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  1. Gadzoox Microsystems, Gigabit connectivity solutions (e.g. Fibre Channel), Los Gatos.
  2. Galatea Productions, Media production company, Hollywood.
  3. Gamapiy Infotech, Offshore/onsite software development, Web, DBMS, etc. recruiting, San Jose.
  4. Gambit Automated Design, IC place and route software and service provider, San Jose.
  5. Game Guys, Mac software, Van Nuys.
  6. GameSpot, PC game information, San Francisco.
  7. GammaLink, PC-to-fax hardware and software products, Sunnyvale.
  8. Garrett Communications, Ethernet products, Fremont.
  9. Garza Industries, Paper, office, computer & laser printer supplies & printing, Anaheim.
  10. GateMaster, Management/marketing software systems, Hercules.
  11. Gateway Group, Computer consulting, Lafayette.
  12. GC Technologies, Fiber optic accessories, test, systems, assemblies, components, Morgan Hill.
  13. GDA Technology Advertising, Technology ad agency, San Jose.
  14. Geek Houses, Santa Cruz.
  15. Gelber and Associates, Computer training and consulting, Santa Cruz.
  16. General BBS, San Diego.
  17. General Disk, Disk drive test/manufacturing equipment, drive repair, San Jose.
  18. General Software Solutions, PC software development, San Clemente.
  19. General Technique, Computer systems, Highland.
  20. Genesis Computer Systems, Workstations and networks, Anaheim.
  21. Geneva Systems, Data collection systems, Anaheim.
  22. Genovation, Notebook computer and custom keyboards, Irvine.
  23. Geographic Designs, Geographic, spatial and GIS data software, Santa Barbara.
  24. GeoPerception, Wearable computer products - e.g. head mounted displays, San Diego.
  25. Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, PC-Based ATE and test & measurement products, Santa Ana.
  26. GeoTrain, Network administration/support training, San Rafael.
  27. GET Engineering, Bus adapters, El Cajon.
  28. Getwork San Diego, IT career change & job shift resources, San Diego.
  29. Gibson Research, Virus protection and other software, Laguna Hills.
  30. Gigabit Ethernet Alliance, Gigabit Ethernet industry forum, Cupertino.
  31. GigaLabs, Ethernet switches, Sunnyvale.
  32. GigaTest Labs, Semiconductor and electronics engineering services, Cupertino.
  33. Gitano Software, Custom software development, Bakersfield.
  34. Glacier Point Software, Virtual reality shareware, Los Gatos.
  35. Glendora Computer, Repairs, upgrades, custom systems, networking, Glendora.
  36. Global Communications Solutions (GCS), Integrated communication and network consulting, Vista.
  37. Global Computers, Laptop, notebook, mobile computers, San Jose.
  38. Global Computers, Portable computers and accessories, San Jose.
  39. Global Interactive, Foster City.
  40. Global Telepath, Network computing, video, voice, LAN/WAN, network integration , San Jose.
  41. Global Videoconferencing Solutions, Videoconferencing products, San Jose.
  42. GlobalCast Communications, Multicast communication technologies, Hayward.
  43. GlobalVillage Communication, PC communication products, Sunnyvale.
  44. GLOBEtrotter Software, FLEXlm license management and software asset management software, Campbell.
  45. Glyphica Solutions, Adobe Acrobat/PDF services, Palo Alto.
  46. GMM Research, Communications hardware, Irvine.
  47. GMU Design Group, Architects and planners, Yuba City.
  48. Gnomon, Computer animation and special effects training center, Los Angeles.
  49. GNP Computers, Telecommunications servers, Monrovia.
  50. Godfather Computer, Personal computer systems, Pleasanton.
  51. Golden Eagle Technologies, Computer systems, parts, and accessories, Santa Ana.
  52. Goodall Software Engineering, Rohnert Park.
  53. Gores Technology Group, Technology acquisition and management, Los Angeles.
  54. GoToMyPC, Web browser access to personal workstation/PC/computer, Santa Barbara.
  55. Gracenote, Music recognition, content delivery, database, Berkeley.
  56. Graduate Limited, Software for academia, San Diego.
  57. GRAFX Group, Interactive graphics, San Clemente.
  58. Grande Vitesse Systems, Computer systems, servers and networks, San Francisco.
  59. Granite Digital, SCSI products, Union City.
  60. GraphComp, Graphics software, Los Gatos.
  61. Graphics Depot, Screen savers, fractal movies, textures, 3-d images, etc., Santa Cruz.
  62. Graphics Design, Sherman Oaks.
  63. Graphics Development International, Electronic forms and image processing software, Novato.
  64. Graphics To Go, Graphic design, Mission Viejo.
  65. GraphOn, Connectivity software, Campbell.
  66. Grass Valley Group, Digital video systems, software, digital TV, Nevada City.
  67. Gravitas Consulting, Web site design, graphics, user interface, Santa Clara.
  68. GRC, Printer ribbons and cartridges, Chatsworth.
  69. GRC International, professional and technical services, Santa Barbara.
  70. GRE America, Spread spectrum radio modems (Gina), Belmont.
  71. Great Circle Associates, Internet security firewall systems, consulting, Majordomo, Mountain View.
  72. Greentree Systems, Employment office software, Campbell.
  73. Griffin Consolidated Services, Electronics, multimedia, Internet service provider, etc., Los Angeles.
  74. Gryphon Software, San Diego.
  75. Guardian Computer Support, Computer service, repair and installation, Pleasanton.
  76. Guidestar Training, Manhattan Beach.
  77. Gupta, SQL database software, Menlo Park.
  78. Gyration, Gyroscopes for personal computer, multimedia and interactive television, Saratoga.

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