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Clubhouse Bistro, Night Club, Santa Clara.
Dance the night away or party with your friends at Clubhouse Bistro, a Foster City / San Mateo area night club and sports bar offering entertainment, dancing, dining, and sporting events.

  • 3Com, Networking products, Santa Clara.
  • A&S Company, Metal detectors, Santa Clara.
  • Acclaim Communications, LAN/WAN switching/routing, Santa Clara.
  • Acme Software, FAQ software, Santa Clara.
  • ACS Innovations, Computer components, Santa Clara.
  • Active Software, Enterprise message brokering, browser, database, application, Santa Clara.
  • Acucomm, Networking equipment, Santa Clara.
  • Affymetrix, DNA sequence-matching technology, Santa Clara.
  • Aimnet, Internet service provider, Santa Clara.
  • Analog Writing Service, ISO 9000 Support, Santa Clara.
  • Applied Materials, Semiconductor wafer processing systems and services, Santa Clara.
  • Arthurs Restaurant, Santa Clara.
  • ASIC Semiconductor International, Semiconductors, Santa Clara.
  • Astound, Animation authoring software for PC and Macintosh, Santa Clara.
  • Aurum Software, Sales force and customer support software, Santa Clara.
  • Auspex Systems, Data servers and network services, Santa Clara.
  • Axil Computer, Sparc based computers, Santa Clara.
  • Bay Area Sportswear, Embroidery and screen printing, Santa Clara.
  • Bay Networks, Ethernet and token ring products, Santa Clara.
  • BigBiz Internet Services, Web presence provider / Web hosting, Santa Clara.
  • Bird Foundation, Promoting U.S. - Israel development, Santa Clara.
  • BusLogic, Disks and disk arrays, Santa Clara.
  • CADmazing Solutions, ASIC EDA IC CAD strategies and methodologies, Santa Clara.
  • Cadmazing Solutions, IC CAD systems and IC design, Santa Clara.
  • California Association of Residential Care Homes, Santa Clara.
    California City information:
  • City of Santa Clara, Santa Clara.
  • Capitol Color, Photography and digital imaging, Santa Clara.
  • Century Microelectronics, Memory products, Santa Clara.
  • Claris, Software, Santa Clara.
  • Classifieds2000, Automotive advertisements, Santa Clara.
  • Clubhouse Bistro, Night Club, Santa Clara.
  • Community Leaders At Service of Society, Community Service Organization, Santa Clara.
  • Computer Access Technology (CATC), device connectivity, Santa Clara.
  • Computer Modules, Integrator in computer imaging, networking, and digital video, Santa Clara.
  • Computer Modules, PC communication cards, Santa Clara.
  • Computer Modules, Recordable media, Santa Clara.
  • Consumer Mortgage Information Network, Santa Clara.
  • Corporate Systems Center, Hard drives and CD duplicators, Santa Clara.
  • Covad Communications, Local exchange carrier, Santa Clara.
  • Database Excelleration Systems (DES), Database accelerators, Santa Clara.
  • Days Inn Santa Clara, Hotel, Santa Clara.
  • Design Solutions, 3D solid modeling software sales and support, Santa Clara.
  • DetectionNet, Treasure hunting equipment, Santa Clara.
  •, Internet telephone service, Santa Clara.
  • Digital Express, Web presence provider, Santa Clara.
  • DSP Group, Signal processing hardware/software, Santa Clara.
  • Edify, Web and telephony software, Santa Clara.
  • Edimax Computer, Ethernet hubs, switches, repeaters, etc., Santa Clara.
  • Exodus Communications, Web presence provider, Santa Clara.
  • FastLan Solutions, Ethernet products, Santa Clara.
  • FileMaker, Database software, Santa Clara.
  • Fujitsu Systems Business of America, CAD products, Santa Clara.
  • Fusion Staffing Services, Information technology & environmental staffing, Santa Clara.
  • Global Financial Network, Cash and asset management services, Santa Clara.
  • Goodwill of Santa Clara County, Santa Clara.
  • Gravitas Consulting, Web site design, graphics, user interface, Santa Clara.
  • High Level Design Systems, IC design automation, Santa Clara.
  • High Technology Careers Magazine, Santa Clara.
  • Hitachi Data Systems, Mainframe computers, Santa Clara.
  • Human Rights Congress for Bangladeshi Minorities, Santa Clara.
  • iCompression, Audio/video compression technology, Santa Clara.
  • Iconceptual, Web site design, Santa Clara.
  • Information Specialists, Database development, Santa Clara.
  • InfoSeek, Electronic information searching technology, Santa Clara.
  • Infoserv Connections, E-mail and netnews, Santa Clara.
  • InfoWave Communications, Bilingual Chinese/ English information, Santa Clara.
  • Initio, SCSI host adapters, Santa Clara.
  • Institute for Information Storage Technology, Santa Clara.
  • Integrated Device Technology (IDT), CMOS integrated circuits, Santa Clara.
  • Integrated Systems, Embedded software development, Santa Clara.
