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802.11n Enterprise Wireless LAN Access Points, Sunnyvale.
Aerohive's 802.11n enterprise wireless LAN access points are an innovative class of wireless infrastructure equipment with cooperative control technology that provides the benefits of a controller-based wireless LAN solution, without requiring a controller or an overlay network.

Maple Tree Inn, Hotel, Sunnyvale.
The Maple Tree Inn offers peaceful surroundings and superior service for business travel or family vacations. Bring along your 4-legged friends, since we feature pet-friendly accommodations.

Pacific Timesheet
Web-based timesheet and time tracking software for Payroll and Project

BMI Imaging Systems
BMI can address nearly any document conversion project you have, including paper document imaging and microfilm conversion.

  • A-Link Network Services, Internet service provider, Sunnyvale.
  • Abekas Video Systems, Video image processing and storage products, Sunnyvale.
  • Accrue Software, Web analysis software, Sunnyvale.
  • Actel, Logic design products, Sunnyvale.
  • Adaptive Media, Streaming video and 3D software, Sunnyvale.
  • Advanced Micro Devices, Integrated circuits for computing and communications, Sunnyvale.
  • Advanced Technical Resources, Temporary and contract employment service, Sunnyvale.
  • Aerohive Networks, 802.11n Enterprise Wireless LAN Access Points, Sunnyvale.
  • Alta Group, Wireless communications, multi-media, and networking, Sunnyvale.
  • Amdahl, Mainframe computers, Sunnyvale.
  • American Digicom, Motherboards, Sunnyvale.
  • Applied Signal Technology, digital communication systems (wired, cable and wireless), Sunnyvale.
  • Arasmith Engineering, Internet service provider and software consulting, Sunnyvale.
  • Arbor Software, Internet application tools, Sunnyvale.
  • Arkenstone, Information access for people with disabilities, Sunnyvale.
  • Avcom Systems, Workstation reseller for Web, CAD, EDA, and networking, Sunnyvale.
  • Avnisoft, Software services, Sunnyvale.
  • B&C Microsystems, Testing and programming equipment for electronics/semiconductor industry, Sunnyvale.
  • BEA Systems, Middleware software, Sunnyvale.
  • BMI Imaging Systems, Imaging, Sunnyvale.
  • Bright Microelectronics, Flash memory, Sunnyvale.
  • California Airhockey Tournaments Organization, Sunnyvale.
  • California Amateur Vhf Enthusiasts, Amateur radio club, Sunnyvale.
  • California Flower Art Academy, Floral design school, Sunnyvale.
  • California Highway Conditions, Sunnyvale.
  • California- Academy, Class decoupage/shadow box arts, Sunnyvale.
  • Casto Travel, Travel agency, Sunnyvale.
  • Child Relief & You, Sunnyvale.
  • Chromatic, Microprocessor research and development (e.g. multimedia, DSP, MPACT), Sunnyvale.
  • Cogswell Polytechnical College, Sunnyvale.
  • Colfax International, Custom computer systems, Sunnyvale.
  • Combinet, networking over ISDN, Sunnyvale.
  • Comit Systems, Engineering and software development, Sunnyvale.
  • CommTouch Software, Email software, Sunnyvale.
  • Computer Curriculum, Educational software and services, Sunnyvale.
  • Computer Literacy, Computer information resources (e.g. books), Sunnyvale.
  • Computer Plus, Technology provider for education, Sunnyvale.
  • Coptech West, Software duplication and packaging, Sunnyvale.
  • Cornish & Carey, Real estate broker, Sunnyvale.
  • Corporate Inn Sunnyvale, Hotel, Sunnyvale.
  • Cygnus Solutions, Open-source software tools, GNU, Linux, Sunnyvale.
  • Cylink, Network security technologies, Sunnyvale.
  • DESIGNet, Network cable systems, Sunnyvale.
  • Digital Industry News, High-tech news database, Sunnyvale.
  • Digital Link, Wide area networks, Sunnyvale.
