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  1. C & C Web Design, Web presence provider, Brentwood.
  2. C-Group-Link Network Services, Internet services, development, and training, San Diego.
  3. C2Net Software, Stronghold Web server and Internet encryption software, Oakland.
  4. C3 Online, Internet service provider, Meadow Vista.
  5. CAD Technologies, Web presence, banner design, Web promotion, custom programming, Irvine.
  6. CaeSoft Development, Internet service provider, Tracy.
  7. CALCONNEX, Internet service provider, Bakersfield.
  8. California Prime Line, Web presence provider, Redlands.
  9. California Software, Internet related software, Corona del Mar.
  10. CalPortal Consulting, Web design, computer repairs, network support, Sacramento.
  11. CalTech International Telecom, Voice over IP, wireless telephony services, San Ramon.
  12. CalWeb Internet Services, Internet service provider, Sacramento.
  13. Calypso Communications and Internet, Web presence provider, Stockton.
  14. Calypso Online Services, Internet service provider, San Clemente.
  15. Cambria Corporation, Custom software development and web design, Palo Alto.
  16. Camcom Network, Web presence provider, Woodland.
  17. Camrondeen, Web, media design, Rocklin.
  18. Capitola Works, Web presence provider, Fair Oaks.
  19. Caprica Telecomputing Resources, Internet service provider, Monterey Park.
  20. Cardiff Giant, Web presence provider, San Carlos.
  21. Carefree Computing Services, Web presence provider, San Rafael.
  22. Carmel Internet, Internet service provider, Carmel.
  23. Carotec Information Services, Web presence provider, Oakland.
  24. Castles Information Network, Internet service provider, Fairfield.
  25. CaveBear, Internet WWW, network analysis, and distributed computing, Santa Cruz.
  26. CCI Internet, Internet service provider, Fullerton.
  27. CCnet Communications, Internet service provider, Walnut Creek.
  28. CCtrap Network Services, Internet service provider, Brentwood.
  29. CDavis Enterprises, Web hosting and domain registration, Templeton.
  30. CDClark Web Development, Web presence provider, Santa Rosa.
  31. Celebrate Our Lives Wedding Websites, Personal wedding web site design, Irvine.
  32. Central House Technologies, Internet and messaging software, Plymouth.
  33. Central Office, The, Postal mail receipt, scanning and e-mail forwarding, Santa Rosa.
  34. Centura Software, Web/database technologies, Menlo Park.
  35. Century Link, Affordable Home Internet in California.
  36. CERFnet, Internet service provider, San Diego.
  37. Certicom, Encryption for wireless, Hayward.
  38. Cheap ADZ, Web presence provider, Clovis.
  39. Chico Web Works, Web presence provider, Chico.
  40. Circuit Path Network Systems, WAN networking, Los Angeles.
  41. Citizen 1, Content delivery software (MacroScopeTM) for the Internet, San Francisco.
  42. CityCenter, Web presence provider, Pasadena.
  43. CKS Group, Integrated marketing communications, Cupertino.
  44. Clarent, Telephone calls over the Internet, Redwood City.
  45. Clarity Software, Software for sending Faxes over the Internet, Mountain View.
  46., Web presence provider, Los Altos.
  47. Clear Ink, Internet service provider, Walnut Creek.
  48. Click.Net, Internet service provider, San Mateo.
  49., Web timesheet, San Francisco.
