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Kelley Car Title Loans, Car Title Loans, San Jose.
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  1. K-D Products, Portable swimming pools, San Clemente.
  2. K-Fone Interactive Systems, Voice mail and voice conference products, Calabasas.
  3. K-Swiss Outlet, Athletic footwear, Lancaster.
  4. Kabir ImpEx LLC, Trading, import and export, Tustin.
  5. Kaiser Permanente, Health maintenance organization, Pasadena.
  6. Kaleidospace Art Studio, Santa Monica.
  7. KALF, Radio station, Chico.
  8. Kane and Associatess, Home buying agent, San Jose.
  9. KANE GeoTech, Civil engineering firm, landslides, foundations, Stockton.
  10. Karate International, Martial arts training, Oakland.
  11. Karen's Tie Dye Store, Menlo Park.
  12. KAYO of California, Womens clothing, Los Angeles.
  13. KBIG FM, Radio station, Los Angeles.
  14. KBM Publishing, Employment information, Pasadena.
  15. Keiko Real Estate, Real estate listings, Fremont.
  16. Kellco Services, Lead paint services, Fremont.
  17. Keller Williams Realty, San Diego.
  18. Kelly Bike, Bicycle manufacturer, Oakland.
  19. Kellytoy, Beanbag toys, Los Angeles.
  20. Ken Crane's Laserdisc, Audio and video products, Westminster.
  21. KeNevA Enterprises, Water skiing, Los Banos.
  22. Kenneth J. Gerbino & Company, Investment information, Beverly Hills.
  23. Kern River Tours, Rafting trips, Lake Isabella.
  24. Kerry McCall ISDN Voice Talent, Recording studio, commercials/narration voiceovers, San Diego.
  25. Ketcham Realty Advisors, Newport Beach.
  26. Kevex Instruments, X-Ray spectrometers, Valencia.
  27. KEZY, Radio station, Anaheim.
  28. KGTV, Television station, San Diego.
  29. KHUE.COM, Stained glass supplies, Eureka.
  30. Kids Love Mail, Monthly sticker subscriptions, Westlake Village.
  31. KIIS-FM, Radio station, Los Angeles.
  32. Killingsworth Presentations, Corporate communications/production, Long Beach.
  33. Kinemetrics, Earthquake and motion detection equipment, Pasadena.
  34. Kinetic Arts!, Santa Monica.
  35. Kinetic Lighting, Lighting design and production for special events, Los Angeles.
  36. King Enterprises, DMV information, Rancho Cucamonga.
  37. King Roach, Belmont.
  38. Kingsway Productions, Custom videos, Santa Clara.
  39. Kiote Productions, Film, print, video shoot database, Sausalito.
  40. Kit-Cat Clocks, Fountain Valley.
  41. Kitchen Design Studio, West Hollywood.
  42. KKSF & KDFC Radio, San Francisco.
  43. Klamath Trading Company, Smoked salmon, Crescent City.
  44. KNBC-TV, Television station, Los Angeles.
  45. Knight Equipment International, Janitorial and industrial products, Costa Mesa.
  46. Knightly Games, Collectible card games, comic books, El Centro.
  47. Knowledge Now, Public record research, Tustin.
  48. Knowledge One, Cotati.
  49. KO Music, Malibu.
  50. Koelzer & Associates, Small business consulting, San Clemente.
  51. Koll-Dove, Asset disposition services, Foster City.
  52. Koochik Designs, Analog IC or board level design consulting, San Jose.
  53. Korean Red Ginseng, Health Products, Los Angeles.
  54. Korpi Marketing Services, Sales consulting, Dana Point.
  55. korteks, RFID tracking products and active devices, San Diego.
  56. Koslen Financial Group, Commodities trading services, Dana Point.
  57. KPIG, Radio station, Freedom.
  58. KPIX, Radio / TV station, San Francisco.
  59. KPSI, Radio station, Palm Springs.
  60. Kraus Medical Partners, HIV / AIDS health services, Los Angeles.
  61. Kreative Living Koncepts, Ancient healing information, Long Beach.
  62. Krost / Chapin Productions and Management, Seeking ideas for television movies, Los Angeles.
  63. KSCA-FM, Radio station, Los Angeles.
  64. Kula Enterprises, Machinist training information, Laguna Hills.
  65. KWINE, Radio station, Ukiah.
  66. KWOD, Radio station, Sacramento.
  67. Kyoto Gardens, Zen landscape CD, Yorba Linda.

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