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Palm Court Inn, Hotel, Palm Springs.
Boutique hotel located in Palm Springs offering a superb array of top amenities and deluxe accommodations at affordable prices. Enjoy complimentary breakfast and stunning views.

PC Fixer
PC Fixer is a Los Angeles based computer consulting company specializing in computer, laptop and server repairs and maintenance. We specialize in networking, wireless, backup solutions and virus, spyware & malware removal. We also specialize in Windows Server 2003 and 2008 implementation including group policies and domain management. We build custom computers and servers that outperform major brands. We service laptops including screen repair, inverter replacement and power jack repairs. We service PC and Mac & all major brands including Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Lenovo, Gateway, HP and more.

  1. P.C. Portable Manufacturer, Portable computers cases, El Monte.
  2. Pacific Blue Micro, System integrator, Newport Beach.
  3. Pacific Crest Systems, FCC software, Monterey.
  4. Pacific Data Resources, Communications consulting, Redwood City.
  5. Pacific DataVision, Building contracting software, San Diego.
  6. Pacific Diversified Components, Surplus electronic components, Venice.
  7. Pacific Handheld, Handheld computers and accessories, Oakdale.
  8. Pacific HiTech, Linux OS and related software, Oakland.
  9. Pacific Image Electronics, Scanners, Torrance.
  10. Pacific Information Design, Embedded systems/controllers development services, Santa Barbara.
  11. Pacific Interactive Media, Online journalism, Venice.
  12. Pacific Intertek, Multimedia development and macromedia VAR, Irvine.
  13. Pacific Micro, PC hardware, software, Mountain View.
  14. Pacific Ocean Digital, Digital media production, Venice.
  15. Pacific Telematics, Telecommunication administration/monitoring software, San Mateo.
  16. Pacific Title Digital, Digital films, Los Angeles.
  17. PacificTec Progressive Solutions, ISO/TL 9000 consulting, technical writing, etc., Windsor.
  18. Packard Bell, Personal computer (PC) systems, Thousand Oaks.
  19. Packeteer, Network traffic management software, Campbell.
  20. Page Technology Marketing, PCL software, San Diego.
  21. PairGain Technologies, Copper pair communication, Tustin.
  22. Palm Court Inn, Hotel, Palm Springs.
  23. Paracel, hardware assisted text dissemination, categorization, retrieval, Pasadena.
  24. Paradigm Imaging Group, Engineering document imaging, Irvine.
  25. Paradigm Systems, Carlsbad.
  26. Paragon Computers, Personal computers, Soquel.
  27. ParaGraph International, Handwriting recognition, compression, and font technology, Sunnyvale.
  28. Paralan, SCSI bus extenders, San Diego.
  29. Parallel Tools Consortium, Software tools for parallel computers, Livermore.
  30. ParaSoft, Error detection tools for UNIX, Windows and Java, Monrovia.
  31. ParcPlace-Digitalk, Object-oriented products, Sunnyvale.
  32. Parity Systems, Unix systems integrator, Los Gatos.
  33. Partners Data Systems, Peripherals & networks, San Diego.
  34. Password Busters, Lost password recovery services, Concord.
  35. Patient Software, medical (patient education) software, San Francisco.
  36. Paul D. Sheriff & Assoc., Custom software and VB/SQL training, Tustin.
  37. Paul M. Woodcock & Associates, Healthcare information management systems, Torrance.
  38. PBSolutions, Digitizers and large-format scanners, accessories, support, Hacienda Heights.
  39. PC Certified Solutions, Computer sales and service, El Dorado.
  40. PC Fixer, Computers, Los Angeles.

  41. PC GURUs, Small business/residential computer consulting, Chino.
  42. PC Hardware Shopping Network, San Jose.
  43. PC I.T. to go, I.T., computer, and network services, Newport Beach.
  44. PC Installer, PCs, upgrades, network wiring and configuration, Lake Forest.
  45. PC Insure, Computer insurance, Los Angeles.
  46. PC Laptop Magazine, Los Angeles.
  47. PC Pros Information Staffing, Employment opportunities, Los Angeles.
  48. PC Synergy, Shipping and POS system, Carlsbad.
  49. PC TradeMart, PC vendor and product locations, Buena Park.
  50. PC University, Business computer training, San Bernardino.
  51., Computer support, PC repair, network services, Redwood City.
