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  1. L B Innovators, Computer accessories, Chula Vista.
  2. Lachaux Technologies & Consulting, Telecom cost savings, project management, utility auditing, Pinole.
  3. Lagoon Information Systems, Software development, Los Altos.
  4. Laguna Technology, Disk drives and home electronics, Laguna Hills.
  5. LAN Performance Labs, High speed networking products, San Diego.
  6. LAN Solutions, Novell network services, Redwood City.
  7. LAN Solutions, Data & voice cable installation service, Redwood City.
  8. Landmark Laser, Bubblejet support, Rialto.
  9. Landmark Laser Printer Service, Laser printer information and service (e.g. HP and Canon), Rialto.
  10. LANtek Computer, PC retailer, Walnut.
  11. Lantronix, Ethernet products, Irvine.
  12. Laptop Service King, Laptop and notebook repairs, Mission Viejo.
  13., Laptops and accessories, Los Angeles.
  14. Largotim, Business consulting and applications, Santa Rosa.
  15. Lascomm, fiberoptics, telecom., ethernet products and info., Westlake Village.
  16. Laser Network, Used laser printers, supplies, repair, Woodland Hills.
  17. Laser Optic Group, CD-Recordable media, Alhambra.
  18. Laser Printer Services, Beverly Hills.
  19. LaserPro Technologies, Hewlett Packard repair center- Laser printers, copiers & fax repair, Roseville.
  20. LaserServ4Less, Helett Packard laser printer repair center, Sacramento.
  21. Latitude Group, Tools for Mac to Unix ports, Mountain View.
  22. LAVA, Video management software, Los Angeles.
  23. LavaMind, Business simulation games, San Francisco.
  24. Law Offices of Davis & Schroeder, Internet law, domain name disputes, "CyberCounsel", Monterey.
  25. Lazar & Associates, Natural language translations, multicultural marketing, etc., Santa Monica.
  26. LBA Networking, Network solutions, consulting, Oakland.
  27. LBI, Ergonomic computer accessories, San Diego.
  28. Lean Software, Personal information managers, San Jose.
  29. Leapfrog Lab, PC products, Fremont.
  30. LearnComputer!, Computer Training Provider, Redwood City.
  31. Learning in Motion, Software for K-12 education, Santa Cruz.
  32. Learning Systems Sciences, Multimedia training, North Hollywood.
  33. Ledger Systems, Accounting and inventory systems, San Carlos.
  34. Leestar Co., PC systems, Walnut.
  35. Legato Systems, Data storage management software, Palo Alto.
  36. Leisure Software, Vacation rental directory, San Jose.
  37. Level One Communications, Mixed-signal integrated circuits, Sacramento.
  38. Lexical, Telephone integration products, Scotts Valley.
  39. Lextron Systems, Computer, communication, intellectual property consulting, Saratoga.
  40. Liaison Software, Contact management software, Laguna Hills.
  41. Lieberman and Associates, LAN Server administration tools, Beverly Hills.
  42. Lighthouse Design, publisher of applications for NEXTSTEP, San Mateo.
  43. Lightscape Technologies, Radiosity rendering software, San Jose.
  44. Lightspeed Software, Document conversion software, Bakersfield.
  45. Linde Group, Out-sourced IT support for businesses, Berkeley.
  46. Linkcom Manufacturing, Electronics components distributor/representative, Irvine.
  47. LinkPro Technologies, File backup and sychronization software, Newport Beach.
  48. Linksys, Ethernet switches, Irvine.
  49. LinkWaves, Cisco routers, switches, Temcula.
  50. Linographics, Mac font software, Orange.
  51. Linux Users' Group of Davis, A club dedicated to the Linux operating system, Davis.
  52., Linux training, certification, Menlo Park.
  53. Loansoft, Bank loan qualification software, Berkeley.
  54. LoBue & Associates, Assocation management services, San Francisco.
  55. Locate, Handheld digital telephone directory, Half Moon Bay.
  56. Locus Computing, Software, Inglewood.
  57. Lodgen Solutions, Network and web design, Woodland Hills.
  58. Log Point Technologies, Math software for embedded systems, Mountain View.
  59. Logan Electronics, Electronic components, switches, and connectors, San Carlos.
  60. Logica Group, Technical communication; print to multimedia, San Diego.
  61. Logical, Technology integration, Irvine.
  62. Logical Options, Technical recruiting for computer and communication jobs, Oakland.
  63. Logicbuilt, Property management software, San Diego.
  64. Logicode Technology, Modems and related hardware, software, and support, Camarillo.
  65. Logitech, Human/computer interfaces, Fremont.
  66. Logix Development, DBMS software development, satellite, programming, Westlake Village.
  67. Logos, Automated translation tools, Santa Clara.
  68. Looks Twice Software, Contractor software, Vacaville.
  69. Lotus Development, PC software, Mountain View.
  70. Low Cost Pentium Computers, Los Angeles.
  71. LPS Computer, Computer systems, accessories, service, etc., Escondido.
  72. LSI Logic, Custom large scale integrated chip (LSI) development, Milpitas.
  73. LucasArts Entertainment, Entertainment and educational software, San Rafael.
  74. Luckman Interactive, Client/server software, Los Angeles.
  75. Lumina Decision Systems, Modeling and decision support software, Palo Alto.
  76. Luna Communications, Wireless systems integration, Mountain View.
  77. Luxcom, Ethernet switches, Fremont.
  78. Lynlee Software, Custom programming, consulting, training services, Victorville.
  79. Lynx Real-Time Systems, POSIX-conforming operating systems, San Jose.

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