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  1. I-Tech Company, Rack mounted LCD monitors, keyboards, Hayward.
  2. I.E. Telecom, Low-voltage systems, Redwood City.
  3. iAsiaWorks, Internet service provider, San Mateo.
  4. Ibis Consulting, Distributed systems, etc., San Francisco.
  5. IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose.
  6. IBS Electronics, Electronic components, computer hardware, Santa Ana.
  7. ICARO America, Data recording software, Burlingame.
  8. iCom Consultants, IT executive searches, San Francisco.
  9. iCompression, Audio/video compression technology, Santa Clara.
  10. ICON Imaging, Digital imaging, video, etc., Costa Mesa.
  11. Icon Imaging, Photography, digital imaging, design and layout, printing, Costa Mesa.
  12. ICS Advent, Computer systems, San Diego.
  13. ICS Electronics, Bus controllers and interfaces, Milpitas.
  14. ICT, User-programmable integrated circuits, San Jose.
  15. IET Network Professionals, Computer networking, PC/MAC repair & consulting, Redwood City.
  16. Iguana Images, digital imagery, Ben Lomond.
  17. IIS Consulting, Networking & computer repair, Placentia.
  18. Ikonic Interactive, Database development, media production, San Francisco.
  19. Ikonodyne, CORBA/Java Beans development framework, Mountain View.
  20. iLAN Systems, Network installation, services, and troubleshooting, South Pasadena.
  21. Illustra Information Technologies, Object-relational database software, Oakland.
  22. Ilog, C++ software components, Mountain View.
  23. ILY Enterprise, Media duplication equipment, accessories, Santa Fe Springs.
  24. Image CD-R, CD-R and CD-Rom manufacturing, Chatsworth.
  25. Image Work Communications, Multimedia design/production, DVD/CDROM, kiosk, trade show, etc., Woodland Hills.
  26. Imagine Publishing, Games magazine, Brisbane.
  27. ImagiNet Research, Domino Resource Center, Irvine.
  28. Imaja, Mac software and art, Albany.
  29. IMC Networks, Ethernet products, Irvine.
  30. Imgis, Advertising and media-management services, Costa Mesa.
  31. iMODL, ASIC design tools, San Jose.
  32. Impact Graphics, Leather-covered computer mice, Oxnard.
  33. Impact Software, Software analysis and development, Agoura Hills.
  34. Impactdata, Network storage and security products, Monrovia.
  35. Impediment, Computer memory and peripherals, Fountain Valley.
  36. Imspace Systems, Graphics and multimedia cataloging software, San Diego.
  37. InBus Engineering, Intel Multibus boards and systems, Livermore.
  38. Independent Technology Service, Data recovery, disk drive, tape, Simi Valley.
  39. Indowsway Software, Windows applications tools, Auburn.
  40. Inetcom, Data processing consulting and training, Newport Beach.
  41. INFINITUM, Printer, copier and fax toner, South San Francisco.
  42. infoALTERNATIVES, Documentation design & development, Bakersfield.
  43. InfoPro Systems, Network/computer consulting, Rescue.
  44. InfoRespond, Custom software, San Francisco.
  45. Informatica, Data warehouse software/middleware, Menlo Park.
  46. Information Appliance Association, San Jose.
  47. Information Discovery, Decision support software , Hermosa Beach.
  48. Information Factory, Telecommunication training video courses, Los Gatos.
  49. Information Resource Management, AS/400 consulting, Ontario.
  50. Information Resources, Computer consulting, MIS executive search, Calabasas.
  51. Information Specialists, Database development, Santa Clara.
  52. Information Technology Solutions, Network design and project management, Yucca Valley.
  53. Informix Software, Relational databases, Menlo Park.
  54. Infoserv Connections, E-mail and netnews, Santa Clara.
  55. InfoTech Trends, Market data, sales and shipment forecasts, etc. , Cloverdale.
  56. InfoVersed, Information systems consulting, San Juan Capistrano.
  57. Initio, SCSI host adapters, Santa Clara.
  58. Ink & Pixel, Web Design, hosting, computer services and repair, Fresno.
  59. Inland Empire Consultants, Document management and knowledge management services, San Bernardino.
  60. Inline, Audiovisual systems, La Habra.
  61. Inmartech, Computer components, Sunnyvale.
  62. Inner Systems Software, Device drivers, Sacramento.
  63. Innovation Computer Services, Computer parts, accessories, repair, web hosting, Montebello.
  64. Innovative Employee Solutions, Payroll and benefits administration services, San Diego.
  65. Innovative Information Solutions, Computer repair and network support, Yorba Linda.
  66. Inprise, Enterprise integration software, Scotts Valley.
  67., Information for IT professionals, San Mateo.
