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  1. D. Y. Enterprises, Web presence provider, Vacaville.
  2. D.FILM Digital Film Festival, San Francisco.
  3. D.S.U., Internet service provider, Buena Park.
  4. d2m Interactive, Custom high-tech Web site design and development, San Jose.
  5. Da Web Works Web Hosting, Web presence provider , San Diego.
  6. DAG Online, Web presence provider, Beverly Hills.
  7. Dallas Ink, Internet publishing, graphic design and computer typesetting, San Carlos.
  8. Damiano Consulting, Internet marketing and web services, Bakersfield.
  9. Dan Keller Technical Services, Internet and Unix services and training, San Francisco.
  10. DarkForest, Online strategy game, Upland.
  11. Data Consultants, Web site development, Fresno.
  12. Data Design Professional Web Design Services, Santa Barbara.
  13. Data Systems Technologies, Web presence provider, Laguna Hills.
  14. DataIntel, Credit application software and other internet services, Concord.
  15. DataSlammers, Web presence provider, Culver City.
  16. DataStream TeleMedia, Internet service provider, Pasadena.
  17. DataTamers, Internet service provider, Redwood City.
  18. Dave's Web Dynamics, Web presence provider, Upland.
  19. Davis Computing Solutions, Network integrations, web presence provider, Fremont.
  20. DC MicroSystems, Internet service provider (ISP), Antioch.
  21. DDC Support systems, Network integration, Web site design, consulting, Los Angeles.
  22. Delta PC, Web site design and Web presence, Novato.
  23. DeltaNet, Internet service provider, Anaheim.
  24. Deltyme, Web, Webcams, I-advertising, networking, San Diego.
  25. Deluxe Digital Media, Web Design, CD/ROM, Digital agency, Berkeley.
  26. design BrainByte, Web site design, multimedia focus, Walnut Creek.
  27. Design Matters, Web presence provider, San Carlos.
  28. Design-Worxs, Web site design, Petaluma.
  29. DesignGeeks, Web presence provider, Hermosa Beach.
  30. DesignSphere Online, Web presence provider, Pasadena.
  31., Web presence provider, Irvine.
  32. Developers Corner, Web presence provider, Elk Grove.
  33. DG Publishing, Web site promotion, Garden Grove.
  34. DGE Solutions, Electronic commerce information, Pleasanton.
  35. Diamond Lane, The (TDL), Internet service provider, Hayward.
  36., Web presence provider, Sacramento.
  37. Digital Age Communications, Web presence provider, Claremont.
  38. Digital Data Express, Internet training, software, connectivity, San Jose.
  39. Digital Daze, Web presence provider, Huntington Beach.
  40. Digital Express, Web presence provider, Santa Clara.
  41. Digital Fountain, Multicast reduced bandwidth for Internet multimedia, San Francisco.
  42. Digital Pathways, Internet security products, Mountain View.
  43. Digital Point Solutions, Business software, San Diego.
  44. Digital Solutions, Desktop and network support, Web site development, Irvine.
  45. Digital Treasures, Web site design, etc., La Jolla.
  46. DigitalAire, Web presence provider, San Francisco.
  47. DigitalStyle, Web design software, San Diego.
  48. Digitaria Interactive, Web design, web development, internet marketing, San Diego.
  49. Digitek, Web graphics and design studio, Valencia.
  50. Digiware Interactive Multimedia, Internet design, Petaluma.
  51. Direct Connect, Web presence provider, Shingle Springs.
  52. Direct Network Access, Internet service provider, Berkeley.
  53. DirectNet, Internet service provider, Los Angeles.
  54. Distributed Systems Technology, Web index, Palo Alto.
  55. DistriVision Development, Electronic catalog software and internet services, Concord.
  56. DKS Interactive Media, Web presence provider, Westlake Village.
  57. DNAI, Internet service provider, Berkeley.
  58. Dobbs Enterprises, Web presence provider, Suisun City.
  59. DoctorWebsite, Web site optimization, San Diego.
  60. Dolphin Marketing International, Internet marketing, Newport Beach.
  61. Dolphin MultiMedia, Graphics, Web site design, etc., Palo Alto.
  62. Drake's Web Publishing, Web presence provider, Santa Rosa.
  63. Dreamhost, Web presence provider, Claremont.
  64. Durand Communications Network, Web presence provider, Santa Barbara.
  65. Dynamic Concepts, Software development tools, Internet services, Aliso Viejo.
  66. Dynamic Force 2000, Web presence provider, Covina.
  67. Dynamite Digital Designs, Media design service, Jamestown.
  68. Dynaptics, Real-time adaptive recommendation software, San Jose.
  69. Dynatek Infoworld, Web presence provider, Rosemead.

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