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  1. O.R. Technology, Data storage products, Campbell.
  2. Oak Technology, Semiconductors and related software, Sunnyvale.
  3. Oasis Computers, Computer repair/upgrades, Palmdale.
  4. Oasis Technology, Application software, network services, management consulting, Camarillo.
  5. Object Dynamics, Engineering management information, Costa Mesa.
  6. Object Technology Licensing, Object-oriented software technology, Cupertino.
  7. Objectivity, Object oriented database systems, Mountain View.
  8. OCHelp, Computer repair, networking, consulting, Irvine.
  9. Octave Systems, CD recorders, Campbell.
  10. Octel Communications, Voice messaging systems, Milpitas.
  11. Octera, ASIC and system design, etc., San Diego.
  12. Octree, Graphical real-time visualization and analysis, Cupertino.
  13. OCZ Technology, Performance memory, Sunnyvale.
  14. Odegard Labs, Software research, Costa Mesa.
  15. Odell Enterprises, Computer motherboards and other equipment, Glendale.
  16. Odyssey Productions, Computer animation, San Diego.
  17. Olivetti Advanced Technology Center, Multi-cpu servers, Sunnyvale.
  18. OmniComm BBS, Bulletin board, Lakewood.
  19. Omnimation, CAD/CAM integration for printed circuit boards (PCB), Del Mar.
  20. OmniPro Systems, Systems integrator, San Francisco.
  21. OmniSoft, Visual Basic, multimedia tools, Los Altos.
  22. Omura Illustration, 3D computer modeling, illustration and graphic design, Albany.
  23. On Line Institute, Computer courses, North Hollywood.
  24. On-Line Consultant Software, Software for the RFP process, Roseville.
  25. On-site LaserMedic, Laser printer service, repair, toner, Chatsworth.
  26. OnBase Technology, Information management software for business, Irvine.
  27. OnSale, Online auction of computer, peripherals, and consumer electronics, Mountain View.
  28. ONSPEC Automation Solutions, Control and monitoring software, Rancho Cordova.
  29. OnStream, Integrated broadband (nxT1, T3, SONET and ATM), Santa Clara.
  30. Opcode Systems, Software and hardware for music production, Mountain View.
  31. Open Management Software (OMSI), Network and enterprise management services, Newark.
  32. OpenVision Technologies, Systems management software, Pleasanton.
  33. Operational Network Security Solutions, Network security, computer repair, Livermore.
  34. OPT, Computer, network support, Fremont.
  35. OPTi, Core logic, graphic, and multimedia chipsets, Milpitas.
  36. Optical Research Associates, Optical engineering software, Pasadena.
  37. Optical Storage Technology Association, Trade organization, Santa Barbara.
  38. OptiMisers, Telecommunications cost management & consulting services, San Rafael.
  39. Optimum Industrial Computers, Industrial computers, Santa Clara.
  40. Optivision, Image compression and photonics products, Palo Alto.
  41. Opto 22, Process control hardware/software, Temecula.
  42. Opus Systems, Workstation cards for PCs, Santa Clara.
  43. Oracle, Information management software, Redwood Shores.
  44. Orange Coast IBM PC User's Group, Costa Mesa.
  45. Orange Enterprises, Management software, Fresno.
  46. Orange Micro, Windows compatibility hardware for Macintosh, Anaheim.
  47. Orbit Technology, Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for sheet metal mfg, Irvine.
  48. Orbit Techology, Software for machine tools, Irvine.
  49. Orchid Technology, Digital graphics, sound, and video products, Fremont.
  50. Ornetix, CD-ROM networking software, San Jose.
  51. Ortel, Optoelectronics for fiber communication, Alhambra.
  52. OSI Software, Industrial data collection and analysis software, San Leandro.
  53. Osicom Technologies, Communication products - network adapters, routers, switches, etc., Santa Monica.
  54. Output Enablers, Mac accelerators, Berkeley.
  55. Overload Publications, Technical writing (e.g. manuals), illustration, etc., Northridge.
  56. Oztek, Test and reliability interfaces for the electronic industry, Hayward.

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