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  1. Back Door Computer Services, Internet service provider, San Francisco.
  2. Backweb, Internet push technology, San Jose.
  3. Baker Web Design, Web presence provider, Wildomar.
  4. Bakersfield Web Design, Bakersfield.
  5. Bakersfield Web Hosting, Bakersfield.
  6. Bananatree, Web site design, Web presence, promotion, ISP, Oregon House.
  7. Bandwidth Media, Web site design, advertising, marketing, training, etc., Lakeport.
  8. Bang Networks, Real time Web information delivery, San Francisco.
  9. BARRNet, Stanford.
  10. Basecamp Partners, Web advertising, Sacramento.
  11. Bay Area Internet Solutions (BAIS), Internet service provider, San Jose.
  12. Bay Area Trader, Free classifieds, Benicia.
  13. Bay Junction Technology, Web presence provider, San Jose.
  14. BayNet World, Internet publisher, Palo Alto.
  15., Internet fax service, Danville.
  16. Bear Information Systems, Web site design, contract programming, Fremont.
  17. Berkeley Internet Connections, Interactive multimedia documents and Web pages, Berkeley.
  18. Best Internet Communications, Internet service provider, Mountain View.
  19. Beverly Hills Internet, Web advertising, Beverly Hills.
  20. Beverly Hills Software, Internet consulting and service provider, Beverly Hills.
  21. Beyond Solutions, Online auction software, Buena Park.
  22. Bien Logic, Web presence provider, La Jolla.
  23. Big Trees Technology, Environmental monitoring network, Mountain View.
  24. BigBiz Internet Services, Web presence provider / Web hosting, Santa Clara.
  25. Birdsall Interactive, Web development and graphic design, Oakland.
  26. Black Knight Internet Design, Web page design, marketing, graphic design, scanning, Los Angeles.
  27. Blossom Associates West, Web site design, graphics, Java programming, consulting, Berkeley.
  28. Blue Fog Design, Graphic design, Burlingame.
  29. Blue Ribbon Foundation, Freedom of speech information, Beverly Hills.
  30. BONZI Software, Voice E-Mail for Netscape, Eudora, AOL, & WinCIM, Paso Robles.
  31. Boomerang Information Services, Fax & e-mail broadcasting service bureau , Palo Alto.
  32. BopLive, Software to link TV video to the Internet, San Francisco.
  33. Bourse, Internet advertising, Los Angeles.
  34. Boxtop Interactive, Web site development, Los Angeles.
  35. BPE, Web presence provider, Ross.
  36. Brainstorm Networks, Internet service provider, Mountain View.
  37. Brave New Worlds, Web site design, Java and other interactive development, Pasadena.
  38. Bristol Web Design, Montrose.
  39. BrownBag and Spike, Web presence provider, Venice Beach.
  40. BRS Webcasters Directory, Index of radio stations broadcasting on the Web, San Francisco.
  41. BTR Communications Company, Public access Unix, Mountain View.
  42. Business Access Technologies, Web presence provider, Anaheim.
  43. Business Opportunity Network, Web presence provider, Long Beach.
  44. Business Web Designs, E-commerce solutions, San Diego.
  45. BusinessWorld, Internet advertising, Westlake Village.
  46., Web presence provider, Malibu.
  47. BWP Designs, Web site design, graphics, Web site promotion, Hanford.

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