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  1. General Magic, Integrated computer, telephony, Internet, Sunnyvale.
  2. GenerX, Network development, database, programming, consulting, Calabasas.
  3. Geo-Internet, Web presence provider, Modesto.
  4. GeoCities, Web presence provider, Beverly Hills.
  5. GeoNet, Web presence and ISDN provider, Palo Alto.
  6. Geoworks, Wireless ecommerce information services, Alameda.
  7. Get Hosted Cheaper, Web presence, design, telecom, ISP, Marysville.
  8. Get Wired Internet Services, Web presence provider, Sacramento.
  9. GfX VisionGate, Web presence provider, Valencia.
  10. Glen Cove Computing, Web site design, Web presence, Vallejo.
  11. GLG Consulting, Internet consulting, Palo Alto.
  12. Global Communication Systems, Cabling, network integration, consulting, Web site design, etc., Danville.
  13. Global Crossing, Telecommunication provider, fiber, WAN, etc., Beverly Hills.
  14. Global Directory Services, Web presence provider, Campbell.
  15. Global Exposure Network, Internet media (e.g. Web development) publishing, Monrovia.
  16. Global InfoNet, Internet service provider (ISP), Oakland.
  17. Global Networking and Computing, High-end networks and Web server co-location, San Mateo.
  18. Global Publishing Group, Web presence provider, Sunnyvale.
  19. Global Sight, Language localization, Web site globalization, San Jose.
  20. Global Union Square (GUS), Web presence provider, Pasadena.
  21. Global Village Communication, Communications products, Internet service provider, Sunnyvale.
  22. Globalink Access, Web presence provider, Orange.
  23. GMSNet, Web presence provider, Torrance.
  24. GOAFTER.COM, E-Commerce promotions, San Carlos.
  25. Gold Country Internet Services, Internet service provider, Jackson.
  26. Gold Crow Solutions, Web site design, graphics, promotion/marketing, presence, Carlsbad.
  27. Golden Gate Web Design, San Rafael.
  28. Golden State Online Services, Internet service provider, Sacramento.
  29. GoldenAge Ministries, Christian Web site hosting and designs, Fairfield.
  30. Goldrush World Access, Internet service provider, Angels Camp.
  31. Goodhelp Web Strategies, Search engine optimizer, Lompoc.
  32. Gorgeous George Graphics, Web site design, San Diego.
  33. GotSanDiego.Net, Internet service provider, San Diego.
  34. GRAFX Design Group, Web presence provider, San Diego.
  35. Grant and Associates Web Services, Web presence provider, Burbank.
  36. Grapevine Networking, Internet consulting, Dana Point.
  37. Graphicwise, Design services, Irvine.
  38. Gre Investment, Web site design, Web presence, software, Plymouth.
  39. Great Cities, Internet service provider, Santa Ana.
  40. Great Connections, Internet consultants, San Carlos.
  41. Green Flash Systems, Web presence provider, San Diego.
  42. Greenway Web Company, Web site design, marketing and promotion, Fort Bragg.
  43. Groundbreaking Productions, Web presence provider, Sunnyvale.
  44. GSD Software Development, Web presence provider, San Mateo.
  45. Gunny Ragg, Internet presence provider, Bakersfield.

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