  68. Insignia Solutions, PC emulation software, Mountain View.
  69. Institute for Technology Training and Excellence, Aptos.
  70. Institute for Women and Technology, Professional organization, Palo Alto.
  71. Insyde, Computer systems , Fremont.
  72. Intechsys Computers, Computer systems, Fremont.
  73. Integrated Circuit Design Concepts, Santa Ana.
  74. Integrated Device Technology (IDT), CMOS integrated circuits, Santa Clara.
  75. Integrated Inventory Solutions, Warehouse management systems, Long Beach.
  76. Integrated Network Solutions, Networking solutions, Moreno Valley.
  77. Integrated Office Solutions, Computer consulting, business consulting, networks, Santa Barbara.
  78. Integrated Systems, Embedded software development, Santa Clara.
  79. Integrity Systems, Software development, mobile and network services, Irvine.
  80. Integrix Online Store, Computer storage systems, Newbury Park.
  81. Intel, Personal computer chips, systems, Santa Clara.
  82. InteleNet Consulting Services, networks and Unix, Yorba Linda.
  83. Intellicom, Ethernet products, Chatsworth.
  84. IntelliGenetics, Biotechnology software, Mountain View.
  85. Intelligent Systems Technology, Process reengineering, etc., Santa Monica.
  86. Intelliguard, Storage management software, Dublin.
  87. IntelliRecovery, Data recovery, San Francisco.
  88. Intelliscan Systems, Systems integration, Irvine.
  89. IntelliServe, Computer consulting, Carlsbad.
  90. Interact!, PC & Mac CD-ROM software, Pasadena.
  91. Interactive Display Solutions, Industrial and commercial monitors and touchscreen products, Morgan Hill.
  92. Interactive Media, Mac multimedia tools, Los Altos.
  93. Interactive Software Engineering, Object-oriented development environment, Goleta.
  94. Interactive Solutions, Multimedia development software, Pleasanton.
  95. Intercare Diagnostics, Biomedical software, Inglewood.
  96. Interconnect Systems Solution (ISS), Computer interconnect technology, Lake forest.
  97. Interlace Design Online Portfolio, Graphic design, Santa Clara.
  98. InterLingua Linguistic Services, Translation between English and Japanese for Web, software, etc., Redondo Beach.
  99. InterMDS, Network systems integration and computer equipment reseller, San Diego.
  100. International Consulting, Software and hardware overseas marketing, Santa Cruz.
  101. International Microsystems, Computer components, Milpitas.
  102. International Network Services, Network engineering, monitoring, and consulting, Sunnyvale.
  103. Internet Image, Software distribution management, Fremont.
  104. Internet Profiles, Services/software for Web site usage analysis/auditing, Redwood City.
  105. Internetworking Services, Network integration/support , Oakhurst.
  106. InterQuest Partners, Software partnership matching, Santa Barbara.
  107. Interra, Software development, San Jose.
  108. INTERSHOP Communications, Electronic commerce software, Burlingame.
  109. Interval Research, Technology think tank, research on people/technology interactions, Palo Alto.
  110. Intervista Software, Multimedia, 3D graphics, and distributed simulation software, San Francisco.
  111. InterVU, MPEG video player, Rancho Santa Fe.
  112. InterWorking Labs, Interoperability support, Santa Cruz.
  113. IntraCom, Health care networks, San Ramon.
  114. Intranet Communications, Networking development and consulting, Torrance.
  115. Intrinsa, Software engineering tools, Mountain View.
  116. INTRIX Systems Group, Manufacturing, distribution/warehouse, counter sale software, Sacramento.
  117. Intuit, personal finance, small business, and tax software, Menlo Park.
  118. Invicta, Internet/computer consulting, training, performance issues, etc., San Francisco.
  119. InXight Software, User interface software, Palo Alto.
  120. IP Infusion, Developer of IP routing and MPLS software, San Jose.
  121. IPEX, Software consulting, Lafayette.
  122. Ipsilon Networks, Networking products, Palo Alto.
  123. IPT, UNIX/VMS/Windows development tools, Palo Alto.
  124. Irish Computer Services, Computer repair, network design and management, Laguna Niguel.
  125. Iron Mtn Systems, Mariposa.
  126. ISDN Express, ISDN information and service , Santa Ana.
  127. ISDN*tek, ISDN interface cards, San Gregorio.
  128. ISIS International, Mac business and connectivity solutions, Los Angeles.
  129. Island Graphics, Software book, San Rafael.
  130. ISOCOR, E-mail software, Los Angeles.
  131. IT Online, Computer systems, San Diego.
  132. IT Pathworx, Network integration, cabling, LAN, project management, etc., San Diego.
  133. IT4LA, Network, desktop support, PC rentals, Los Angeles.
  134. ITJedi, Network and PC setup & support, San Jose.

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