  • Intel, Personal computer chips, systems, Santa Clara.
  • Interlace Design Online Portfolio, Graphic design, Santa Clara.
  • InterNex Information Services, Internet service provider, Santa Clara.
  • InterNEX Technologies, Internet telephone device, Santa Clara.
  • Inventa, Internet consulting, Santa Clara.
  • Inverse Network Technology, Internet dial-up performance software, Santa Clara.
  • ISP Networks, Internet service provider, Santa Clara.
  • Kingsway Productions, Custom videos, Santa Clara.
  • Logos, Automated translation tools, Santa Clara.
  • Luxtron, Temperature sensors, Santa Clara.
  • Maxygen., Biotechnology, Santa Clara.
  • McAfee Associates, Virus protection and network security management tools, Santa Clara.
  • MemoryX, Computer memory, Santa Clara.
  • MentorGirls, Resources for IT mentors, Santa Clara.
  • Mercury Interactive, Automated Software Quality tools, Santa Clara.
  • Micro Base Technologies, Computer systems, Santa Clara.
  • Micromatics, Computer memory, Santa Clara.
  • Microtec Research, Software development tools, Santa Clara.
  • My Service Corp., Advice on the law, taxes, health, investments, insurance, etc., Santa Clara.
  • National Semiconductor, Integrated circuits, Santa Clara.
  • NeoMagic, Semiconductor manufacturing, Santa Clara.
  • NetGate Communications, Web presence provider, Santa Clara.
  • Netgear, Networking components, Santa Clara.
  • NetiQ, Application management software, Santa Clara.
  • Omura Consulting Group, Human resources consulting, Santa Clara.
  • OnStream, Integrated broadband (nxT1, T3, SONET and ATM), Santa Clara.
  • Optimum Industrial Computers, Industrial computers, Santa Clara.
  • Opus Systems, Workstation cards for PCs, Santa Clara.
  • Phoenix Productions, Visual communications, Santa Clara.
  • Phoenix Technologies, System firmware and application software, Santa Clara.
  • Pictra, Internet image software and services, Santa Clara.
  • Ping Network Labs, Networking equipment reseller, Santa Clara.
  • Plextor, CD-ROM drives and technology, Santa Clara.
  • Precision PCB Services, PCB design, fabrication, and assembly, Santa Clara.
  • Riverstone Networks, Carrier class, metropolitan area Ethernet routers, Santa Clara.
  • Ronin Wireless, Wireless communications technology, Santa Clara.
  • RVIN Development, Point of sale hardware and software, Santa Clara.
  • Santa Clara Chorale, Santa Clara.
  • Santa Clara Vanguard, Drum and bugle corps, Santa Clara.
  • Shark Multimedia, Modems, sound cards, video conferencing and related software, Santa Clara.
  • Siemens Business Communication Systems, global communication solutions, Santa Clara.
  • Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association, Santa Clara.
  • SineNet, Chinese information, Santa Clara.
  • SMS Group, Computer memory, Santa Clara.
  • Snap-Back Enterprises, Boating and docking accessories, Santa Clara.
  • Society of Women Engineers, Santa Clara.
  • Sonic Computers, Computers and peripherals, Santa Clara.
  • Springer-Verlag Publishers, Electronic Library of Science, Santa Clara.
  • Stanford Software, Fax software, Santa Clara.
  • Surfaway Internet Services, Internet serice provider, Santa Clara.
  • Synergy Semiconductor, Mixed-signal integrated circuits, Santa Clara.
  • Taren Systems, Web site development, Web presence, Web advertising, Santa Clara.
  • Team Strategies, Telemarketing, Santa Clara.
  • Terayon, Data/video communication, Santa Clara.
  • Ternion Academy of Martial Arts, Santa Clara.
  • Total Solutions Consulting, Network integration, design, security, database, etc., Santa Clara.
  • Trace-Net, Network consulting, Santa Clara.
  • Trancell Systems, Small office Internet access devices, Santa Clara.
  • Trans-Air, Packing and shipping products, Santa Clara.
  • Transmeta, Mobile computing processors, Santa Clara.
  • Twin Industries, Prototype boards, Santa Clara.
  • UniForum, Open system professional association, Santa Clara.
  • USWeb, Web site design, Santa Clara.
  • Vantive, Customer information systems, Santa Clara.
  • Vedams, Software development and IT-enabled services, Santa Clara.
  • VitalSigns Software, Network performance analysis software, Santa Clara.
  • WebMaster, Chat server, Santa Clara.
  • WebSonic, Communication terminals, IP telephones, network computers, etc., Santa Clara.
  • Wintronix, Video conferencing software, Santa Clara.
  • WinVision, Technical consulting, Santa Clara.
  • Wits' End Antiques, Art glass, porcelain, and other antiques, Santa Clara.
  • Workforce America, Technology training, Santa Clara.
  • Xpand, Web advertising, Santa Clara.
  • ZeitNet, ATM adapter cards and software, Santa Clara.

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