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  1. Falco Data Products, Video display terminals and communications software, Sunnyvale.
  2. Falcon Systems, computer peripherals and equipment with a Unix emphasis, Sacramento.
  3. Faludi Computing, Mac consulting, San Francisco.
  4. Famlee Electronics, Electronic components, Canoga Park.
  5. Farallon Computing, Ethernet products, Alameda.
  6. FarPoint Communications, Peripheral connectivity, San Diego.
  7., Computer servicing/repair/upgrade, home service, San Marcos.
  8. FastLan Solutions, Ethernet products, Santa Clara.
  9. Fax Superstore, Fax machines and supplies, Santa Ana.
  10. Federal Focus, Government software and hardware supplier, San Francisco.
  11. Fenwick & West, Legal services for high technology companies, Palo Alto.
  12. Fibre Channel Loop Community, Fibre Channel promotional organization, Saratoga.
  13. FICOM, Cable & wire assembly, voice & data installation, Escondido.
  14. FileMaker, Database software, Santa Clara.
  15. FileNet, Costa Mesa.
  16. filetron, Network file back-up services, Montebello.
  17. Financial Navigator, Accounting and financial management software, Mountain View.
  18. Finisar, Fiber optic networking, Mountain View.
  19. Fintronic, Electronic design automation software, Foster City.
  20. Firewalls.R.Us, firewall routers, bastion servers, and encryption, Monte Sereno.
  21. First Computer, Computer systems, peripherals, etc., online catalog, Los Angeles.
  22. First Floor Software, File and document management software, Mountain View.
  23. Fly by Knight, Bulletin board system, Oceanside.
  24. Folsom Consulting Group, Software development, systems integration, El Dorado Hills.
  25. Folsom Research, Video and radar scan converters, Folsom.
  26. Forbes Computer Group, Computer sales and service, Irvine.
  27. Formida Software, Software development tools, San Jose.
  28. Formtek, Total Information Management (TIM) systems, Sunnyvale.
  29. Forte Software, environment for client server computing, Oakland.
  30. FORTH, Forth programming language software/support, Los Angeles.
  31. Foundry Networks, Networking equipment, switching, routing, etc., San Jose.
  32. Fourth World, Multimedia software components, Los Angeles.
  33. Fox & Associates, Mercator consultants, Long Beach.
  34. Fractal Design, Graphics software, Aptos.
  35. FractalNet, CAD management, Sausalito.
  36. Fralick Associates, Client/server employment opportunities, Walnut Creek.
  37. Frame Technology, Document writing and processing software, San Jose.
  38. FrameMill, Multimedia, video production, graphic design, Rocklin.
  39. Franz, Lisp development tools, Berkeley.
  40. Fred Cohen & Associates, IT consulting, training, etc., Livermore.
  41. Frednet, Consulting and training, Felton.
  42. FreeBSD, PC operating system, Concord.
  43. FreeHand Design of Sonoma, Computer support, Glen Ellen.
  44. Friendly Software Store, DOS, Windows, and Mac software, San Carlos.
  45. Frontier Technology, IT development tools/services, Goleta.
  46. FS Integrators, Software consulting, Santa Monica.
  47. Full Circle Software, Software product development, Sunnyvale.
  48. FullTime Software, High availability software, San Mateo.
  49. Fusion Staffing Services, Information technology & environmental staffing, Santa Clara.
  50. fusion web design, Web site design, graphics, multimedia, Web presence, etc., Arcata.
  51. Futura Tech, Computer exporters, San Diego.
  52. Future Presence, Information technology consulting, recruiting, and contract matching, San Rafael.
  53. FutureActive International, PC and Macintosh hardware/software/internet products, Moreno Valley.
  54., Software duplicating and packaging services, Irvine.
  55. Fuzzy Systems Engineering, Fuzzy logic methods, Poway.

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