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Vision Tech Camps, Computer Camps, Berkeley.
A Bay Area company offering summer computer camps and after-school activities, teaching students between the ages of 7-17 at Vision Tech centers and local schools throughout the Bay Area.

Comfort Inn, Hotel, Mountain View.
Located in the heart of Silicon Valley between San Francisco and San Jose, the Comfort Inn Mountain View invites business travelers and family vacationers to enjoy a special lodging experience that features spacious guestrooms and suites.

  • A Better Way, Foster care and adoption program, Berkeley.
  • Abacus Concepts, Statistical software, Berkeley.
  • ACME Laboratories, Software development and consulting, Berkeley.
  • Ad Swap, Web advertising, Berkeley.
  • Adax, WAN software & controller boards, Berkeley.
  • Addis, Branding, marketing, web site design, etc., Berkeley.
  • Adoption Visions, Adoption services., Berkeley.
  • Allen I. Holub & Associates, Programming classes, Berkeley.
  • Automatic Response Systems, Document destruction, papershredders, Berkeley.
  • Bay Area Transit Information, Berkeley.
  • Bazaar of India Imports, Herbal products, Berkeley.
  • Berkeley Access, Software for people with poor or no vision, Berkeley.
  • Berkeley Design Technology, Digital signal processing software/technology, Berkeley.
  • Berkeley Integration Group, Networking services, Berkeley.
  • Berkeley Internet Connections, Interactive multimedia documents and Web pages, Berkeley.
  • Berkeley Police Department, Berkeley.
  • Berkeley Public Library, Berkeley.
  • Berkeley Systems, PC Software, Berkeley.
  • Berkeley Voice Solutions, Voice recognition software, Berkeley.
  • Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay, Mountain bike advocacy, Berkeley.
  • Biological Research Network International, Bioscience job postings, calendars, catalogs, Berkeley.
  • Blossom Associates West, Web site design, graphics, Java programming, consulting, Berkeley.
  • Builders Booksite, Architecture and construction books, Berkeley.
  • City of Berkeley, Berkeley.
  • CAPRA Index, Advertising and marketing research, Berkeley.
  • Cecile Moochnek Gallery, Berkeley.
  • Center for Accessible Technology, Resources for people with disabilties, Berkeley.
  • Comfort Inn, Hotel, Mountain View.
  • Community ConneXion, Internet public access, Berkeley.
  • Computer Currents, Computing resources, Berkeley.
  • Computer Publishing Update, Computer books, publishers, book stores and authors, Berkeley.
  • Conari Press, Books, Berkeley.
  • Consensus Development, Computer security tools, Berkeley.
  • Contact Lens Center & Optical Boutique, Berkeley.
  • Corporate Scenes, Training courses and consulting, Berkeley.
  • Deluxe Digital Media, Web Design, CD/ROM, Digital agency, Berkeley.
  • Direct Network Access, Internet service provider, Berkeley.
  • DNAI, Internet service provider, Berkeley.
  • Easy Does It Emergency Services, Berkeley.
  • Epic Arts, Arts and education foundation, Berkeley.
  • ERI Better Homes and Gardens, Berkeley.
  • Eureka Cartography, Custom maps, clip art, etc., Berkeley.
  • Franz, Lisp development tools, Berkeley.
  • Gracenote, Music recognition, content delivery, database, Berkeley.
  • Hall of Health, Health-education museum, Berkeley.
  • Health & Wealth, Health products, Berkeley.
  • Holonet, Web presence provider, Berkeley.
  • Howard's Choice Gift Fruit, Dates, pistachios, & mangoes, Berkeley.
  • I-Vision Consultancy, Performance and productivity consulting, Berkeley.
  • Impact Theatre, Theatre company, Berkeley.
  • Information Access Technologies, Internet services and Mac software, Berkeley.
  • Internet Fax Server, Berkeley.
  • Julia Morgan Center for the Arts, Theater (plays, music), studios, classrooms, etc., Berkeley.