  52. PCSI, Wireless computing and communications, San Diego.
  53. Peak Property Management Software, Property management and accounting software, Berkeley.
  54. Peer Protocols, SCSI and SCSI over Fibre Channel test tools, Newport Beach.
  55. Penguin Computing, Linux systems, San Francisco.
  56. People Network, Network management, systems and software, Los Altos.
  57. PeopleSoft, Client/server business software, Pleasanton.
  58. Peregrine Associates, Software development, Redwood City.
  59. Peregrine Semiconductor, Semiconductor components, San Diego.
  60. Peregrine Systems, SNA and administrative management software, Carlsbad.
  61. Perennial, Conformance test suites, San Jose.
  62. PerfectData, Computer cleaning products, Beverly Hills.
  63. Performing Graphics Company, The, Meeting facilitation by recording, Palo Alto.
  64. Peripheral Solutions, Computer peripherals, Santa Cruz.
  65. perisys, Computer components, Manhattan Beach.
  66. Persimmon IT, Hardware, software, WWW server sales, rental and page design, Palo Alto.
  67. Personal Training Systems, Mac and Windows tutorials, Menlo Park.
  68. PersonaLogic, Product choice software, San Diego.
  69. Peter J. Phethean, DVD and CD equipment for laptop/desktop computers, Brea.
  70. PGSoft, Storage software utilities, Pacific Grove.
  71. PhilComp Consulting & Graphics, PC computer repair, custom graphics & publishing, Mountain View.
  72. Philips Immersive Products, Head mounted displays, Palo Alto.
  73. Philos Computer Solutions, System design, programming, Oakland.
  74. Phoenix Productions, Visual communications, Santa Clara.
  75. PhoeniX Software Solutions, X Servers, PC and Mac network software, Sunnyvale.
  76. Phoenix Technologies, System firmware and application software, Santa Clara.
  77. Phoenix Technology, Disk drive sales and service, data recovery, Santa Ana.
  78. Phylon Communications, Computer games, Fremont.
  79. Picazo Communications, PBX and computer telephony solutions, San Jose.
  80. Pick Systems, Multidimensional databases, Irvine.
  81. Piiceon, Computer memory and CPU products, Fremont.
  82. Ping Network Labs, Networking equipment reseller, Santa Clara.
  83. Pinnacle Micro, Optical storage products, Irvine.
  84. PinPoint Software, ClickNet software for documenting computer networks, San Jose.
  85. Pioneer Distributors, Video game software & hardware, Van Nuys.
  86. Pivotal Networking, Remote access routers, SNMP management software, San Jose.
  87. Pixar Animation Studios, Computer animation, Richmond.
  88. Pixels Animation Studios, 3D modelling and animating tools, San Diego.
  89. PK Computers, On-site services and custom-built computers, San Diego.
  90. Plan It! Software Solutions, Wedding planning software, San Francisco.
  91. Platinum Software, Client/server accounting software, Irvine.
  92. Platypus Computing, Notebook computer rentals, Davis.
  93. Playback Technologies, Video/computer playback, multimedia, Burbank.
  94. Plaza Computers, Computer repair, sales, training, web site design, Burlingame.
  95. Plexcom, Ethernet and Token Ring hubs, stackables, switches, bridges, etc., Simi Valley.
  96. Plextor, CD-ROM drives and technology, Santa Clara.
  97. PLEXUS, Document Imaging and Workflow Software, Sunnyvale.
  98. Pluris, IP/optical central office core switches, routers, Cupertino.
  99. PMI Industries, Software reseller, San Diego.
  100. Polaris Systems, Notebook and desktop PC's, Santa Fe Springs.
  101. PolyMorph, Object-oriented and multimedia technology, San Francisco.
  102. Portrait Displays, Computer monitors, Pleasanton.
