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  1. N2 Networking, Internet Service Provider, San Diego.
  2. NADmedia, Directory and design/hosting services, Atascadero.
  3. Nano Design Solutions, Web site design, domain registration, Santa Cruz.
  4. NanoSpace, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  5. Narrative Communications, Multimedia advertising tools, Los Altos.
  6. NarrowCast Media, Banner advertising, Los Angeles.
  7. National Laboratory for Applied Network Research, Network research, La Jolla.
  8. Natrificial, Bookmark software, Santa Monica.
  9. Navigator Internet Marketing Services, Web site design, promotion, maintenance, Fremont.
  10. Navio Communications, Internet communications for consumer electronics, Sunnyvale.
  11. Nayzak Communications, Web presence provider, Anaheim.
  12. NCE, Web presence provider, Marysville.
  13. Neal & Associates, Web site design, programming, consulting, Cameron Park.
  14. Needle North, Application re-engineering and optimization, Newport Beach.
  15. Neko Media, Web site Development and eCommerce applications, Walnut Creek.
  16. NEP 1, Multipurpose media site, San Jose.
  17. Neptune Consulting Group, Internet service provider, Irvine.
  18. Nesbitt Software, Anti-piracy shareware development software, San Diego.
  19. Net 101, Internet training, Sunland.
  20. Net Asset, Internet service provider, Fresno.
  21. Net Data Systems, Web publishing, Monrovia.
  22. Net Discount, Web advertising, Los Angeles.
  23. Net Images, Internet service provider, Sunnyvale.
  24. Net Mechanics, Internet, Novell & Windows solutions, San Diego.
  25. Net Sales, LLC, Internet consulting services, San Diego.
  26. Net+Effects, Internet server software and services, San Jose.
  27. Net-Galleria, Internet advertising, Westlake Village.
  28. Net-Link, Internet service provider, Redondo Beach.
  29., Internet service provider, Rohnert Park.
  30. Netad1, Web presence provider, San Diego.
  31. NetAdvantage, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  32. NetAuthor, Web presence provider, Anaheim.
  33. NetBox, Email services, Palo Alto.
  34. Netcenter, Interactive yellow pages, Santa Cruz.
  35. NetCity, Electronic commerce, Laguna Hills.
  36. NetCoast Communications, Internet service provider, Burbank.
  37. Netcom, Internet service provider, San Jose.
  38. NetConsult Communications, Internet commerce software, Burlingame.
  39. Netdex, Internet service provider, Santa Rosa.
  40. NetEx Online Services, Web presence provider, Modesto.
  41. NetGate Communications, Web presence provider, Santa Clara.
  42. Netgear, Networking components, Santa Clara.
  43. NetGram, Electronic mail (e-mail) to postal mail gateway services, San Diego.
  44. NetGravity, Web advertising support software, San Mateo.
  45. NetHere, Internet service provider, San Diego.
  46. NetHome, Web presence provider, San Carlos.
  47. Netiva Software, Web database software, multi-user intranet JAVA access, Campbell.
  48. NetLink Data-Communications, Web site and software development, Sacramento.
  49. NetLOCK, Network security products, Fullerton.
  50. Netlogics, Web presence provider, Padadena.
  51. NetLYNX, Internet service provider, San Jose.
  52. NetManage, TCP/IP applications, Cupertino.
  53. NetMind Media, Web presence provider, Palo Alto.
  54. NetObjects, Web site authoring software, Redwood City.
  55. Netopia, Web presence provider, Alameda.
  56. NetPartners, Software publishing and Internet consulting, San Diego.
  57. NETPBX, Internet telephone calls, Agoura Hills.
  58. Netport Internet Access, Internet service provider, Palmdale.
  59. NetRatings, Web audience measurement, Milpitas.
  60. NetRep, Web presence provider, Livermore.
  61. NeTrue Communications, Voice and Fax Over Internet/Intranet, billing and revenue sharing, Fullerton.
  62. Netscape Communications, Web browser, Mountain View.
  63. Netsites Unlimited, Web presence provider, El Camino Village.
  64. NetSolutionz, Web hosting, Bakersfield.
  65. NetStyle, Web presence provider, Hermosa Beach.
  66. NetSurf, Web advertising, Milpitas.
  67. Netsurfer Communications, Specialty E-Zines and online spaces, Sunnyvale.
  68. NetUSA, Web presence provider, Mountain View.
  69. Netvidia Communications, Engineering, network design, San Jose.
  70. NETView Communications Associates, WWW services for small business, San Jose.
  71. Netvoyage, Internet service provider, Culver City.
  72. Network Commerce (NCI), Network bandwidth resale, security, Web site engineering, etc., Marina del Rey.
  73. Network Data Center Host, Web hosting, dedicated servers, co-location, etc., Dana Point.
  74. Network Intensive, Internet services, Irvine.
  75. Network Support Center (NSC), Internet service provider (ISP), services, training, Newport Beach.
  76. Network Tools, Network management, design, modeling, and Internet tools, San Jose.
  77. Network Wizards, Internet access and statistics, Menlo Park.
  78. Networking, Internet service provider, Santa Barbara.
  79. Neuroscape Communication Resources, Wireless Internet access, web presence provider, Arcata.
  80. New Breed Software (NBS), Atari 8-bit, Unix and World Wide Web software, Rohnert Park.
  81. New Genre Productions, 3D animation, web consulting and educational software, San Carlos.
  82. New Image Architects, Multimedia design, imaging, and Web design, Mountain View.
  83. New Wales, E-mail retrieval, Web site design, Berkeley.
  84. NewFront Communications, Website design and interactive marketing services, San Francisco.
  85. Newport Internet Services, Web presence provider (WPP) and site development, Newport Beach.
  86. NewportWeb, Internet service provider, Newport Beach.
  87. NewView, Internet software, Redwood City.
  88. Nextron Communications, Web site design, graphics, electronic commerce software, San Jose.
  89. NIA, Technology management consultants, Oakland.
  90. nice job Media, concept, design and execution of WWW projects, Los Angeles.
  91. NightFlight, Web presence provider, Vista.
  92. Noble Group, Web presence provider, San Francisco.
  93. Norcov Research, Internet service provider, El Cerrito.
  94. Nordex Enterprises, Web services, Lawndale.
  95. North Bay Network, San Rafael.
  96. Northcoast Internet, Internet service provider, Eureka.
  97. Nothing, MacIntosh and Internet consulting, Los Angeles.
  98. NovuWeb, Internet/web-technologies, Manhattan Beach.
  99. NSNet, Internet service provider, Sacramento.
  100. Nuclear Digital, Consulting, Web site design, network integration, etc., Portola Hills.
  101. Numenet, Internet service provider, consulting, programming, San Rafael.
  102. Nuvonix, Internet advertising, San Diego.

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