  50. Client Server Computing, Online banking applications, San Jose.
  51. Cloverleaf, Internet service provider, Lakewood.
  52. CM Consulting, Web presence provider, Torrance.
  53. CM SEO, Search Engine Optimization & Consulting, Torrance.
  54. Coactive Networks, Gateways for network / applicance connect, Sausalito.
  55. Coastal Web Online, Internet service provider, Sacramento.
  56. Coastek InfoSys, Secure networking for electronic commerce, Scotts Valley.
  57. Cogent Software, Web presence provider, Pasadena.
  58. Cognigen Communications, Web presence provider, Port Hueneme.
  59. Collaborative Marketing, Marketing for Internet companies, Los Altos.
  60. Collage Communications, Internet service provider, Palo Alto.
  61. Collins Computer Innovations, Web presence provider, Twentynine Palms.
  62. ColloHouse, Web presence provider, San Francisco.
  63. Comentum, Web site design, web presence, colocation, e-commerce, San Diego.
  64. Comlink, Network support, Roseville.
  65. CommerceNet, Secure commerce over Internet, Palo Alto.
  66. CommerceWAVE, Electronic commerce software, consulting, Carlsbad.
  67. CommPro, internet marketing and presence provider, Tustin.
  68. Community ConneXion, Internet public access, Berkeley.
  69. Community Solutions, Web site design, training, database integration, electronic commerce, etc., San Francisco.
  70. Community Wide Web of Stockton (CWWS), Internet service provider (ISP), Web presence, Stockton.
  71. Compasasionate PC on the Web, Internet service provider, Petaluma.
  72. CompuAll Internet Services, Internet service provider, Fountain Valley.
  73. CompuCo, Web site design and support, consulting, Fremont.
  74. CompuOne Network, Web presence provider, Los Angeles.
  75. Computer Depot, Web presence provider, Jackson.
  76. Computer Network Integrators, Web presence provider, San Diego.
  77. Computer Repair Etc..., Computer systems, repair, Web site design, graphics, etc., Antioch.
  78. Computer Telephony, Web magazine, San Francisco.
  79. Computer Variations, Internet service provider, San Diego.
  80., Website design, hosting, graphics, Brea.
  81. CompuWeb, Web presence provider, Beverly Hills.
  82. ComQuest Communications, Web presence provider, Torrance.
  83. COMSYS Technical Services, Web authoring software, Sacramento.
  84. Comtrack's Web Hosting & Design Services, Costa Mesa.
  85. Concieo, Web presnece provider, business cards, database development, Sacramento.
  86. CONNECTIONS 2000, Ezine, Yuba City.
  87. Connectstar, Internet service provider, El Dorado Hills.
  88. Contact Data Systems, Web promotion, Escondido.
  89. Contemporary Communications Apps (CCA), Broadcast FAX, Internet service provider (ISP), North Hollywood.
  90. Cool Web Design, Wen presence provider, Santa Monica.
  91. Coolware, Palo Alto.
  92. Copyright Website, Web copyright information, Mountain View.
  93. Costa Pacific Technologies, Web presence provider, Benicia.
  94. CounterSign Software, Secure ecommerce software, Pleasanton.
  95. Covad Communications, Local exchange carrier, Santa Clara.
  96. cPlicensing, cPanel software licensing, Dana Point.
  97. Crafts Fair Online, Web presence provider, Los Angeles.
  98. Creative Internet Solutions, Web presence provider, San Luis Obispo.
  99. Creative Science Systems, Web site design, multimedia, consulting, training, San Jose.
  100. Creative.Net, Internet service provider, San Francisco.
  101. Critical Mass Communications, Web presence provider, Costa Mesa.
  102. Critical Mass Communicatons, Internet presence provider, Costa Mesa.
  103. Critical Path, Internet messaging, San Francisco.
  104. CRL, Internet service provider (ISP), San Francisco.
  105. Cruzio, Internet service provider, Santa Cruz.
  106. CTS Network Services, Internet service provider, San Diego.
  107. Cuesta Technologies, Education software, Menlo Park.
  108. CY Worldtalk, Internet telephony service, Walnut Creek.
  109. Cyber Spaces, Web presence provider, San Jose.
  110. Cyber-dex, Web presence provider, Westlake Village.
  111. Cyber-Signs, Web advertising, San Diego.
  112. Cyber-Spy, Software for Internet investigations, Studio City.
  113. CyberBiz Productions, Web publisher, San Francisco.
  114. CyberCanvas, Web presence provider, Napa.
  115. Cybercruzer Networks, Web presence provider, Irvine.
  116. Cyberg8t Internet Services, Internet service provider, Claremont.
  117. Cybergate Information Services, Internet service provider, Fresno.
  118. Cybergen, Web presence provider, Ventura.
  119. Cybergold, Pays people to shop on the Internet, Oakland.
  120. Cyberink Web Services, Web presence provider, Whittier.
  121. Cyberpurchasing, Internet marketing, Woodland Hills.
  122. CyberSpace Advertising, Internet advertising, San Francisco.
  123. CyberStrategies, Internet marketing and commerce, Upland.
  124. CyberWorks, Internet marketing, Pasadena.
  125. Cyberworld Consultants, Web presence provider, San Francisco.
  126. Cytex, Web presence provider, Orange.

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