  • Elliott Laboratories, Electromagnetic engineering, consulting, testing and certification, Sunnyvale.
  • EnterpriseSoft, Java programming, Sunnyvale.
  • Falco Data Products, Video display terminals and communications software, Sunnyvale.
  • FINEPENS, Sunnyvale.
  • Formtek, Total Information Management (TIM) systems, Sunnyvale.
  • FreeGate, Internet communication technology, Sunnyvale.
  • Full Circle Software, Software product development, Sunnyvale.
  • GammaLink, PC-to-fax hardware and software products, Sunnyvale.
  • General Magic, Integrated computer, telephony, Internet, Sunnyvale.
  • GigaLabs, Ethernet switches, Sunnyvale.
  • Global Publishing Group, Web presence provider, Sunnyvale.
  • Global Village Communication, Communications products, Internet service provider, Sunnyvale.
  • GlobalVillage Communication, PC communication products, Sunnyvale.
  • Golden Retrievers in Cyberspace, Sunnyvale.
  • Groundbreaking Productions, Web presence provider, Sunnyvale.
  • Han's Nature Life Yoga Institute, Sunnyvale.
  • Harmonic, Fiber optic, digital video compression, data delivery, Sunnyvale.
  • Hit Return, Examination software, Sunnyvale.
  • Home Biz BBS, Information for home-based entrepreneurs, Sunnyvale.
  • HomeLine, Real estate listings, Sunnyvale.
  • iBEAM Broadcasting, Satellite multicast, multimedia, Sunnyvale.
  • IMAP Partners, High-performance email service for technical users, Sunnyvale.
  • Inmartech, Computer components, Sunnyvale.
  • Integral Yoga, Sunnyvale.
  • International Network Services, Network engineering, monitoring, and consulting, Sunnyvale.
  • Internet Systems (ISI), Internet access for business, education and government, Sunnyvale.
  • Internet Video Services, Sunnyvale.
  • Intersť, Web server page development, Sunnyvale.
  • Jump-Start Marketing, Storefront, Sunnyvale.
  • Junior Achievement, Sunnyvale.
  • Juniper Networks, Computer networking equipment, Sunnyvale.
  • KudoNet, Internet service provider, Sunnyvale.
  • LinguaTec, English Language and business culture training, Sunnyvale.
  • Lockheed Missiles & Space Company, Aerospace and defense, Sunnyvale.
  • Lumina Office Products, Sunnyvale.
  • Mainsoft, Windows environments for Unix, Sunnyvale.
  • Maple Tree Inn, Hotel, Sunnyvale.
  • Marathon International, Sun OEM and reseller, Sunnyvale.
  • MemTech Technology, Flash drives, Sunnyvale.
  • Mid-Peninsula Alano Club, Alcoholism and addiction information, Sunnyvale.
  • MiLAN Technology, Network products, Sunnyvale.
  • MindWorks, Document image management software, Sunnyvale.
  • Minicomputer Exchange, Buys, sells, rents & repairs workstations, Sunnyvale.
  • MMC Networks, Chip sets, Sunnyvale.
  • Multimedia and Internet Training Newsletter, Professional information and paper publication information, Sunnyvale.
  • Navio Communications, Internet communications for consumer electronics, Sunnyvale.
  • Net Images, Internet service provider, Sunnyvale.
  • NeTpower, Workstations, servers, and NT software, Sunnyvale.
  • Netsurfer Communications, Specialty E-Zines and online spaces, Sunnyvale.
  • Network TeleSystems, Networking software, Sunnyvale.
  • Nichols Research, Marketing research, teleconferencing, Sunnyvale.
  • Oak Technology, Semiconductors and related software, Sunnyvale.
  • OCZ Technology, Performance memory, Sunnyvale.
  • Olivetti Advanced Technology Center, Multi-cpu servers, Sunnyvale.
  • Orion Instruments, Embedded-systems development tools, Sunnyvale.
  • Pacific Tech, Web presence provider, Sunnyvale.
  • Pacific Timesheet, Payroll Software, Sunnyvale.
  • ParaGraph International, Handwriting recognition, compression, and font technology, Sunnyvale.
  • ParcPlace-Digitalk, Object-oriented products, Sunnyvale.
