Internet Communications, Internet service provider, Cupertino.
  • ACI, 4th Dimension (4D) relational database software, Cupertino.
  • Advanced Technical Strategy, Distributed systems and training, Cupertino.
  • AEC, Executive suites, Cupertino.
  • Ajaxo, Wireless technology, Cupertino.
  • AP Research, Market research and consulting, Cupertino.
  • Apple Computer, personal computers, Cupertino.
  • Architext Software, Database searching software, Cupertino.
  • Art Scott & Associates, Real Estate services, Cupertino.
  • AutoWeb Interactive, Automobile information, Cupertino.
  • Bay Area Footbag Foundation, Cupertino.
  • Be Your Own Brewmaster, Microbrewery, Cupertino.
  • Big Software, Sales and marketing software, Cupertino.
  • Boomtown City, Cupertino.
  • Catapult Entertainment, networked interactive entertainment (e.g. XBAND), Cupertino.
  • Christian Business Leaders, Cupertino.
  • CKS Group, Integrated marketing communications, Cupertino.
  • CKS|Group, integrated marketing communications, Cupertino.
  • Computer Engineering & Solutions, Data protection, duplication, and storage management, Cupertino.
  • ComStar, Multilingual online hardware, software catalog, Cupertino.
  • De Anza College, Cupertino.
  • Digital Tools, project management software for Unix, Cupertino.
  • Electric Communities, Global Communications Protocols (GCP) for computer resource sharing, Cupertino.
  • Elite Cellular, Cupertino.
  • Embedtec, Embedded systems and single board computers, Cupertino.
  • Extreme Networks, Ethernet products, Cupertino.
  • Gigabit Ethernet Alliance, Gigabit Ethernet industry forum, Cupertino.
  • GigaTest Labs, Semiconductor and electronics engineering services, Cupertino.
  • Goldstake Enterprises, Mineral and vitamin supplements, Cupertino.
  • Guru Technologies, semiconductor and design automation consulting, Cupertino.
  • Homestead High School, Cupertino.
  • Hybrid Networks, Internet service provider, Cupertino.
  • infoPage Group, Web presence provider, Cupertino.
  • Ingenius, Speed reading courses, Cupertino.
  • Lanwave Components, Wireless spread spectrum ICs, Cupertino.
  • Merlin Media, Multi-media design, Cupertino.
  • Monta Vista High School, Cupertino.
  • NetManage, TCP/IP applications, Cupertino.
  • NetManage, TCP/IP applications, Cupertino.
  • Oak Ridge Public Relations, Cupertino.
  • Object Technology Licensing, Object-oriented software technology, Cupertino.
  • Octree, Graphical real-time visualization and analysis, Cupertino.
  • Pluris, IP/optical central office core switches, routers, Cupertino.
  • PointCast, Internet news and information services, Cupertino.
  • Portal Information Network, Internet service provider, Cupertino.
  • PostX, Electronic mail enhancement software, Cupertino.
  • Quality System Solutios, Staffing, consulting, software engineering, Cupertino.
  • Rational Software, Tools for component-based software development and testing, Cupertino.
  • Regent Pacific Management, Turnaround management and financial advisory firm, Cupertino.
  • RTZ Software, Conferencing software, Cupertino.
  • SAT-SAGEM (usa), ISDN solutions for the Mac and PC, Cupertino.
  • Second Foundation, Software services, Cupertino.
  • Simply Interactive Internet Technologies, Internet tools, Cupertino.
  • Snelling Personnel Services, Employment agency, Cupertino.
  • Software Development Technologies, Software test and evaluation consulting, Cupertino.
  • SuperSite, Semiconductor processing information, Cupertino.
  • Support Democracy in China, Cupertino.
  • Symantec, Software, Cupertino.
  • Taligent, Object oriented software, Cupertino.
  • Tandem Computers, Cupertino.
  • The Royal Touch Massage School, Cupertino.
  • Tiger Jet Network, ISDN modems, Cupertino.
  • TRUSTe, Internet privacy initiative, Cupertino.
  • Vine Technology, Hardware and software engineering consulting, Cupertino.
  • Virtual Integration Technologies, Information systems, Cupertino.
  • Web Professionals, Web publishing, Cupertino.
  • Wyse Securities, Discount brokerage, Cupertino.
  • Xmedia, Web presence provider, Cupertino.

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