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  1. M I Solutions, Computer consulting and network management, Oceanside.
  2. M. Farris & Associates, Computer peripheral sales and repair, Marina del Rey.
  3. m2solutions, Project management consulting firm, San Francisco.
  4. Mac Talk, Mac sales, service, training, Los Angeles.
  5. MacHax Group, Montara.
  6. MacPublishing, LLC, Publishers of Macworld magazine,, San Francisco.
  7. Macro Tech, Personal computers and peripherals, Laguna Hills.
  8. Macromedia, Tools for multimedia development, San Francisco.
  9. Macrotron Systems, Printed circuit boards, Fremont.
  10. Mactivity, Mac connectivity conference, San Jose.
  11. MacTreasures, Macintosh software, San Jose.
  12. MacWindows, Macintosh/Windows integration information, San Francisco.
  13. Mad Mats!, Computer accessories, Newport Beach.
  14. Madge Networks, Token ring and ethernet switches, San Jose.
  15. Magneton, SAP R/3, ABAP consulting, Santa Ana.
  16. MAI Systems, Hospitality, process manufacturing, gaming, software, Irvine.
  17. Mainsoft, Windows environments for Unix, Sunnyvale.
  18. MaintSmart, Equipment maintenance software, Lodi.
  19. MajorSys, CD, DVD duplication equipment, Foster City.
  20. Make Systems, Network management software, Mountain View.
  21. Manual Labour, Technical documentation, technical writing, San Diego.
  22. Maple Technologies, Computer consulting, Salinas.
  23. Marathon International, Sun OEM and reseller, Sunnyvale.
  24. Marben Products, OSI communications products, San Jose.
  25. Marotz Delphi Group, Custom software development, Jamul.
  26. MarotzTel, Programming support for telecom., e.g. custom billing software, Jamul.
  27. Marshall Electronics, Cables, digital camers, monitors, Culver City.
  28. Mascon Computer Services, Document scanning, data entry, etc., Westlake Village.
  29. Master Information Systems, Software engineering tool, Pleasanton.
  30. Masters Institute, Information technology training, San Jose.
  31. Match Software, Novelty and foreign fonts, West Hollywood.
  32. MatriDigm, Software maintenance, San Jose.
  33. MatrixUSA Computers, Computer systems and graphics, Fremont.
  34. Maximum Strategy, high speed storage for HIPPI, Fibre Channel, and ATM, Milpitas.
  35. Maxis, Entertainment and education software, Orinda.
  36. MaXpeed, PC parallel port controllers, Palo Alto.
  37. Maxsoft-Ocron, Optical character recognition software, Fremont.
  38. MaxTech, Modems, notebooks, monitors, networking, video cards, etc., Cerritos.
  39. Maxtor, Hard disk drives, San Jose.
  40. Mb digital marketing, Web site design, training, consulting, etc., Redondo Beach.
  41. MBI Business Software, Business and medical software, Sacramento.
  42. MCA Computer, Workstation & server upgrades, Anaheim.
  43. McAfee Associates, Virus protection and network security management tools, Santa Clara.
  44. McBride Computer Services, POS and bar code tracking products, Vallejo.
  45. MCG Software, Layer management software, Clovis.
  46. McGlen Micro, Computer upgrade products, Irvine.
  47. MCRB, Service bureau, Chatsworth.
  48. MDL Information Systems, Chemical information management systems, San Leandro.
  49. MDS Disk Service, Data recovery services, Riverside.
  50. Media Depot, education, reference, business, and entertainment products, Pomona.
  51. Media Net, Software, Oakland.
  52. Media Vision, PC multimedia hardware and software, Fremont.
  53. MediaGate, Remote access service and maintenance software, San Jose.
  54. MediaShare, Interactive catalog company, Carlsbad.
  55. Mediatechnics Systems, CD/DVD equipment and services, Shingle Springs.
  56. MediaTonic, Programming, network and visual basic consulting, San Jose.
  57. Medicasoft, Medical software, San Rafael.
  58. MedicWare, Medical software, Arcadia.
  59. Mednet, Distributed telemedicine, Sausalito.
  60. MedTech USA, Medical clinical software, Los Angeles.
  61. MegaImage, Computer manufacturer, Pomona.
  62. MEI Research, Uninterruptable power supplies, motherboards, etc., Fullerton.
  63. Memory Buy Sell Trade, Computer memory and peripherals, Santa Barbara.
  64. Memory Merchants, Magneto/optical, CD-R, DAT, and Syquest media, San Carlos.
  65. Memory Online, Computer memory, Dana Point.
  66. Memory Online, Purchases computer memory, San Francisco.
  67. Memory USA, buys surplus computer memory, Berkeley.
  68. Memory World, RAM, CPU's, computer components and accessories, Livermore.
  69. Memorytek International, Memory and other PC products, Fremont.
  70. MemoryX, Computer memory, Santa Clara.
  71. MemTech Technology, Flash drives, Sunnyvale.
  72. Menai, File I/O library, Menlo Park.
  73. Mentor Marketing Services, Technology mailing lists, San Jose.
  74. Mercury Interactive, Automated Software Quality tools, Santa Clara.
  75. Meridian Electronic Publishers, Electronic document design and publishing, Los Angeles.
  76. Merlin Media, Multi-media design, Cupertino.
  77. Meta-Software, Circuit simulation and device modeling tools, Campbell.
  78. Metals Reclamation Services, Recycling electronic scrap, integrated circuits, and circuit boards, San Jose.