  103. Post Communications, Customer relationship management software, San Francisco.
  104. PostX, Electronic mail enhancement software, Cupertino.
  105. Poware Technology, communication for printer data sharing devices, Poway.
  106. Power Integrations, Analog integrated circuits, Sunnyvale.
  107. Power-Tech Engineers, Electrical/computer engineering, Walnut.
  108. Powercom, Data communication hardware consulting, Santa Barbara.
  109. Powerline-Battery, Computer equipment batteries, Simi Valley.
  110. Praxis Computing, Computer network consulting, Los Angeles.
  111. Precept Software, Networking software, Palo Alto.
  112. Precision PCB Services, PCB design, fabrication, and assembly, Santa Clara.
  113. Preferred Computer Services, Screen savers, Atwood.
  114. Prelude Trilogy, Video clip art, Redwood City.
  115. Premier Biosoft International, Molecular biology software, Palo Alto.
  116. Prentiss Bernstien and Jones, Web site design, advertising, multimedia, Los Angeles.
  117. Presenting Solutions, Projector systems, San Clemente.
  118. Pretzel Logic PC Solutions, Anaheim.
  119. Preview Software, Software distribution technology, Palo Alto.
  120. Previo, Disk compression and backup software, San Diego.
  121. Prime Edge Drafting Company, CAD drafting, modeling, rendering, plotting, Redwood City.
  122. Prime Recognition, Optical character recognition software, San Carlos.
  123. Prime Time Freeware, Open source software, Sunnyvale.
  124. Printer's Plus, Printers - reconditioned - and equipment, Fountain Valley.
  125. Printronix, Printers, Irvine.
  126. Pro-CS, Networking, consulting, Fremont.
  127. Pro-Link, Computer accessories, Fullerton.
  128. Procom Technology, CD-ROM towers, Irvine.
  129. Professional Computing, Hardware and software, San Bernardino.
  130. Professionals Computer Management Consultants, The, Huntington Beach.
  131. Progent Corporation, Consultants, IT support, networking, Concord.
  132. Progressive Computer Hardware, Retail computer hardware, San Diego.
  133. Progressive Computer Solutions, Networking consulting, Fremont.
  134. Project Technology, Object-oriented development technology, Berkeley.
  135. Projector Central, LCD Projectors, San Jose.
  136. Proline Systems, Computer components, La Jolla.
  137. Prolinear, Palmtop computers, Arcadia.
  138. Prolink Computer, PC multimedia products, City of Industry.
  139. Promedia Computer Supplies, Computer accessories and media, South San Francisco.
  140. Promise Technology, Controller and caching controller cards, San Jose.
  141. ProNex Interactive, Distributed multimedia databases, Los Angeles.
  142. Proper Publishing, Mac, PC, and Unix documents, Santa Cruz.
  143. ProQuest, Technical recruiters and staffing consultants, Sunnyvale.
  144. ProSoft Technology, Allen-Bradley communication products, Bakersfield.
  145., Remote backup, data protection for business, Brea.
  146. Protocol Interface, Network training classes, San Rafael.
  147. Proud Data Service, Data management and mapping services, Berkeley.
  148. Prousys, Control systems engineering, Bakersfield.
  149. Providence Imaging Products, CD-ROM sales, Woodland Hills.
  150. PsiTech, Graphic and imaging systems, Fountain Valley.
  151. PsiWave, Software products, Rolling Hills Estates.
  152. Pulse Entertainment, 3D software, computer game software, Santa Monica.
  153. Puma Technology, Mobile device management/synchronization software, San Jose.
  154. PumaSoft, Technology solutions, networks, consulting, Bakersfield.
  155. Pure Software, Software productivity tools, Sunnyvale.

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