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  1. Baarns Publishing, Microsoft Office information, Mission Hills.
  2. Back Bay Software, Unix administration & services, Newport Beach.
  3. Baker Software, Sacramento.
  4. BAM Computer Solutions, Point of sale software, Walnut.
  5. B&C Microsystems, Testing and programming equipment for electronics/semiconductor industry, Sunnyvale.
  6. Banjara Systems, Software development and consulting services, San Jose.
  7. Banner Software, Test case generation software, Sacramento.
  8. Barcode International Systems, Data collection systems and point-of-sale products, Riverside.
  9. Baseline Software, Computer security publishing, Sausalito.
  10. Basic Electronics, Flexible circuit cards, Garden Grove.
  11. Bason Computer, Computer hardware, storage, hard/tape drives, disk arrays, etc., Chatsworth.
  12. Bay Area Cisco User Group, Emeryville.
  13. Bay Area Computerman, PC sales, repair, leasing, on-site service, San Jose.
  14. Bay Area Home Networking, Network integration, DSL setup, file/print sharing, etc., San Jose.
  15. Bay Networks, Ethernet and token ring products, Santa Clara.
  16. BayStone Software, Customer interaction software, Saratoga.
  17. Bayview Technology Group, Power controllers for PCs and Macs, San Carlos.
  18. BDC Software, Custom software development, database design, business software, Aliso Viejo.
  19. Be, Operating system, Menlo Park.
  20. BEA Systems, Middleware software, Sunnyvale.
  21. Bear River Associates, Software consulting, Oakland.
  22. Bear Rock Technologies, Bar code software & hardware, Shingle Springs.
  23. Beatnik, Audio tools for digital media, San Mateo.
  24. Beckemeyer Development, Engineering and networking services, computer products, Oakland.
  25. Beckman Software Engineering, Network and communications consulting, Ventura.
  26. BeeHive Technologies, Mac products, Pasadena.
  27. Belkin Components, Computer cables and accessories, Compton.
  28. Bell Microproducts, Semiconductor and computer products, San Jose.
  29., Accounting & tech solutions, Encino.
  30. Ben Gordon, PC consultant, Daly City.
  31. Benchmarking Exchange, Association of benchmarking practitioners, Aptos.
  32. Benedict Computer, Serial test equipment, Menlo Park.
  33. Benefit Software, Compensation claim and employee benefit software, Santa Barbara.
  34. Bennett Smith, Computer and intellectual property consulting, Palo Alto.
  35. Berkeley Access, Software for people with poor or no vision, Berkeley.
  36. Berkeley Design Technology, Digital signal processing software/technology, Berkeley.
  37. Berkeley Integration Group, Networking services, Berkeley.
  38. Berkeley Systems, PC Software, Berkeley.
  39. Berkeley Voice Solutions, Voice recognition software, Berkeley.
  40. Best Practices, Unix consulting, San Carlos.
  41. BestSource International, Computer memory and peripherals, Fullerton.
  42. Bestway Computer, Hardware, South San Gabriel.
  43. Beta Research, User interface design, usability, user research, Los Gatos.
  44. Better Image Productions, Digital media design and production, San Jose.
  45. Beyond 2000 Systems, Hardware, software, and services, San Jose.
  46. BF Datacom, LAN/WAN network installation, Marina del Rey.
  47. Bibletech Christian Resources, Christian and Church-management software, San Diego.
  48. Big Day Company, Reminder software, San Jose.
  49. Big Software, Sales and marketing software, Cupertino.
  50. Bill Correctors, Cutting IT and telecom costs, Fairfax.
  51., Directory of billboards, Milpitas.
  52. Binomial Systems, Business network solutions, Walnut.
  53. BioComp Consulting Group, Life science industry systems, Carlsbad.
  54. BioData, Information systems consulting, San Carlos.
  55. BiT Microsystems, Flash disk drives, solid state/network storage, JOBS, Fremont.
  56. BJR Software Engineering, Foster City.
  57. Black & White Software, UIM/Orbix and UIM/X applications, Campbell.
  58. Blastronix, I/O cards, Arnold.
  59. Bleier Law Firm, computer and communications law, Sacramento.
  60. Blue Chip Telecom, Network integration, cabling, PBX, telecommunications, South San Francisco.
  61. Blue Data, Decision support software, San Diego.
  62. Blue Sky Software, San Diego.
  63. Bluebird Systems, Document management technology, Carlsbad.
  64. Boardwalk Consulting, Help with Dos, Windows and Unix, Tustin.
  65. BOLData, Computer systems, Fremont.
  66. BookMaker, Printer utility, Palo Alto.
  67. Books That Work, Home-oriented software and information, Palo Alto.
  68. Boole & Babbage, Availability management of distributed applications, San Jose.
  69. bootNet, PC hardware and software, Brisbane.
  70. Borland International, PC databases, languages, and tools, Scotts Valley.
  71. Boys Toys Network (BTN), video games, Van Nuys.
  72. Bravo Communications, Networking & peripheral devices, San Jose.
  73. BRE Software, Computer/video games, Fresno.
  74. BreezeCOM, Wireless Local Area Network (LAN T1/E1) products, spread spectrum radio, Carlsbad.
  75. Bridgeware, Decision support software, Hayward.
  76. Bright Microelectronics, Flash memory, Sunnyvale.
  77. Brightware, Artificial intelligence software, Novato.
  78. Broadax Systems (BSI), Notebook, laptop (portable) and rackmount computers, El Monte.
  79. Broadcom, Digital and mixed-signal CMOS chips, Irvine.
  80. BroadVision, Interactive commerce management systems, Redwood City.
  81. Broderbund Software, Personal computer software for educational and entertainment, Novato.
  82. Brokerlink Plus, Semiconductor information, Irvine.
  83. Brooktree, Multimedia, graphics, San Diego.
  84. Brubeck Communications, Computer sales, service, Sausalito.
  85. BSI, Notebook, portable, and rack mount industrial computers, El Monte.
  86. Buczek Consulting, Software development, San Jose.
  87. Budget Data Services, Data conversion, media conversion, data backup, DBMS, Y2K, San Francisco.
  88. Business Computer Solutions, Hardware, software, consulting, Suisun.
  89. Business Edge, Real estate software, Irvine.
  90. BusLogic, Disks and disk arrays, Santa Clara.
  91., Computer games, Union City.
  92. Buy-DVD-R.COM, DVD-R, CD-R media and computer peripherals, Thousand Oaks.
  93. Buyacom, Computer systems, Irvine.

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