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Santa Cruz Businesses:

  • Advertising Law, Legal information, Santa Cruz.
  • Arachnoid Writer's Alliance, Self-published writers, Santa Cruz.
  • Armada Group, The, Hardware, software consulting and engineering placement, Santa Cruz.
  • Armory, The, Dialin Internet Service Provider, Santa Cruz.
  • California Certified Organic Farmers, CCOF inspects and certifies CA organic businesses, Santa Cruz.
    California City information:
  • City of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz.
  • City of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz.
  • City of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz.
  • City of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz.
  • City of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz.
  • Calvary Episcopal Church, Santa Cruz.
  • CaveBear, Internet WWW, network analysis, and distributed computing, Santa Cruz.
  • CrossWind Technologies, Scheduling and calandering software, Santa Cruz.
  • Crosswise, Document conferencing software for PCs and Macs, Santa Cruz.
  • Cruzio, Internet service provider, Santa Cruz.
  • CyberSpeaker, Keynotes, workshops and seminars, Santa Cruz.
  • CyberTees, Custom t-shirts, Santa Cruz.
  • DASCOM, Enterprise networking security software, Santa Cruz.
  • EarthSave International, Plant-based diet, Santa Cruz.
  • East West Clinic, Herbology school, Santa Cruz.
  • Edna Design, ASIC design services, Santa Cruz.
  • Educational Activities, Fundraising coupon booklets, Santa Cruz.
  • Educational Activities Foundation, Fundraising for schools, Santa Cruz.
  • Electric Village, Music magazines, Santa Cruz.
  • Enternet Communications, Skateboarding, Santa Cruz.
  • Geek Houses, Santa Cruz.
  • Gelber and Associates, Computer training and consulting, Santa Cruz.
  • Graphics Depot, Screen savers, fractal movies, textures, 3-d images, etc., Santa Cruz.
  • InfoPoint, Web presense provider, Santa Cruz.
  • International Consulting, Software and hardware overseas marketing, Santa Cruz.
  • Internet Computer Index, Santa Cruz.
  • Internet Mail Consortium, Santa Cruz.
  • Internet Underground Music Archive, Santa Cruz.
  • InterWorking Labs, Interoperability support, Santa Cruz.
  • Island Group, Psychedelic culture information, Santa Cruz.
  • Jim Phillips, Rock posters, Santa Cruz.
  • Learning in Motion, Software for K-12 education, Santa Cruz.
  • Matsushita Studios, Santa Cruz.
  • Mind Media, Personal improvement software, Santa Cruz.
  • Nano Design Solutions, Web site design, domain registration, Santa Cruz.
  • Netcenter, Interactive yellow pages, Santa Cruz.
  • New Horizons School, Homeless children's program, Santa Cruz.
  • OffLine Records, Santa Cruz.
  • Omega Communications, Music archive, networked Star Trek game, Santa Cruz.
  • Pacific Coast Photo Supply, Photosensitive paper, Santa Cruz.
  • Pacific Research Technology, Buying service for electronic components, Santa Cruz.
  • Pasatiempo Golf Course, Santa Cruz.
  • Patent Drawing Design Unlimited, Patent information, Santa Cruz.
  • Peripheral Solutions, Computer peripherals, Santa Cruz.
  • Plantronics, Telephone products, Santa Cruz.
  • Pleasure Point, Web services, Santa Cruz.
  • Project Purr, Cat rescue organization, Santa Cruz.
  • Proper Publishing, Mac, PC, and Unix documents, Santa Cruz.
  • Radar Digital Systems, Video, radar and environment wide area monitoring, Santa Cruz.
  • S and S Developers, Tennis court construction and maintenance, Santa Cruz.
  • S&S Computer Consulting, Santa Cruz.
  • Santa Cruz Community Internet, Internet service provider, Santa Cruz.
  • Santa Cruz Jujitsu Academy, Santa Cruz.
  • Santa Cruz Operation, UNIX operating systems, Santa Cruz.
  • Santa Cruz Surf Shop, Santa Cruz.
  • Santa Cruz Technology Alliance, Santa Cruz.
  •, Resource for students, Santa Cruz.
  • Scruz-Net, Internet service provider, Santa Cruz.
  • Second Nature Designs, Floral designs, Santa Cruz.
  • SenseMedia Surfer, Web presence provider, Santa Cruz.
  • Shoreline Surf Shop, Santa Cruz.
  • SlugWeb, Santa Cruz.
  • Starfish Software, Products to help people get organized, Santa Cruz.
  •, Web services, Santa Cruz.
  • Superchecks, Fundraising consulting, Santa Cruz.
  • Sylvan Music, Acoustic string instruments, Santa Cruz.
  • TechMedia, Directory of European computer publications, Santa Cruz.
  • TGV, DEC networking software, Santa Cruz.
  • Tool User Comics, On-Line comic book publisher, Santa Cruz.
  • Training On Video, Computer courses, Santa Cruz.
    University of California information:
  • Santa Cruz Campus, Santa Cruz.
  • Valuetel, Long-distance telephone service, Santa Cruz.
  • Viman Software, Software licensing issues and products, Santa Cruz.
  • Web Communications, Web presence provider, Santa Cruz.
  • Working Software, Santa Cruz.

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