  • PH Communications, Web presence provider, Sunnyvale.
  • Pharmacyclics, Pharamceutical products, Sunnyvale.
  • PhoeniX Software Solutions, X Servers, PC and Mac network software, Sunnyvale.
  • PLEXUS, Document Imaging and Workflow Software, Sunnyvale.
  • Power Integrations, Analog integrated circuits, Sunnyvale.
  • Prime Time Freeware, Open source software, Sunnyvale.
  • ProQuest, Technical recruiters and staffing consultants, Sunnyvale.
  • Proximus, Web map technology, Sunnyvale.
  • Pure Software, Software productivity tools, Sunnyvale.
  • Q-Image, Software consulting, Sunnyvale.
  • Radius, Multimedia tools, Sunnyvale.
  • RambleSurf Services, Web server, Sunnyvale.
  • Recognition International, Software products and services, Sunnyvale.
  • Repairsun, Repair of Sun MicroSystems products, Sunnyvale.
  • Resisting Defamation, Sunnyvale.
  • SanDisk, Flash memory data storage, Sunnyvale.
  • Santa Cruz Software, Business relocation software, Sunnyvale.
  • Saqqara Systems, Catalog authoring and publishing systems, Sunnyvale.
  • Selectosa Systems, Web development, offshore consulting, programming, Sunnyvale.
  • Siliconrax, Rackmount systems, Sunnyvale.
  • Sky Vision Kites, Stunt kites and festivals, Sunnyvale.
  • Somerset Secretarial Services, Sunnyvale.
  • Sonic Systems, Ethernet cards (NICs), Internet servers, IPX, AppleTalk, etc., Sunnyvale.
  • Sound Spectrum, Disc jockey and karaoke service, Sunnyvale.
  • Southern Peninsula Emergency Communications Service, Sunnyvale.
  • Speed Electronic, HDL design systems, Sunnyvale.
  • St. Francis Arms, Hotel, Sunnyvale.
  • St Martin School, Sunnyvale.
  • StarNet Communications, X-windows server for DOS or Windows, Sunnyvale.
  • Summerhill Homes, Home builder, Sunnyvale.
  • Syllabus Press, Educator magazine, Sunnyvale.
  • Synergism, Electrical contruction, Sunnyvale.
  • TAL (Tetherless Access Ltd.), wireless 64 Kbps TCP/IP networking to 30 km, Sunnyvale.
  • TechWeek, Technology newsmagazine, Sunnyvale.
  • Telebit, ISDN and modems, Sunnyvale.
  • Tim Malm Solutions, Macintosh installation and network services, consulting, Sunnyvale.
  • TiVo, TV recording system, Sunnyvale.
  • Tuxtops, Laptops, Sunnyvale.
  • Valco Graphics, Copyright information, Sunnyvale.
  • Valin Corporation, Fluid handling/process control products, Sunnyvale.
  • VB WEB, Volleyball information, Sunnyvale.
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 1663, Sunnyvale.
  • VirtualNet Consulting, Unix, Internet, and HTML Consulting Services, Sunnyvale.
  • VTEK Video Magnifiers, Microscopes, Sunnyvale.
  • VXtreme, Software for video over the Internet, Sunnyvale.
  • WeirdStuff Warehouse, New and used electronic and computer equipment, Sunnyvale.
  • Winnov, Internet videoconferencing tools, Sunnyvale.
  • WorldPort, Internet commerce services, Sunnyvale.
  • Zippo Dot Com, UseNet News, Sunnyvale.

    About Sunnyvale:

    Sunnyvale (population approx. 130,000) was incorporated in 1912 and is the 34th largest city in California. The metro area includes San Jose, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara has a population of about 1.7 million people. Sunnyvale is located 40 miles southeast of San Francisco, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. It is 4 miles from San Francisco Bay and 25 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

    Since 1971, the valley has been referred to as "Silicon Valley" due to the amount of high tech companies that reside here.

    Weather temperatures range from 57-79 degress Fahrenheit in July, while in January, the average temperature ranges from 40-58 degrees Fahrenheit.

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