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Siege Media, Content Marketing, Long Beach.
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  1. S3 Web Design, Web site design, logo design, database programming, La Jolla.
  2. Sac Web, Web presence provider, Sacramento.
  3. Sacramento Exchange, Internet service provider, Sacramento.
  4. Sacramento Network Access, Internet service provider, Sacramento.
  5. SacTech Web Services, Web presence provider, Sacramento.
  6. SafeMail, Internet service provider, Morgan Hill.
  7. SaltonP-Seas, Internet service provider, Salton City.
  8. San Diego I.C.E., E-Business, E-Commerce, E-Learning solutions, San Diego.
  9. San Diego Internet Connect, San Diego.
  10. San Diego Internet Services, Internet design & marketing, El Cajon.
  11. San Diego Software and Internet Council, San Diego.
  12. Sandpiper Networks, Distribution software/services, Westlake Village.
  13. Santa Cruz Community Internet, Internet service provider, Santa Cruz.
  14. Sara Waters Graphic Design, Web design, corporate identity, print design, Martinez.
  15. Savetz Publishing, Internet newsletter, Blue Lake.
  16. Scotts Net, Windows and Internet information, Oxnard.
  17. Scruz-Net, Internet service provider, Santa Cruz.
  18. SCVNET, Internet service provider, Valencia.
  19. Select HyperMedia, Web presence provider, San Diego.
  20. Selectosa Systems, Web development, offshore consulting, programming, Sunnyvale.
  21. Sendmail, Electronic mail software, Emeryville.
  22. SenseMedia Surfer, Web presence provider, Santa Cruz.
  23. Sequoia Printing, Printing, graphics, Web site design, Visalia.
  24. Shalema's Trusted Affiliate Programs, Toluca Lake.
  25. Sharp Graphic Design, Web design, etc., Vista.
  26. SharpSource, Web site design, Web presence, San Diego.
  27. Shear Technologies, Search engine optimization, e-commerce and network consultation, La Mesa.
  28. Shelby Group, Internet software, Oakland.
  29. Shinging Star Solutions, Web site design, Los Angeles.
  30. Shockwave Engineering, Tools, seminars, and consulting for ISPs, Menlo Park.
  31. ShofCorp, Web presence provider, Lake Forest.
  32. Sholink, Web presence provider, Mountain View.
  33. Shrezzi Design Group, Web site design, San Ramon.
  34. Siebel Systems, eBusiness application and service software, San Mateo.
  35. Siege Media, Content Marketing, Long Beach.
  36. Silicon Beach Communications, Web presence provider, Santa Barbara.
  37. Silicon Networking, Internet service provider, Van Nuys.
  38. Silicon Reef, Web multimedia, electronic publishing, and on-line design, San Francisco.
  39. Silicon Valley Public Access Link, Internet service provider, Mountain View.
  40. Silk Designs, Web site design, Los Angeles.
  41. Simpata, HR, benefits and payroll services, Alameda.
  42. Simplenet, Web presence provider, La Jolla.
  43. Simply Interactive Internet Technologies, Internet tools, Cupertino.
  44. Sipe Electronic Publishing, Web presence provider, Anaheim.
  45. Sirius Connections, San Francisco.
  46. Skramstad Website Promotion, Internet advertising service, Long Beach.
  47. Skunk Works Multimedia, Web presence provider, Los Angeles.
  48. SLIK Designs, Web presence provider, Pasadena.
  49. Slipnet, Internet service provider, San Francisco.
  50. SLONET, Web presence provider, San Luis Obispo.
  51., Web presence provider, Irvine.
  52. SmartLink Communications, Internet service provider, Castaic.
  53. SMP Data Systems, Web design, e-comm, database, software, San Rafael.
  54. Snap Technologies, Web presence provider, San Francisco.
  55. SoftAware, Dedicated frame-relay connections, Los Angeles.
  56. Softelligence, Web presence provider, Anaheim.
  57. SoftKnot, Web-based software solutions provider, Fremont.
  58. Softlink, Internet e-mail software, San Francisco.
  59. Software Design Group, Internet consulting and programming, Cypress.
  60. Softwiz Software, Internet software, Web presence, Woodland Hills.
  61. SOLO Web Hosting, Web presence provider, San Diego.
  62. Songline Studios, Web technical publishing, Sebastopol.
  63. Sonnet Networking, Internet service provider, Sonora.
  64. Sonoma Interconnect, Internet service provider, Santa Rosa.
  65. South Mountain Online, Internet service provider, Port Hueneme.
  66. South Pacific Solutions, Network integration, security, consulting, etc., Fresno.
  67. South Valley Internet, Internet service provider, San Martin.
  68. Southwest Internet Services, Web presence provider, Internet service provider, Covina.
  69. Speedlane, Internet performance software, Palo Alto.
  70. Sphere Information Services, The, Internet marketing for small-medium businesses, San Jose.
  71. Spiderweb, Web presence provider, Sebastopol.
  72. Spinnet, Web presence provider, San Diego.
  73. Spinning Planet, Web presence provider, Fortuna.
  74. Spot Communications, Web presence provider, Pasadena.
  75. SpotMagic, Animation software, San Francisco.
  76. SQLTech, WEB/Database integration, Vallejo.
  77. Standard Interface Systems, Web presence provider, Simi Valley.
  78. Starfish Software, Internet software utilities, Scotts Valley.
  79. StarNet Information Systems, Web presence provider, networks, Corona.
  80. StarNet Universe, Web presence provider, Los Angeles.
  81. Starrstuff, Web site design, programming, engineering, Valley Center.
  82. Stellar Design, Web site design, promotion, Cloverdale.
  83. Step Inside Technology, Web services and wireless development, Hayward.
  84. Stimulus Design, Web site design and hosting, Temecula.
  85. Stoneworks, Web design, programming and hosting for Sun and Macintosh, Costa Mesa.
  86. Strada Internet Services, Web presence provider, San Francisco.
  87. Street Systems, Database programming and web development, Gilroy.
  88. Studio 21, Web presence provider, San Diego.
  89. Studio Studio, Art objects, web presence provider, San Francisco.
  90. studio VISIA, Web site design, Irvine.
  91. Studio54, Marketing and design, Valley Center.
  92. Subconscious Solutions, Web presence provider, Vacaville.
  93. Successful Marketing Strategists, Web marketing, Berkeley.
  94., Web services, Santa Cruz.
  95. Summit Publishing, Web presence provider, Torrance.
  96. Sunnyside Computing, Web server software, Palo Alto.
  97. Sunset Technologies Web Services, Web presence provider, San Francisco.
  98. SuperBusiness NET, San Jose.
  99. Supernews, Web presence provider, San Jose.
  100. SuperStrings Design, Web design, Foster City.
  101. SureNet, Internet service provider, Los Angeles.
  102. Surfaway Internet Services, Internet serice provider, Santa Clara.
  103. SurfCity Networks, Web presence provider, DSL, frame relay services, Huntington Beach.
  104. SurfWatch Software, Access-limiting software, Los Altos.
  105. Sutter Yuba Internet Exchange, Internet service provider, Yuba City.
  106. Suture Self, Net-related clothing and trinkets, San Francisco.
  107. Synchronix Software, Network acceleration software, Larkspur.
  108. Synergi Interactive Technologies, Web presence provider, Westlake Village.
  109. Synergy Promotions, Search engine placement, Escondido.
  110. Systems Software Technology (SST), Internet communications test tools, Canoga Park.

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