  • Lancia Cars, Berkeley.
  • LanMinds, Internet service provider, Berkeley.
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley.
  • Library Solutions Institute and Press, Internet books and seminars, Berkeley.
  • Linde Group, Out-sourced IT support for businesses, Berkeley.
  • Loansoft, Bank loan qualification software, Berkeley.
  • Mainsail Marketing Information, Electronic catalogues, Berkeley.
  • Mark Vinsel Gallery, Watercolor paintings, Berkeley.
  • Master-McNeil, Product and corporate naming services, Berkeley.
  • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley.
  • Memory USA, buys surplus computer memory, Berkeley.
  • Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative, Bibycle information, Berkeley.
  • Multimedia/Entertainment Industry Law & Business Information Center, Berkeley.
  • New Wales, E-mail retrieval, Web site design, Berkeley.
  • Next Adventure, African safaris, Berkeley.
  • NightFire Software, Telecommunications order management software, Berkeley.
  • Output Enablers, Mac accelerators, Berkeley.
  • Peachpit Press, Books, software, Berkeley.
  • Peak Property Management Software, Property management and accounting software, Berkeley.
  • PolyServe, Web server software, Berkeley.
  • Poniecki Foundation, Berkeley.
  • Project Technology, Object-oriented development technology, Berkeley.
  • Proper Publishing and Copy Center, Berkeley.
  • Proud Data Service, Data management and mapping services, Berkeley.
  • Public Health Institute, Breast cancer information, Berkeley.
  • RBI Software Systems, Software development, Berkeley.
  • Reach-A-Star Foundation, Enhancing childrens' education, Berkeley.
  • Responsive Software, Consultants software, Berkeley.
  • Ross Books, Berkeley.
  • San Javier Kayak, Sea kayaks, Berkeley.
  • Scoresheet Baseball, Baseball simulator, Berkeley.
  • Serkes Real Estate, Berkeley.
  • Sixth Patriarch Zen Center, Berkeley.
  • Sonos Handbell Ensemble, Advancing the art thru performance and education, Berkeley.
  • Spiritual Rights Foundation, Berkeley.
  • StarNine, Internet server software and e-mail gateways for Macintosh, Berkeley.
  • Start to Finish, Bicycle sales, repair, Berkeley.
  • Sterline Rose Press, Newspaper publisher, Berkeley.
  • Successful Marketing Strategists, Web marketing, Berkeley.
  • Team Karim, Speed skates, Berkeley.
  • Templebar Restaurant & Bar, Berkeley.
  • The Nautilus Institute, Global problem solvers, Berkeley.
  • The Professional Tree Care Company, Tree removal and maintenance, Berkeley.
  • THERGO fit USA, Ergonomic product, Berkeley.
  • Total Resolution, Electron microscopy & crystallography software, Berkeley.
  • Triple Brewing Company, Berkeley.
  • U. C. Computers, Hardware and software, Berkeley.
  • Ultra Technology, Minimal instruction set computers, Berkeley.
  • Berkeley Campus, Berkeley.
  • Vennerable Consulants, Software development, consulting, Berkeley.
  • Vision Tech Camps, Computer Camps, Berkeley.
  • Vividata, Unix imaging software, Berkeley.
  • WinterLAN, LAN/WAN network integration and Internet service provider (ISP), Berkeley.
  • Wow Cool, Comic Books and punk zines, Berkeley.
  • Xinet, Mac Appleshare on Unix, Berkeley.
  • Zocalo, Berkeley.

    About Berkeley:

    Berkeley is located on the east shore of San Francisco Bay in Northern California. Berkeley is home to the University of California. The city is one of the most liberal in the nation. Berkeley is famous for being the birthplace of the Free Speech movement.

    Berkeley has dry summers and wet winters with temperatures ranging from 43-56F in the winter and 55-71F in the summer. The population is just over 100k.

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