  79. Meyer Consulting, Unix, Amiga, and Web consulting, Alameda.
  80. Michele~Shine media, Graphics and sound for presentations, San Francisco.
  81. Micro 2000, PC diagnostic tools, Glendale.
  82. Micro Base Technologies, Computer systems, Santa Clara.
  83. Micro Computer Support, Computer rental, San Francisco.
  84. Micro Digital, SMX modular RTOS, Garden Grove.
  85. Micro Outlet, Macintosh reseller, Torrance.
  86. Micro Technology Concepts, Hard disk drives, City of Industry.
  87. MicroAge Infosystems Services, Culver City.
  88. MicroCosm Computer Resources, Information security services, San Diego.
  89. Microgear, IT hardware, software, consulting, San Francisco.
  90. Micrografx, 3D desktop interface, Calabasas.
  91. Microguild, Software consulting, Mountain View.
  92. Micromatics, Computer memory, Santa Clara.
  93. MicroNet Technology, storage solutions for PC compatible and Macintosh computers, Irvine.
  94. Micronics Computers, System boards and multimedia peripherals for PCs, Fremont.
  95. Micropolis, Hard disk drives, Chatsworth.
  96. Microprocessor Discounters, CPUs, memory, San Diego.
  97. MicroSECONDS, Windows utility software, Rancho Santa Fe.
  98. MicroSim, Electronic design automation software, Irvine.
  99. Microtec Research, Software development tools, Santa Clara.
  100. Microtech Systems, CD/DVDr production duplication equipment, Belmont.
  101. Microvision Computer Products (MCP), Computer accessories and peripherals, San Marcos.
  102. Midcom, Contract programming services, Anaheim.
  103. MiLAN Technology, Network products, Sunnyvale.
  104. Millecom 2000, Wireless networking, Westminster.
  105. Millennium Telecom, Telecom consulting, Glendale.
  106. Miller Imaging International, Digital imaging services, Santa Monica.
  107. Mind Logic, Electronics and computer components, Concord.
  108. Mind Media, Personal improvement software, Santa Cruz.
  109. MindSource Software, Unix contracting and placement, Mountain View.
  110. MindWorks, Document image management software, Sunnyvale.
  111. Minicomputer Exchange, Buys, sells, rents & repairs workstations, Sunnyvale.
  112. MIPS Technologies, Microprocessors and software, Mountain View.
  113. Miramar Systems, Multi-platform migration/integration utilities, Santa Barbara.
  114. Mitch Ward Consulting Group, Information Technology consultants , Manhattan Beach.
  115. Mitsuba, Systems, servers, La Verne.
  116. Mixman Technologies, Music software, San Francisco.
  117. MJM Computing, Computer systems and components, San Clemente.
  118. MMC Networks, Chip sets, Sunnyvale.
  119. Mobile Data Collection, Warehousing, distribution, field sales, service, San Diego.
  120. Mobile IT Solution, Computer system repair, upgrade, outsource, etc., Burlingame.
  121. Mobile Planet, Portable computing equipment, Canoga Park.
  122. Mobile Rent-A-Geek, Desktop troubleshooting, hardware/software installation, training, etc., Pasadena.
  123., ModChips for Playstation consoles, Isla Vista.
  124. Modchipz, ModChips, Playstation, PSX, Oakland.
  125., Moden design, Fremont.
  126. ModemShop, The, Modems, cellular modems, and ISDN interfaces, San Francisco.
  127. Modules Technology, Memory module circuit boards, San Jose.
  128. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Information technology books, San Francisco.
  129. Mosaic Industries, Embedded control for instruments and automation, Newark.
  130. Mosaic Multisoft, Multiprocessing software, San Diego.
  131. Moss Micro, LLC, Graphical user interface systems, Irvine.
  132. Mounir Djotni, Used computer systems, Santa Ana.
  133. Mountain Lake Software, Educational software for grades K-12, San Francisco.
  134. MousePad King, Mousepads, Alameda.
  135. Moving Media, Computer animation, San Francisco.
  136. MpegTV, MPEG audio and video software, San Francisco.
  137. MPI Technologies, Lan-attached printer technology, Huntington Beach.
  138. MRD Manufacturing Resource Directory, San Diego.
  139. MSC.Software, Numerical analysis software, Los Angeles.
  140. MTI, Storage hardware and software, Anaheim.
  141. Multi Media Music, Downloadable music loops, Los Angeles.
  142. MULTI-LINK Communications Products, Refurbished data communications equipment, Newport Beach.
  143. Multi-Micro Systems, Rackmount enclosures, San Jose.
  144. Multichannel Communication Sciences, Digital signal processing, San Diego.
  145. MultiGenParadigm, Realtime 3D simulation software, San Jose.
  146. Multimedia and Internet Training Newsletter, Professional information and paper publication information, Sunnyvale.
  147. Multiple Access, Anti-virus software, Fremont.
  148. Multipoint Networks, Wireless data communication systems, Belmont.
  149. Murray Computer Technologies, Computer consulting, San Diego.
  150. MW Media, Technical publications and on-line services, San Jose.
  151. Mykytyn Consulting Group, Management and information systems consulting, San Rafael.
  152. Mylex, RAID controllers, Fremont.
  153. Myricom, LAN interface boards and switches, Arcadia.

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